From lush tropical gardens to fully functional farms, these 7+ best greenhouses will inspire your inner green thumb to come out of hiding.

Gorgeous Greenhouses to Swoon Over

Advantages of Greenhouses

Personal greenhouses are smaller-scale versions of traditional greenhouses designed for home gardeners and plant enthusiasts. Here are some key points about personal greenhouses:

  1. Size and Structure: Personal greenhouses come in various sizes, ranging from compact tabletop models to larger walk-in structures that can accommodate multiple plants. They are typically made of lightweight materials such as polycarbonate panels or PVC frames, making them easy to assemble and move if needed.
  2. Home Gardening: Personal greenhouses are ideal for hobbyists and home gardeners who want to extend their growing season, protect delicate plants, or experiment with different plant varieties. They provide a controlled environment for cultivating herbs, vegetables, flowers, and other plants in a home setting.
  3. Space Optimization: Personal greenhouses are designed to fit into small outdoor spaces like patios, balconies, or backyard gardens. They allow gardeners to maximize their growing area and create a dedicated space for nurturing plants away from the elements.
  4. Season Extension: Personal greenhouses can help gardeners start seeds early, grow plants later into the fall, or overwinter delicate species that may not survive outdoors in colder climates. They provide a sheltered environment for plants to thrive and continue growing beyond the typical outdoor growing season.
  5. Customization and Features: Personal greenhouses can be customized with shelving, benches, lighting, and ventilation systems to create an optimal growing environment. Some models may include automatic temperature control, misting systems, or built-in shelves for organizing plants and gardening supplies.
  6. Educational and Therapeutic Benefits: Personal greenhouses offer a hands-on learning experience for individuals interested in plant cultivation, propagation, and gardening. They also provide a therapeutic and relaxing space for connecting with nature, reducing stress, and enjoying the rewards of growing your own plants.
  7. Aesthetic Appeal: Personal greenhouses can enhance the visual appeal of outdoor spaces with their transparent panels, greenery, and vibrant plant displays. They add a touch of charm and elegance to home gardens while serving a practical purpose for plant care and cultivation.

Overall, personal greenhouses are versatile, practical, and enjoyable additions to home gardens, allowing individuals to indulge their passion for plants, extend their growing season, and create a personalized oasis for greenery and relaxation.

7+ Best Greenhouses

Shiplap and Shells

Kim of Shiplap and Shells has the most charming and colorful greenhouse overlooking the Puget Sound at her 100-year-old cottage in the Pacific Northwest. Follow Kim for all her amazing gardening tips, too! Isn’t this gorgeous?

The Ponds Farmhouse

Rachel built her very own greenhouse, all in vintage style, at her home in North Carolina. You can learn all about it in her How To Build a DIY Greenhouse post.

Simply Southern Cottage on Instagram

Oh my gosh, you guys, my friend Sara had her greenhouse made out of old reclaimed windows from a home she completely renovated. And Sara flips homes for a living too. You will love this Southern chic greenhouse for sure! Sara has used her Greenhouse on numerous photoshoots, too.

Gorgeous Greenhouses to Swoon Over

Farmhouse Four Winds on Instagram

Joanne has the coziest greenhouse at her home in Connecticut. The fire is always going, and the wine is always ready for her guests. You won’t want to miss her recent interior makeover, too! Hint: this used to be filled with grapevines…

Snug Harbor Farm Greenhouses

Speaking of the best greenhouses, have you ever been to Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunk, Maine? Check out my seasonal visits to this beautiful farm with greenhouses filled with topiaries and much, much more in this Road Trip to Snug Harbor Farm Maine post.

Snug Harbor Farm Topiaries

Hydrangea Farmhouse

Tracey of Hydrangea Farmhouse over on Instagram has the most fabulous rustic gardening shed, as she refers to it, which is home not only to her plants but to her adorning cats and homemade curtains. And it was recently featured in “In Her Garden” magazine.

Bloom Greenhouse

A collection of vintage windows inspired Kerri’s greenhouse, and the idea grew from a simple sketch into a backyard gathering place. I adore all the warm wooden antiques inside; they’re so inviting! Follow Kerri on Instagram, too.

My Peace At Home

My friend Lisa of My Peace at Home and Vermont neighbor has a “garden shed,” as she calls it. You’ll want to follow her stories on Instagram to get the full feel of this green velvet-decorated space in the mountains of Vermont!

I’m so glad you dropped by today. I hope you found some inspiration amongst all these beautiful greenhouses.

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7+ Best Greenhouses to Swoon Over
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