What does candle storage look like at your house? Let me show you how I transformed this old garden bag into the best ever, “candle caddy”.

If you are like me you have cabinets filled with old and new candles in shoeboxes thrown all over the place.

Sound familiar?

At Home Candle Storage Made Easy

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All I have to do is open up one of our hallway cabinets and candle tapers roll out all over the place.

It drives my husband crazy!

Then on one rainy Friday afternoon, Federal Express arrived with a box of my favorite candles from Antique Candle Co..

Quickly sparking the idea, that I really needed to come up with some kind of cute way to store all these candles.

I headed to the basement to rummage around for a vintage crate that I thought would be a nice option when I discovered this old canvas gardening bag.

At Home Candle Storage Made Easy

Candle Storage Caddy

How about a candle storage caddy made out of a gardening tool bag?

I gathered up all my mason jar candles, and favorite tapered candles, along with all my candle accessories like safety matches, wick trimmer, and candle snuffer.

At Home Candle Storage Made Easy

You may find all these candles and accessories over at Antique Candle Co.

They all fit so nicely into my new “candle caddy”.

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At Home Candle Storage Made Easy


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Where should candles be stored?

Candles are best stored at low-to-moderate temperatures. For this reason, places like cupboards, closets, and dry basements tend to make the best storage locations.

“In The Candle Caddy”

And if you use a gardening tool bag as your candle storage caddy, you’ll be able to move your candles around to these locations very easily.

Safety Matches and Candle Snuffer

How do you store mason jar candles together?

Mason jar candles will fit very nicely into your candle caddy along with other candle accessories, making the candles mobile to move around from room to room or indoors to outdoors.

At Home Candle Storage Made Easy

What should I do with unused candles?

I collect and store my unused candles for future use. They can be used for decoration, outside on a table, or on display in old candle holders.

Brass Candlestick on Mantel

My mother used to keep her used candles in a small antique apothecary like this one here, and she would leave the drawers open…

Apothecary Cabinet

How do you keep taper candles from sticking together?

Wrap your taper candles in aluminum foil to ensure they don’t melt and stick together like this.

At Home Candle Storage Made Easy

And if you are using this candle storage caddy idea, all of the bags I recommend have individual pockets where you can spread out all your favorite tapers.

At Home Candle Storage Made Easy

See more of my favorite Antique Inspired Candles and how to decorate your home with candles in the wintertime too.

Mason Jar Candle
Photo Credit: Antique Candle Co.

I hope you enjoyed this simple at-home candle storage idea; I know I am!

Do you have any creative candle storage ideas you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below.

At Home Candle Storage Made Easy

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At Home Candle Storage Made Easy

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