The joy of antiquing and thrifting with your gal pals. Join us in exploring Maine and indulge in some mouthwatering lobster buttermilk biscuits.

Antiquing, 6 Thrifty Finds, and a Lobster Biscuit

Join me and the gals

this week for some antiquing,


and the best lobster buttermilk biscuits

in Maine.

Along with 6 darling thrifty finds!

There’s nothing like joining a gal pal and heading out for a little antiquing and thrifting!

So good for the soul, am I right?

I have been fortunate in my life to have several very close girlfriends who have been with me for more years than I can remember, like my friend Lisa, pictured above. We met when she moved to Maine back in high school, and we have been besties ever since.

Do I dare tell you that Lisa doesn’t even like antiques or thrifting?

She’d much prefer a day of clothes shopping, haha. But she joins me on many of my antiquing and thrifting adventures when I’m in Maine, even showing me new shops and towns that I’m not yet familiar with.

Just The Thing Vintage Shop

Like our visit on this day to Just the Thing vintage shop in Dover, New Hampshire. What a little gem this shop was! If you find yourself antiquing and thrifting in New England, you may want to check out and save this post, Vintage Shops Near Me: Vermont to Maine.

Antiquing, 6 Thrifty Finds, and a Lobster Biscuit

Thrifting with the Gals

And I chose to share our day together antiquing and thrifting for this month’s Thrifting with the Gals blog series. If you are joining me here today from Lora over at Create and Ponder, our guest host this month, welcome! Don’t you just adore all of Lora’s vintage stoneware?

Ok, back to antiquing…

Two floors filled with reasonably priced antiques, vintage, and thrifty treasures.

We browsed,

and we even questioned what a few things were.

But antiquing and thrifting with the gals is, well, just plain fun!

There were piles and piles of Country Living, FleaMarket Style, and Early American Home magazines. Great for collections, coffee table styling, bookshelf styling, bedside tables, and so much more. You may also enjoy my Decorating with Vintage Books: 20+ Ideas to Try post.

Antiquing, 6 Thrifty Finds, and a Lobster Biscuit

And this gorgeous scale was a steal, selling for just $32.

Oh, and it was on sale, too!

6 Thrifted Finds

Vintage white kitchen scale

Vintage scales are in vogue in farmhouse kitchens. They add charm and character and are wonderful displays of fruits and vegetables. See how my friend Robyn from Robyn’s French Nest decorates with her scales in the Ideas to Style an Antique Scale in Vintage Kitchen Decor post.

Antiquing, 6 Thrifty Finds, and a Lobster Biscuit

Nordic Blue and White Dishware

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I adore this Nordic blue and white dishware pattern. You may also enjoy these Dishy Kitchen Hooks You Can DIY in Minutes that I made out of the smaller versions of dishes in this same pattern.

I don’t often find large dinner dishes, so I snagged six for just $8.00 apiece.

Antiquing, 6 Thrifty Finds, and a Lobster Biscuit

Chinoiserie Balls

These cute blue and white Chinoiserie balls were just $4 each.

How could I resist these? They’ll be so cute in a bowl in the kitchen, on a coffee table, in the sunroom, etc…

Have you seen these Blue and White Chinoiserie Pots with Evergreens that I decorated for winter this time last year?

Antiquing, 6 Thrifty Finds, and a Lobster Biscuit

Johnson Brothers Bowls

I can’t resist affordable dishware like these 4 Johnson Brothers antique blue and white bowls selling for just $5 each.

In case you missed it, the post Vintage Blue and White Platter Wall Design explains why I collect dishware like this.

Antiquing, 6 Thrifty Finds, and a Lobster Biscuit

You may also enjoy the post, 17 Best Summer Home Decor Accessories to Thrift.

Salt & Pepper Shakes

And how adorable are these miniature salt and pepper shakers?

I think I may keep a couple for myself and resell the others in my vintage window booth, which you may see more of in the post, Vintage Booth Winter Window Display and How to Start a Vintage Booth Business.

Antiquing, 6 Thrifty Finds, and a Lobster Biscuit

You may also enjoy Memorial Day weekend finds in the post Baby Adidas, Petite Cobbler Rack, & Watercolor Ski Drawings.

Farmhouse Candlesticks

One can never have enough candlesticks!

White farmhouse candlesticks like these are in high demand, and I’ll display them in my window booth, too.

