Let’s visit a bit on this September long weekend about a few decorating ideas, thrifted finds, vintage shopping, what’s trending, and a few other random happenings.

September Long Weekend Casual Happenings

September Long Weekend | Labor Day

The days and nights are cooling down, the kids are back to school, and just like that, it’s Labor Day weekend in New England. The time when the beaches start to empty, the traffic dissipates, and summer becomes a distant memory. Somehow, it always feels like someone turned off a light switch. It happens that quickly.

I can remember when I was young, this September long weekend would be filled with tourists getting in their last summer weekend hoorays. Closing up their summer homes and us saying goodbye to our summer friends and jobs. And just like that, late in the day on Labor Day, my friends and I would go downtown and throw a frisbee around. That’s how fast summer’s light switch would turn off.

Nowadays, though, not so much. Now, the towns will regroup and prepare for the influx of the older generations that flood to Maine for the September – October season now that schools are back in session. This new fall season in Maine began years back when Boston started offering bus tours to our beautiful state of Maine. The shops and restaurants no longer close on Labor Day weekend but now stay open through October and beyond.

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Maine End of Summer Beach

I will miss our summer in Coastal Maine, without a doubt. But I am really looking forward to my favorite season of all, fall! We’ll head back to our place in Vermont soon and then back and forth to Maine for the next few months.

Well, because of this…

Bernese Mountain Dog, Ella in cone.

Ella, Bernese Mountain Dog Update

Our Bernese Mountain dog, Ella, had a second leg surgery this past Monday at her veterinary care in Maine. She is fine, and it was minor surgery. But it will require her to wear a splint for the next 6 weeks while her knee heels. So, our travels to Vermont will all be contingent on how she’s doing and the required Maine veterinary check-ups that she requires.

25th Anniversary Celebration

My husband and I also celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last week. We had planned a getaway for this special occasion. However, it got rescheduled to the end of September because of Ella’s leg surgery. But we enjoyed a day on the beach and drinks with friends, topped off with lobsters and an ocean view not far from home in Maine.

A Weekend Jaunt to Vermont

I was able to get away recently for a weekend back to Vermont, too, where I created and photographed an upcoming fall grazing table in collaboration with MacKenzie-Childs, coming to the blog early this week! MacKenzie-Childs’ new fall decor is absolutely witching, I can’t wait to share it with you! In the meantime, check out the Summer Desserts with MacKenzie-Childs Check Designs post.

Fall is always the best time to visit The Vermont Country Store. And I get to drive right by the Rockingham, Vermont store on my way between Maine and Vermont. This fall and Halloween grazing table will be filled with all of the store’s old-fashioned candies, cheeses, cookies, crackers, and apple cider.

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While home in Vermont, I picked blooming limelight hydrangeas and embraced this old vintage crate. See more in Summer into Fall: Limelight Hydrangeas, An Old Crate & Fresh Blooms post.

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Vintage Crate with Limelight hydrangeas

The sunflowers were in full bloom, so I enjoyed many floral bouquets during this September long weekend. Autumn’s flowers are so stunning, don’t you agree?

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Fall Decor Thrifting at a Savers Near Me

I started my fall decor, thrifting at a Savers near me. Have you ever shopped at a Savers thrift store? I have heard from a few friends who absolutely love these stores, especially in Rhode Island, I hear the stores are amazing there. I have been to Savers twice now; each visit was a completely different experience in the same store. So, for now, I would say these large thrift stores are hit or miss. But that’s what thrifting is all about, am I right?

Thrift with Me at a Savers Near Me

Thrift Store Haul

Savers Thrift Haul

  • Two vintage glass lamps, $4 each
  • 6 Picnic napkins, $7
  • Four Dinner Plates, $5
  • Turkey Planter, $3
  • Jadeite Butter Dish, $10
  • Two Large Platters, $8 each
  • 6 Sundae Dessert Glassware, $6
  • Vintage Blue and White Gravy Set, $20
  • Two Fall Hats, $8 each

Not bad, right?

