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DIY a Cheap Vase into a Handsome Antique Treasure with Decoupage and Paper Napkins

If you are like me you have a bunch of those cheap vases that come with supermarket flowers, flower deliveries, etc. I never really knew what to do with them and they were just taking up so much space in my cabinets. In an effort to collect more blue and white antique pieces this year, I realized I could speed up this process by purchasing some paper napkins and Mod Podge and create my own pieces with those old cheap vases I had hanging around. Friends, this is such a simple DIY, you will become addicted and start looking all-around your home for things to transform using paper napkins and Mod Podge!

What you will need:

Mod Podge

Small Paint Brush

Paper Napkins

Your own Vase, Pitcher, Platter, Bowl, etc.

Choose your favorite color and style of paper napkins. I'm trying to add more blues and white to my decor so I chose these classic blue and white napkins from Amazon. I also chose this particular Mod Podge, as it is dishwasher safe!

You'll want to start by laying the napkin flat and choosing how you want the pattern positioned on the vase. I chose to have the medallion on this pattern centered on the vase. This medium-sized vase used only two paper napkins.

Apply the Mod Podge with the paintbrush to the first side of the vase then position the napkin onto the vase, spreading and smoothing it out evenly. You can also use the wet paintbrush to help flatten it all out. Mod Podge is so easy to work with, you really can't make a mistake. Just be careful not to tear the napkins as you are spreading it on and painting over it.

Next spread the Mod Podge onto the second side and repeat.

Here is the vase after both sides have been applied with the paper napkins. Now you'll want to paint over the applied napkins with the Mod Podge three times, waiting about 2 hours between applications. Apply more if you like. Directions are also provided on the back of the jar. I found this type of Mod Podge took much longer to dry than the usual Mod Podge that is not dishwasher safe, as an FYI. It definitely needed to procure over night after three coats.


Check out my video covering this project!

Now let's take a look at the vase styled with flowers on the table for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

I added flowers from our local market to the vase along with some thrifted brass candlesticks, blue plate, pitcher, and tea cup. What do you think?

I just luv how it turned out and it was so simple to make. Next time I would purchase a variety of paper napkin patterns to create a fun blue and white collection with the various patterns.

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