When I want to be inspired, there’s absolutely nothing like a visit to the homes in Sweden. But I couldn’t just stop there!

And with all the vintage ski lodge decor this year, I thought a “Homes in Sweden” round-up would be a natural fit.

As I sit here at our home in the mountains of Vermont between Christmas and New Year, I look to my Nordic friends today for winter decorating ideas because;

Homes in Sweden Embrace

  • Minimalism
  • Abundance of candles
  • Crackling fires
  • Comforting foods
  • Reds and blues
  • Snow
  • Vintage
Homes in Sweden
Source: Vibeke Svenningsen

And, of course, The Swedish Mys

“Pronounced mees”

Like the Danish have their Hygge, the Swedes have their Mys, “Hygge is much broader than mys,” said Malin Lindqvist, a Swedish fabric designer. “The essence of mys is the feeling of warmth, like being wrapped in a woolen blanket amid lighted candles while sipping a steaming mug of tea with a purring cat on your lap.”

My 10 Favorite Homes in Sweden

Most of these homes are shared on Instagram, along with a few infamous blogs like this first one here…

1. Vibeke Design

This Norway home could not be more inspiring if it tried. You will immediately immerse yourself in Nordic coziness, stunning style, and oh-so-warm and inviting!

2. Nordin- Garden

This home in Sweden inspired the Nordic blue door on our red home here in Vermont—a favorite of mine to follow on Instagram.

You may also enjoy seeing our Christmas Home Tour of 2022.

3. T. Susanna

This home is actually in Finland, but one of the most inspiring Nordic homes ever. Oh, how I would love to visit Susanna’s red home and enjoy one of her daily coffee cups with her! Join Susanna over here on Instagram.

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4. Livoghjem

Lisbeth embraces the darker antiques and vintage style that is again so welcoming and Nordic in style. You will adore Lisbeth’s Instagram account here from her beautiful home in Norway.

5. Sebastian Bergstrom

Sebastian is a blogger and interior decorator who shares apartment living in Stockholm and his family home in the country. Sebastian embraces all things colorful and vintage. And his breakfasts are like no other. My favorite all-time Instagram stories, too!

6. Milky Minted

Mary shares her life in blue from a rented apartment in a 60s building in Gothenburg, Sweden. Join Mary here on Instagram and immerse yourself in all things blue.

7. Nina Haug

Nina believes decorating is all in the details. She shares the most beautiful winter scenery from her home in Sweden. Amazing outdoor winter inspiration!

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8. My Vintage Home

Trude shares a beautiful vintage style from her home in Sweden. Her neutral decor is paired with beautiful pops of pastel colors that will certainly swoon you!

9. Therese Bergqvist

Therese decorates her home in Sweden with dear heritage, flea market finds, and other old things that feel good to her.

10. Homes in Sweden

And my #10 favorite home in Sweden is the actual Instagram account “Homes in Sweden,” where daily inspiration from their favorite homes in Sweden is shared!

Homes in Sweden

Scandinavian Spring Homes When Less is More

Now, let’s check out these ten favorite Scandinavian homes decorated for spring!

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10 Dreamy Scandinavian Summer Cottages

And these ten Scandinavian cottages decorated for summer!

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You may also enjoy the Firelight, Evergreens, and Snow: The Christmas Bottle Project of Swedish Homes post.

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today with these 10 favorite homes in Sweden.

10 Homes in Sweden that Will Totally Inspire You!

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Shop Homes in Sweden on Etsy

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  1. Teddee Grace says:

    Thanks so much for these links. Vibeck never grows old and I was so disappointed when she stopped blogging. Lots of wonderful eye candy here. Thanks again.

    1. Aren’t their homes just so fabulous? I would really like to visit one day!

    1. Thank you, Amber! Aren’t they amazing? They give me so much inspiration!

  2. Kedves Ann!
    Köszönöm, hogy össze gyűjtötted a számomra kedves otthonokat! Régen volt időm nézelődni és olvasni a kedvenc témámról. Imádom az északi lakberendezési stílust és a gondolkodási módot. Vibeke stílusát különösen kedvelem, nagyon motiváló. Feldobtad a napomat!!! 🙂
    Szép napot!

  3. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Thank you, enjoyed these homes and inspiration, so cozy. Have a Happy New Year.

    1. I’m so glad, aren’t they amazing🙌🏻 Happy New Year Marlene💫

  4. Thanks so much for the beautiful homes that you have shared! My grandparents were Scandinavian and lived in Minnesota and this really connected with me. Such beautiful homes full of warmth and coziness! I believe that’s why I am so drawn to your two homes. Just beautiful!

    1. Happy New Year Deedra. Wow what a compliment. I adore the style too. I would love to visit the Nordic one day😁

      1. Monica Magnusson says:

        I came across your blog (wonderful and inspiring) just now via Pinterest.
        I live in Sweden and I think it is great that more people find beautiful the way we live and decorate our homes. We really embrace winter and due to the few hours with daylight and the cold weather we love to make our homes feel warm and kind of glow. Let me know if you come to Sweden, I’ll love to show you around.

        1. Thank you so much Monica. I absolutely adore the homes and it’s definitely on my bucket list. I will never want to return home, I’m sure of it! It’s so romantic and charming and I adore winter’s snow! Thank you for your sweet note and invite!

  5. Thanks so much for the new sites to visit. I love nordic decor and homes and have been a fan of Vibeke for years (although she does not seem to offer the translate feature anymore which I am sad about). Wishing you( and adorable doggie) a new year of joy and well being.

    1. Thank you so much Jillian. Aren’t their homes to drool over? I adore them all so much too😃

  6. Most of these are new to me; excited to check them out. I love the simple Scandinavian style & ethos,

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it Lora. Their homes are so inspiring, I want one😂

  7. Thanks, Ann, for this lovely article. Scandinavian style is my favorite! Simple, clean, antique, and soft colors of nature.

    1. Mine too Mary Beth. I’m so glad you enjoyed it❤️❄️