On the way back from thrifting at Savers, I stopped in at another favorite second-hand shop, The Fabulous Find in Kittery, Maine, and spied these $2 Normal Rockwell seaside mugs. I didn’t buy them then, but I did go back two days later, and they were still there.

Normal Rockwell Seaside Mugs

The Norman Rockwell seaside mugs add a touch of nautical flair to our bathrooms, kitchen, and desktop.

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We have been enjoying families of turkeys visiting us this September long weekend until they decided to start eating the grass seed we planted around our new DIY pea stone patio. See more of How We Designed & Built A Pea Stone Patio in 2 Days.

Turkeys Around Pea Stone Patio

Inspiration From Around the Web

I thought you may enjoy some of the things that are inspiring me on this September long weekend as we spend it restfully taking care of Ella:

Fall Decorations

Check out what’s trending on Dabbling & Decorating the past couple of weeks. It may surprise you…

Last year, I decorated the porch for fall with corn stalks, and this year, I’m excited to get back and decorate the porch with these witches’ alter brooms.

The Wistful Nostalgia of Autumn

I can’t wait to see you back in Vermont for the fall foliage season coming soon! Happy September long weekend to you!

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The best fall candles by Kanda Candles

My Favorite Fall Candles

Kanda candles “Crisp Apple” and “Fall Magic” are absolutely delightful. Whether the sun is shining or the thunderstorms are rumbling about, light one of these candles for the coziest fall scents.

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed visiting our Home in Coastal Maine with us today.

Be sure also to check out our Home in Vermont, where we spend winters enjoying the coziness of home in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

September Long Weekend | Random Happenings

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  1. Happy Labor Day Weekend, Anne. And happy anniversary! I hope Ella continues to cover well and is back to her old self in no-time.

    And thank you so much for sharing my potluck tips and tablescape. I appreciate it!

  2. Hi Kim, I’m glad Ella is healing from her surgery. I happened to be in Kennebunk today & drove down Rte 1 South on the way back to Massachusetts.. I stopped at The Fabulous Find (because of your blog) & bought the cutest blue & white lamp that will look perfect in my renovated blue & white kitchen. The lamp looks brand new! Where is the Savers store you mentioned? Thanks for the tip and gave a nice weekend.


    1. Hi Diane,

      That’s fantastic isn’t that the cutest shop? Savers is in Newington, NH next to the mall. Hope you’re having a nice weekend too.

  3. Teddee Grace says:

    Your Ella seems to be able to carry off even the plastic collar with aplomb! I wish her a quick recovery. Thanks for all the fun information and links!

    1. I’m so glad you stopped by Teddee, thanks kindly!

  4. Happy Anniversary. 25 years is a lovely milestone. You did quite well on your thrift purchases. The Turkey planter may be my favorite. The prices were excellent compared to our neck of the woods. Love the Norman Rockwell mugs. My husband drinks his coffee from them everyday. His mom bought them for him decades ago and they are now dishwasher faded ☹️ . He prefers a thin edge on his mugs so uses them almost exclusively. Have a nice holiday weekend. I enjoyed your memories of days gone bye. We used to experience the sudden seasonal change here in FL after Easter but, like you, we have seasonal visitors almost year round nowadays.

    1. Thank you kindly Pamela. I can’t believe you have a set of those mugs too. I just love them and so glad I went back for them. Happy Labor Day weekend to you!

  5. Happy belated anniversary, Ann! Mine was last week, too! Hoping Ella is on the mend and 💯 in no time! Thanks so much for sharing my fall table setting round-up post! Enjoy the long holiday weekend!! 💙

    1. Happy anniversary Kim and you are so welcome! Happy Labor Day weekend to you and your family!

  6. Happy Labor Day weekend, Ann! And happy anniversary to you and Steve! Poor Ella in her cone! Glad she is healing well. Love hearing your memories of Maine when you were growing up! And so many beautiful photos in this post! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Molly, I’ll be back later this fall and maybe we can hook up for the Sailboat print swap!