Vintage Market Days Vermont

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Vintage markets are just made for the fall, don’t you agree? I look forward to the Vintage Market Days Vermont every fall. October is such a season of transition not only for the time of the year that it is but for home decor too. “The itch to switch” is definitely in the air. So I decided to put a few things on Facebook Marketplace to sell that I was ready to change up, collected a little money, and off to the vintage market I went. Do you attend the Vintage Market Days in your state?

Vintage Market Days Vermont

Fleurish Home and Garden Booth

I always start by visiting my favorite booth, Fleurish Home and Garden! I always adore the creativity of their style and decor and never leave empty-handed. You may also shop Fleurish online!

How about these old glass doorknobs placed upside down with these pheasant feathers? Of course, I had to bring one home with me for my bookshelves.

Vintage Market Days Vermont

Feathers seem to be a big trend this year at the vintage markets. I saw them placed in crocks, vintage drawers, glass jars, and here in upside-down doorknobs! Super creative!

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Fleurish Sign

Here’s a bit more from Fleurish’s Booth.

That old sled, Christmas tree, and $10 gold wooden frames in a basket…

Christmas Decor

Little white pumpkins in silverware. I love the look of this. I bought a bushel of these white plastic pumpkins to replicate this beautiful idea at home with some silver pieces that I already have.

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Vintage Market Days Vermont

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Vintage markets are filled with so much creativity. I get so inspired when I visit the markets. Here, my eye is drawn to all the silver and rustic vases with faux greenery just plopped right inside of them. I can’t wait to redecorate our bookcases with all the vintage goodies I found here today.

Pumpkins in Silver bowls

Small Christmas trees are placed into balls of twine. Love it!

Little Christmas Trees

These balls of beautiful wool yarn were $5 apiece. I have ideas for decorating with them, along with other winter whites, to create a cozy space in our home.

Vintage yarn

Love these authentic $6 baskets for mums, greenery, pumpkins, etc…

Vintage baskets

I came across this antique doll carriage for all of $45. It’s an authentic antique piece, and the price was amazing on it. It looks super cute on my bookcase right now with the balls of wool yarn in it. But stay tuned for other decorating ideas I have for this piece. My neighbor lovingly told me she thinks it’s creepy:) What do you think?

Vintage baby doll carriage
Vintage Booth

Join me here for my first Vintage Market Days Vermont with inspiring finds!

Along with a vintage market and a vision board!

Vintage Market Days Vermont

Vintage Market Days Vermont is held twice yearly in Rutland, Vermont, at the local fairgrounds. It never really gets too crowded, and parking is very easy and close by. I mention this as I hear many state market day events are so crowded, and parking can be a bear. This one is not like that at all here in beautiful Vermont. It costs $10 to get in, and if you take a selfie in front of their entryway, you may use that to return throughout the entire weekend.

I’m so glad you dropped by today, friend, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I’m so glad you came to visit us here today in Vermont.

Vintage Market Days Vermont

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  1. Hello! I plan to take some friends from out of state to this event but have never been before, so I do want to make sure it’s worth the long drive. Also, how long does tit take to go through all the vendors? Is this a two hour event, a 4 hour event….?Any suggestions would be appreciated..
    Thank you, Juli Whitney

    1. Hi Juli, There is a good amount of vendors, and we went through it in a couple of hours. But you could spend 4 hours there too… Maybe plan to grab lunch and some more shopping in Kennebunk, Wells, or Ogunquit too during your visit. I really enjoyed it, as this was my first visit. But I think it’s only a yearly event in the summertime. Best, Ann