Explore the vibrant world of vintage and thrift in Brunswick, Maine. Join us as we visit the top antique store and uncover unique finds.

Nautical and Coastal Antiques

Brunswick, Maine, home to Bowdoin College, is about 60 miles north on I95 from where we live in York, Maine. It’s an easy hour’s drive north as long as we can avoid the summertime traffic. Timing is everything! It’s Tuesday in mid-August, though, so the drive should be very doable!

Vintage and Thrift at Cabot Mill Antiques

Cabot Mill Antiques is one of my favorite Maine destinations. Open 7 Days a week, 10 am to 5 pm | 14 Maine Street, Brunswick, ME 04011, just off I95 and down the road from Bowdoin College.

“Cabot Mill Antiques is a multi-dealer antique emporium located in Fort Andross, a beautifully restored textile mill on the Androscoggin River in Brunswick, Maine. In 1996, the 16,000+ square foot area was converted into a showroom of fine antiques and vintage collectibles.” ~Cabot Mill Antiques.

Two Girls Smiling

I was first introduced to Cabot Mill Antiques when I stopped there last year, Gifts From Maine: A Day’s Jaunt Antiquing, after visiting with my friend Molly in Maine, who will also be joining me to vintage and thrift at Cabot Mill Antiques today.

Well, as I mentioned, traffic can be a bit tricky in Maine in the summertime. Molly ran into heavy traffic on her way down to Brunswick in Wiscasset, Maine. So I went inside and strolled around a bit before she arrived.

We spent about two hours browsing, and I think we may have made three passes through the entire antique mill…

Vintage and Thrift Shopping

Let’s talk vintage shopping now!

Vintage White Cabinet

When I first arrived, this antique cabinet really caught my eye.

Vintage White Cabinet, vintage and thrift.

When you opened this vintage cabinet, there was plenty of shelving with three charming drawers. It was absolutely adorable. I pictured it in our breakfast nook back in Vermont, left open and filled with dishes and linens. I truly loved this piece, but the price tag was lofty. Even with the sale price, it was over $1K. And I felt like that was a considerable amount for a painted cabinet, as darling as she was. It was vintage but definitely not thrifty.

Vintage Rope Winder

And in the same vendor booth was this vintage rope winder, most likely used for snaking up clothesline ropes or other rope necessities.

Vintage Rope Winder, Reel.  Vintage and thrift.

I was charmed by this piece’s character, colors, and texture. I pictured it hanging on a wall, but I’ll think about it a little more, and I may pick it back up on one of my many more trips around the mill while I vintage and thrift.

Vintage Church Collection Basket

As I turned the corner, I saw Molly eyeing this vintage church collection basket. I had never seen one before in all my antiquing. Have you?

Vintage Church Collection Basket

I may have even snatched this one away from Molly. But that’s what thrifting with the gals is all about, am I right? Seriously, though, Molly gladly handed it my way.

This church offering basket was so sturdy and in such great shape that it sold for just $45. Definitely a great vintage and thrift piece.

Vintage Cobbler Racks & Dress Forms

We continued to browse the wonderful isles of treasures. There were a few of my favorites, like vintage cobbler racks and dress models.

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Vintage Boat Cleats

I love how Molly uses vintage wooden boat cleats, like those on display in one of the nautical booths, as her window shade cord holders. Isn’t that a fabulous idea?

Vintage Cobbler Shoe Forms

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Vintage Shoe Cobbler Forms

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Little But Mighty Vintage and Thrift Hauls

At this time, Molly and I both had our vintage piles collected at the checkout register.

And yes, I went back for the vintage rope winder.

Molly had also found this fabulous “New England Sampler” book, which beautifully matches the colors of her Maine home, along with a couple of architectural salvage pieces.

Take a walk with us around Cabot Mill Antiques to Vintage and Thrift

We checked out with the day’s vintage goodies. The rain had stopped outside, and we decided on lunch at one of Molly’s favorite sandwich shops, Wild Oats, in Brunswick, Maine.

Wild Oats Restaurant

I enjoyed their fabulous grilled cheese sandwich and Molly and I chatted for a couple more hours until a waitress told us they were closing in 15 minutes.

Frozen Meals

I picked up a couple of Wild Oat’s homemade dishes, mushroom and herb Risotto, and lobster ravioli, to take home with me.

When in Maine!

And we departed until the next time when we can once again go “Thrifting with the Gals.”

