Are you looking for first-rate fall-inspired vintage decor ideas? Here are some of my favorites from my time with “Thrifting with the Gals.”

10 Best Fall Inspired Vintage Decor Ideas

Thrifting with the Gals

Today, I’m joining the “Thrifting with the Gals” along with our guest hosts Anne and AnnMarie from Simply 2 Moms in sharing our monthly thrifting and vintage roundups; if you are joining me from Simply 2 Moms, welcome! Don’t you love their recent vintage finds?

Fall Has Arrived

It’s now mid-September, and I crave a few more beach days in Maine, yet I can’t wait to get back to Vermont to bask in all the glories of autumn’s foliage season at our place in beautiful Vermont.

One more week and we’ll be back in the mountains.

“Autumn was her happiest season” ― Harper Lee, Go Set a Watchman.

10 Best Fall Inspired Vintage Decor Ideas

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10 Best Fall-Inspired Vintage Decor Ideas

1. Olivia Dabbles

Olivia Dabbles ~ The Pig over the fireplace was my first find out “Thrifting with the Gals.” And one of your all-time favorites, too! She was named Olivia Dabbles after all your Instagram submissions. Olivia was the first name so many of you loved, and one person came up with adding Dabbles from Dabbling & Decorating… Love you guys!

I can’t wait for fall mornings with a fire in the fireplace, sipping coffee, and enjoying a toasted Vermont cider donut with melted butter. Have you ever toasted a cider donut before? So yummy!

10 Best Fall Inspired Vintage Decor Ideas

2. Vintage Grandmillenial Drapes

This time last year, I picked up these fantastic coastal vintage style drapes while out “Thrifting with the Gals.” You may see more in the post, Leaning into Grandmillennial Style with Fabulous Drapes.

These drapes were custom-made for a boat in the ’70s. I realize they are not for everybody, but I adore them and the stories they could tell…

They matched beautifully too, with September’s winterberry cuttings from the backyard in a vintage blue and white chamber pot on the coffee table.

3. A Long Lost Charm Bracelet

Not all vintage-inspired things must be found in a second-hand shop or be decor-related. This time last year, I found my mother’s long-lost charm bracelet at summer’s end. You can read more in the post, Embracing Summer’s End.

Search your own attic, basement, and drawers. You never know what you may find.

Charm Bracelet

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4. Fall Inspired Vintage Dishes

Johnson and Johnson’s Autumn Delight

There is nothing like a full set or almost a full set of fall-inspired vintage dishes for under $100. Oh my gosh, I was so excited to snag this old set of Johnson and Johnson’s Autumn’s Delight dishware set for the fall seasons. You may see and read more in the posts, All About Autumn’s Delight Johnson Brothers and Is Autumn a Season for Vintage?

10 Best Fall Inspired Vintage Decor Ideas


Lynton | England Dish Set

I also found this dreamy set of blue and white antique dishes for under $100 at the Vermont Vintage Market Days last fall. They have become our everyday dishes, and I couldn’t love them anymore.

You may see more of these dishes on our fall porch in the post, How to Style a Table in October Blue.

Stack of vintage blue dishes.


5. Bistro Chalkboard

This little bistro chalkboard was an OPEN sign at Breakaway Designs and Antiques in Wells, Maine, one of my favorite second-hand shops. You may see more of My Favorite Second-Hand Shops from Vermont to Maine here.

My husband drew the witch for me, and I use the bistro chalkboard on our farmhouse porch year-round now.

10 Best Fall Inspired Vintage Decor Ideas

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10 Best Fall Inspired Vintage Decor Ideas

Fall in Vermont

Have you ever been to Vermont in the fall? It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Fog covers the mountain tops in the mornings and burns off throughout the day.

The gorgeous changing leaf colors are absolutely heart-stopping.

The small Vermont towns are filled with vintage markets, craft fairs, outdoor music festivals, and brew festivals.

Pumpkins, cider donuts, apple cider, mums, cheese, ice cream, gourds, scarecrows, corn stalks, and so much more fill the season’s crisp, colorful days.

Click on the photos to see more…

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Check out these 24 Best Outrageous Scarecrows, It’s Fall in Vermont post!

6. Vintage Brass Candlesticks

Last year, this second-hand shop’s fall vintage brass candlestick window display inspired this Salvaged Windows & Brass Candlestick DIY Project.


7. Dried Hydrangeas Bouquets

As the beautiful summer hydrangeas shift into fall, their colors make for some amazing fall bouquets.

You may see more in the post, Sunroom Decor for the Off-Season and Vermont Foliage Home Tour.

Enjoy Summer into Fall: Limelight Hydrangeas, An Old Crate & Fresh Blooms, too.

8. Vintage Vermont Inspired Cheese Platter

The first thing I do when we return to Vermont in the fall is to shop at the local farmer’s markets and country stores for all the Vermont cheeses, maple syrups, candies, and dipping sauces. See more of The Best Country Stores in Vermont: A Fall Visit to The Vermont Country Store post.

Have you ever had Vermont Cheddar Cheese with Vermont Maple Syrup?

Oh my gosh, it’s amazing! Check out all my favorites in the post, How to Assemble the Perfect Cheese Platter | Vintage Style.

Cheese Platter and Board


9. Vintage Wallpaper Table

One of my favorite thrifted and vintage finds has been this wallpaper table. We use it daily on our porch here in Vermont. See how I easily refinished it in the post, How to Refinish a Wood Table in Less Than 1 Hour.

Fall Table setting.

And you may enjoy seeing all the ways we have used this table on the porch in these posts too:

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Is Autumn a Season for Vintage?


10. Vintage Styled Bookshelves

After my yearly trip to Vermont Vintage Market Days, I like to redecorate our built-in bookshelves with all the vintage finds. I look forward to this every year.

The restyling of the built-in bookshelves is my first attempt at creating a cozy and warm space around our pellet stove, preparing for the long, cold winter months ahead.

You may see more in the post, Cozy Winter Neutral Built-Ins.


While visiting the Wells Reserve at the Laudholm craft fair last weekend, I found these fabulous handmade aprons, dresses, and clothing for people who do. Functional fashion. They are absolutely styled and made by Grace Napoleon, and I thought you would love them too.

You can find Grace’s designs on Facebook and Instagram.

I bought this vintage, polished cotton Schumacher floral fabric apron. Love it!

Taskwear Schumacher Apron
Font and Pinterest
10 Best Fall Inspired Vintage Decor Ideas

I’ve created the above custom pin just for this post!  Hearing from you makes my day; your comments mean so much to me! Please join me over on Instagram & Pinterest to see more!

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Thrifting with the Gals

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  1. Your homes are just so beautiful Ann! The northeast if filled with so many beautiful antique and thrifted finds 😊

    1. Thank you so much, Cindy. I appreciate you dropping by!

  2. Omg the Vermont sentry with all these colors. Ive have always luv this time of year
    Never been in this state but its in my bucket list to get there some day in the Fall
    Season time. Thks for posting all these great ideas & places to visit.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Donna. I hope you can visit someday. Vermont is magical in the fall!

  3. So many amazing finds over this past year! I’m not sure which I like best?! And I can’t wait to give the cheddar with maple syrup a try together for my next charcuterie board. Yum!