Step back in time with home vintage bars. Discover how to create a charming and nostalgic atmosphere with vintage furniture and decor that you can copy today.

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Serving Up Old School

Vintage bars and styling are a popular choice for those looking to create a nostalgic and charming atmosphere in their home or establishment. Whether you’re setting up a home bar or revamping a commercial bar, incorporating vintage elements can add character and a sense of history to the space.

  • Choose the Right Furniture: To set the tone, opt for vintage-inspired or actual vintage furniture pieces. Look for wooden bar stools with curved legs and upholstered seats, vintage leather armchairs, or a retro bar cabinet with a mirrored back.
  • Vintage Barware: Display vintage glassware, cocktail shakers, decanters, and bar tools on open shelves or in glass cabinets. Look for elegant crystal glasses, art deco-inspired cocktail shakers, and ornate silver or brass bar accessories.
  • Retro Lighting: Install vintage-style lighting fixtures to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Consider hanging a chandelier with crystal accents or pendant lights with vintage-inspired shades. Use dimmers to adjust the lighting to create the desired mood.
  • Antique Mirrors and Artwork: Hang vintage mirrors with ornate frames behind the bar or on the walls to add depth and a touch of elegance. Display vintage-inspired artwork, such as vintage liquor advertisements, classic movie posters, or black-and-white photographs, to enhance the vintage vibe.
  • Vintage Signage: Incorporate vintage signs or neon lights with retro typography to add a nostalgic touch. Look for signs that advertise classic beverages or old-fashioned cocktails to create an authentic vintage bar feel.
  • Vintage Bar Accessories: To enhance the overall vintage aesthetic, add vintage bar accessories such as cocktail recipe books, vintage coasters, and antique bottle openers. Display them on the bar counter or on shelves for guests to peruse.
  • Retro Wallpaper or Paint: Consider using vintage-inspired wallpaper or paint colors to create a backdrop that complements the overall theme. Opt for patterns like art deco, floral, or geometric designs, or choose muted, earthy tones for a classic vintage look.
  • Vintage Bar Counter: If possible, choose a bar counter with a vintage design. Look for one with wood paneling, decorative carvings, or a marble top for an authentic vintage touch. If you can’t find an old bar counter, consider refurbishing or repurposing an old piece of furniture to serve as a bar top.
  • Accessories and Decor: Complete the vintage look by adding small details such as antique clocks, vintage bar trays, old-fashioned cocktail napkins, and candle holders with an antique finish. These accessories will enhance the overall ambiance and attention to detail.

10 Vintage Bars We Love

Click on title names and photos to see details.

Kaitie Moyer | Vintage Bar Cabinet

Rustic charm meets elegance with this vintage bar cabinet, which features an antique portrait hanging on the wall and wall lighting. It’s swoon-worthy!

Vintage Bar Cabinet

The China Cabinet Project | Design Crush

Black looks so classic in Kelly’s dining room. See how this vintage china cabinet, which had been in her grandparents’ basement for 40 years, went to be her new home vintage bar.

China Cabinet Project Turned Home Bar

Wilmette Tudor Project Reveal- The Dish On Custom Furniture

See the transformation of this old furniture piece into a gorgeous, handsome green bar cabinet. Would you believe it used to be a TV hutch?

Wilmette Tudor Project Reveal- The Dish On Custom Furniture.

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Totally Hip Take on the Bar Cart | Rue Magazine

An old trunk transformed; what a fabulous idea!

Totally Hip Take on the Bar Cart | Rue Magazine.

Designing Your Perfect In-Home Vintage Bars

“Anything that you can store and display can be used as the basis for your bar,” like this vintage television set hollowed out to create vintage bars.

Television Hollowed out into Vintage Bars

Vintage Suitcase Turned Portable Suitcase Bar | More Than Thursdays

Oh my goodness, is this the cutest idea ever? The trend for creating an antique bar in your home is to design and style your own using old furniture pieces from even small suitcases like this. Adorable idea!

Vintage Portable Suitcase Bar

Enjoy this Styling a Vintage Suitcase – A DIY Project post for more suitcase inspiration.

How to Turn a Bookcase into a Retro Cocktail Cabinet

This bookcase project turned out so beautifully, lights and all! For this project, an old bookcase with glass shelves was found, and with a bit of imagination, it was turned into a dreamy mid-century cocktail unit. 

Bookcase turned retro cocktail cabinet.

See this Fabulous Vintage Hutch Makeover for more inspiration.

Upcycled Radio Cabinet | Pondered Primed Perfected

This old 1930s Sears Roebuck AM Radio Console is restored into a vintage home bar with built-in stemware hangers, wine bottle storage, and plenty of room for all of the extra bar accessories and beverages.

Upcycled Radio Cabinet into vintage bar.

Set Up a Vintage Home Bar | Celebration at Home

Go shabby chic with an old armoire like this one. With all the compartments in an armoire, it’s the perfect piece of furniture to turn into a home bar. Your guests would never guess what’s behind those closed doors!

Vintage armoire bar shabby chic.

Give Lockers a New Life | Sf Girl

How about a thrifted set of lockers? Unfortunately, there is not a direct link to see more of this unique design, yet it’s fabulous and worth highlighting.

Vintage Bar Styling Inspiration to Copy Now

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