A Vintage Affair ā€“ Your Guide to thrifting, vintage, and antique home decor

Lupine Flower Arrangement in Book Nook Corner
Antique Pewter with American Pewter Book on Table
Blue outdoor Sectional around Fire Pit
RV seating and dining table with dinnerware.
Vintage Marketplace Outdoors with Tent
Vintage Booth Winter Window Display
Fireside Table with Blue and White Coffee Set
Bernese Mountain Dog Cuddly Face
Antique Volkswagon Fastback with Bernese Mountain Dog

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Thrifter. Creator. Decorator. Blogger. New Englander. ~Retired.

Hello and welcome! Iā€™m Ann, the heart and vintage enthusiast behind this blog. I love to inspire and guide my audience in creating beautiful, nostalgic homes through thrifting and the vintage aesthetic. Dive into my thrifting adventures and explore valuable antiques and collectibles, as well as antiques repurposed for modern living. Discover the charm of antique road trips and gain valuable thrifting tips to perfect your antique aesthetic. Join me in celebrating the art of vintage decor and transforming spaces with timeless pieces.

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