Tag along with me to a country estate sale near me this weekend. It’s an old Vermont farmhouse filled with vintage antiques and uniques—a treasure hunt for goodies.

This old farmhouse is on the railroad tracks in the quaint town of Arlington, Vermont. A country home that fancies a slate roof, leaning floors, a farmhouse porch, and an old-fashioned kitchen.

Vermont Farmhouse Estate Sale in the Country

What is a Country Estate Sale?

A country estate sale is when all the contents of a home are for sale. It can be daunting to sell a home’s entire contents. Therefore, most estate sales are run by organizations like this one, handled by Bob Burgess Estate Sales.

The country estate sales organizations will price and arrange all the home’s contents for people to visit, walkthrough, and shop. Usually held over a weekend. The estate sales will be advertised with the contents of the home, and because estate sales are so popular with resellers, estate sale organizations may offer early morning hours with sign-up sheets on the opening day for business owners to browse and shop.

Green Rocking Chair on Porch at country estate sale

You can find some really great treasures at estate sales. They can get crowded, so plan accordingly. And on the last day of the estate sale, many, if not all, of the contents can be 50% off.

Walk With Me Through This Country Estate Sale

This weekend’s estate sale in the country was a gem. You could tell that this home was once loved and adored. It was cozy and filled with vintage antiques and uniques.

Accompany me back in time:

I first spotted this antique table and chairs in the garage as I entered the country estate sale. The table was rich in detail, and an additional center leaf sold for $125.

The cane chairs were just as characteristic, with two armchairs and two standalone chairs.

All four were priced at $75.

Loved this set. It would be ideal in a breakfast nook, sunroom, porch, or the like.

Antique Round Table and Chairs

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What I found at the Country Estate Sale

Jenny Lind Twin Beds

And on the other side of the garage, oh my goodness, was the prize!

Two antique twin Jenny Lind beds for $45 apiece.

Two Twin Jenny Lind Beds at country estate sale.

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What are Jenny Lind beds?

“Jenny Lind” is used to describe cottage-style spindled furniture, like the kind you often see on baby furniture. These were some of the first mass-produced pieces of furniture.

This story gets interesting, though! Jenny Lind was a Swedish opera singer. P.T. Barnum coordinated a tour to America with Jenny Lind to raise money for charities and to endow free education in Sweden. It is believed that the promotional materials that P.T. Barnum used to promote the opera singer’s image of innocence included spindled baby furniture. Thus, her name stuck to these beautiful spindle-like furniture pieces.

I wish I could tell you that I brought these Jenny Lind beds home with me for $45 each, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a need for two twin beds. I tried to think of something, but after much thought, I chose to leave the beds for someone who would really be able to enjoy them.

I hope there are two children tonight who will be resting soundly in their antique Jenny Lind beds, with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

Two Jenny Lind Twin Beds at country estate sale

Christmas Angels

Just before meandering out of the garage, I had to make a stop at the Christmas table, where I picked up three grapevine Christmas angels. They were just adorable for $2 apiece.

I don’t know what my Christmas decor will look like this year just yet, but it will be simple, using natural outdoor elements paired with vintage ski lodge decorations.

See more of Christmas past here.

Three Christmas Grapevine Angels at country estate sale

I then left the garage and stepped onto the bright red floor of the front farmer’s porch, which was filled with beautiful ratton brown wicker furniture and collectibles.

I entered the home into an old-fashioned kitchen. It was beyond charming and was like stepping back in time. I instantly envisioned cozy winter snow days with the aroma of fresh bed baking and homemade soup cooking on the stove while the kitchen’s pot belly stove warmed the pantry area. It was priceless.

Spongeware Bowl

I spied this extra large Spongeware bowl on the counter and snagged it for just $65 at this country estate sale.

On the bottom of the bowl, it was stamped RRP. Co Roseville, O U.S.A. #700-P.

The RRP Company endured the Great Depression and was in business until 2005 when it finally ceased operations. Since RRP Company no longer exists, it’s assumed that its pottery will become more collectible and valuable over time.

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Once back home, this gorgeous Spongeware bowl quickly landed on our dining room table, filled with apples for a fall centerpiece.

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What is Spongeware?