You may also enjoy the post Thrift and Antique With Me Right into Mud Season.

Antiquing, 6 Thrifty Finds, and a Lobster Biscuit

You may also enjoy Irresistible New England Antique Barn Sale | Budget Friendly.

Take a walk around the shop with us in this video:

You may also enjoy this Antiquing 101: A Guide From the Trail post.

Lobster Biscuits

It was now time to head back to Maine, about a 10-minute drive from Dover, NH.

We both had lobster buttermilk biscuits on our minds and we knew just the place to get them.

Robert’s Maine Grill in Kittery, Maine, serves up $9 buttermilk biscuits loaded with lobster. I don’t even like buttermilk biscuits, but these are out of this world!

A perfect way to end a day of antiquing and Thrifting with the Gals.

Seinfeld Fans Anyone?

And now I will join my friend, Lisa for a night of Seinfeld trivia. Are you a fan? I’m going to really stink at this, but fairs fair:) Our team’s name was “Susan’s Envelopes.” Do you know what that is in reference to?

You may also enjoy the Vintage Shopping, A Church Collection Basket, and Wild Oats post with my friend from Molly in Maine.

Such a fun day antiquing with 6 thrifty finds and a lobster biscuit!

Do you love lobster, too?

Order your own authentic Maine Lobster delivered directly to your doorstep and save 5% with the coupon code DABBLINGDECORATING from my friends over at Overnight Lobster.

Overnight Maine Lobster

You may also enjoy the post, Summer-Ready in Coastal Maine.

Antiquing, 6 Thrifty Finds, and a Lobster Biscuit

More Thrifted Finds

The next day I popped into the FairTide thrift shop in Kittery Maine along with my favorite, The Fabulous Find where I also found this $8 Amelia Earhart suitcase and set of blue mugs. The Seacoast really does have the best thrifting!

I loved the texture of the small suitcase for our guest bedroom in Vermont, which will get a wallpaper makeover starting next week! See it today in the 3 Wallpaper Bedroom Designs Emblematic of a Cozy Vermont Inn post.

You may also enjoy the post, The Best Vintage Garden Variety Market.

Gratefully Vintage

If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with your friends who are also vintage enthusiasts.

Do you have a flair for all things vintage, too? I would love to see and feature you in our Reader’s Showcase Series. A place for you to share and be recognized for your talents and passion for all things thrifting, vintage, and antique decor-related inspired by your time here with Dabbling & Decorating. Email me at

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Antiquing, 6 Thrifty Finds, and a Lobster Biscuit
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  1. Hi Ann! What a fun day you had! You found some great items too! We definitely need to do a thrifting with the gals outing together this summer1

    1. Yes looking forward to the summer Molly!

  2. What a fun day with a friend! Love that you found some of your blue and white plates and other fun things. My mouth is drooling over those lobster biscuits; don’t get those in MN! Always enjoy joining in with this vintage-loving group!

    1. Thanks so much, Lora. Yes the lobster biscuits are definitely a treat, and so are the blue and white dishes, haha!

  3. Marlene Stephenson says:

    It is great going thrift store shopping with you and seeing all you buy, thanks.

    1. I’m so glad you tag along with me Marlene!

  4. Hi Ann, I live in southern NH and am thinking about heading up to Maine this weekend. Can you tell me the names of your favorite stores to antique? I love all your finds!

  5. Loved your finds. We are HUGE Seinfeld fans at my house so loved that! How fun for Trivia night! I agree too, its so fun to thrift with your buddies!

    1. It was very fun but there were a lot of Seinfeld junkies that showed up and blew us all away, haha.

  6. Lisa Anderson says:

    WOW Ann…great post! That gal pal of yours seems like a really cool chick:) LOL. Here’s to besties for life!!

  7. Ann
    Such a fun excursion. It always fun to have a girls shopping day. Wish we lived closer. Although we’d be competing for the same treasures! Lol.

  8. ohhhh those blue mugs! You found great things. I used those little salt and peppers to fill with different colored glitter for our grandchildren. They loved them, their mother not so much ;). We just started watching Seinfeld this year. Our son gave his dad Seinfeld Clue for Christmas. We stink at it! He wins every time. Haha

    1. Thank you Pamela, I didn’t know much Seinfeld but we had a lot of fun. It sounds like you’re enjoying your Clue game. Thanks for popping in!