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“Fiery Cross” Vintage and Thrift

I’ve mentioned here on the blog various times that I love Montague Dawson’s nautical prints, which I have been collecting as I find them along the way. Well, the very next day, Molly in Maine was off to an antique show in Damariscotta, Maine, where she would spy 2 very similar prints selling for $40 a piece.

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Molly talked them down to $35 and purchased the nautical print, “Fiery Cross,” signed by John W. Schmidt on the right for me. So, we’ll be meeting up again very soon to make this vintage gift swap. Here’s to “Thrifting with the Gals!”

Now that’s how you vintage and thrift…

Fiery Cross Nautical Framed Print

Today’s vintage church collection basket and the rope winder will settle in, I believe, to this corner in our guest bedroom here in Maine. I’m not sure how just yet, but I’ll be sure to share it with you here when I do.

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The old church collection basket and rope winder now reside next to a basket of my mother’s old Bibles in our guest bedroom at home in Maine.

Thrifting With the Gals:

What is “Thrifting with the Gals”?

“Thrifting with the Gals” is a blog series I host here every third Thursday of the month which started with a group of friends who met over on Instagram and formed a special relationship through a mutual love of home decorating. We share a passion for all things vintage, thrifty, and cozy.

Our styles are all unique, from Kristin’s log cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Rachel’s farmhouse in North Carolina, Robyn’s beautiful French Nest in Florida, and of course, myself thrifting for our homes from Vermont to Coastal Maine.

This month I also want to welcome our guest host Michele from Vintage Home Designs, who shares How to Style Thrift Store and Vintage Treasures. Michele is so creative, and I know you are going to love her vintage style.

Vintage Demijohn's and transferware.  Vintage and thrift decor.

Next up on today’s tour is Robyn from Robyn’s French Nest, sharing her Best Fall Primitive Decorating Ideas, which are sure to inspire us all!

vintage farmhouse decor Vintage and Thrift

And be sure to check out Rachel and Kristin’s posts today, too!

A Vintage Affair

If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with your friends who are also vintage enthusiasts.

Do you have a flair for all things vintage, too? I would love to see and feature you in our Reader’s Showcase Series. A place for you to share and be recognized for your talents and passion for all things thrifting, vintage, and antique decor-related inspired by your time here with Dabbling & Decorating. Email me at annck@dabblinganddecorating.com

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  1. So fun to go xhopping with you and molly- two of my favori/e accounts on Instagram. I hope I can get to the mall sometime! Thanks for taking me along!

  2. It looks like you and Molly had such a fun day! And that church gathering basket is one of the coolest treasures I’ve ever seen. Such an amazing find!

    Thank you for letting me join you for “Thrifting with the Gals” again!

  3. Rosemary G Lanham says:

    Two of my fovorite Bloggers together , Oh what Fun!! Love to see how you both take everyday items and style them with exceptional Style!!

    1. What a beautiful comment Rosemary, thank you so kindly!

    1. We would have so enjoyed having you too!

  4. Kathy Munday says:

    Hi Ann
    The cleats, the cleats, the cleats!!!!! What a great idea!!!!!
    If I had the wall space I think I might hang the church basket on the wall and add some air plants. An occasional spritz with water is all they need to add some botanical greenery with little care. I know you will think of something fabulous to do with it! Thanks for the tour! “Shopping” with you is always fun!

    1. Aren’t those just the cutest, the cleats? I’d like to hang it too but it hanging it appears a bit awkward on the wall because of its size. That’s why I need a little time to figure it all out:) Thanks for stopping by Kathy!

  5. Kay Grogg says:

    How exciting! Two of my favorite bloggers doing what they do best and me reading what I love best! Thanks for this fun post. I can’t wait to see what Molly has to say and show from this day together.

    1. Aww you’re the best Kay, thank you so much!

  6. This is so fun, Ann! You captured our day together perfectly! Love what you went home with — that church collection basket is so perfect for you. Glad it caught my eye! I’ll see you soon with your nautical print!

    1. Thanks so much Molly and glad we were able to meet up!

  7. I enjoy antiquing in Maine with you! Love all the nautical items & pictures….we don’t have anything like this in Alabama.

    1. Aww I love when something like old nautical nostalgia inspires someone in another part of the country. It makes everything even more special. Thank you Becki!

  8. I’m sorry you feel that way Patricia. I don’t have much control over the ads, unfortunately. And they do provide a small source of income to me that covers the cost of creating all the content for my blog. I’m sorry to see you go. Best to you.