Glasgow, Scotland, was recognized as the birthplace of spongeware around 1835. It was produced with the budget conscious in mind and represented minimalism. The name says it all. A sponge dipped in color is dabbed onto a piece of pottery of a contrasting color, creating an overall sponged pattern. It’s often confused with Spatterware, where a pipe was used to blow colored pigment onto a piece of pottery, creating a “spattered” coloration. Since that process was tedious, sponging soon became the preferred means of color application, although the “spatterware” designation remained in use.

Thrifted, vintage, and ski lodge decorations are this fall’s jam. Welcome!

Le Creuset Spaghetti Pot

This beautiful blue Le Creuset spaghetti pot kept the Splatterware bowl company on the kitchen counter of the country estate sale. It is barely used and is selling for just $30.

I added it to my now growing pile on the table outside marked “sold.”

Blue Le Crueset Spaghetti Pot at country estate sale

And the following Saturday, we made our favorite spaghetti bolognese recipe and enjoyed cooking the pasta in our new-to-us Le Creuset pot.

Next, I walked up the old, creeky, steep staircase to the home’s three antique-styled bedrooms.

I found this antique print, “Age of Innocence,” and this old “Joy of Cooking” cookbook at the country estate sale, too.

Joy of Cooking and Age of Innocence Print at country estate sale

I had this baker’s pantry in mind for the “Joy of Cooking” cookbook.

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The “Age of Innocence” print looks so sweet in our small guest bedroom that I am currently working on styling it into an old country inn design. See more in the 3 Wallpaper Bedroom Designs Emblematic of a Cozy Vermont Inn post.

I love how the soft pastel colors of this print pair with the whimsical wallpaper pattern and the vintage wood pine furnishings.

Last week, I picked up a vintage queen sleigh bed for this small bedroom through Facebook Marketplace, which brought me out to the backroads of Woodstock, Vermont.

Stay tuned for more on this space coming soon.

Toile Fabric

Before the climb back down the steep, scary stairs to the first floor, I found this popular toile fabric tucked away in one of the closets at the country estate sale.

There are three to four yards of the toile fabric here. It’s fantastic for making pillows, curtains, and other crafty items.

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Toile Material at Estate Sale

What is toile fabric?

A French word meaning “linen cloth” or “canvas,” toile is a type of canvas-like fabric that has been a popular decorating element since the mid-1700s. Typically, the pattern depicts a highly complex, detailed, pastoral scene with colors like blue, green, or red in patterns over a white or beige background.” Source: The Spruce

Vintage Haul Country Estate Sale

There were so many treasures in this home. I passed on many but selected a few specialties I knew I could use right away. I regret not buying the Jenny Lind twin beds, but I knew then that I wouldn’t have the space or mattresses for them.

But what a deal those beds were for someone special.

Vintage Estate Sale Haul at country estate sale

Country Estate Sale Reflections

When I visit a country estate sale, I am always wondering about those who lived there and what their story was all about. At this country estate sale, there were a few hints of maybe a career or affiliation with Disney.

Throughout the sale, they had buckets and buckets of yardsticks in all different colors, patterns, etc.

I couldn’t make the connection; maybe you can?

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Cider Donut Time

On the way home from the country estate sale, I stopped for some of my favorite cider donuts from our local nursery. They are absolutely amazing.

Have you ever had a cider donut?

I like them best split and toasted, yum!

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Cider Donut Shop in the Fall
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  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    Looks like it was a winner Ann…not like some of the other estate sales we have been too!!

    1. Oh yes it was a pretty good one. Missed having you!

  2. Miche Ortega says:

    This is a wonderful post. I just love Vermont. If we ever moved from Tennessee, it would be to Vermont. And I love those Jenny Lind beds. Adorable and a great buy. Thanks for taking us along.

    1. Aren’t those beds fabulous and for just $45? Thanks for joining me today Miche!

  3. Love,love,love this post. In the south where I live it’s hard to find such neat farmhouse estate sales. I have to admit I’m a little envious. My favorite had to be the toile cloth. Can see it in lots of applications.

    1. Thank you Diane, I’m so glad to here this. Isn’t that fabric fabulous? Thanks so much for stopping by today!

      1. Oh my goodness what a great sale! The prices were really good too! I know a lot of businesses used to give out yard sticks as advertising. Perhaps the homeowner was a collector?

        1. Rachel, that’s a great connection! I never thought of that. I wish I had picked up some of the yardsticks now. Have a great day!