A simple morning thrifty Valentine’s Day celebration from our sunroom with a rose bouquet, breakfast treats, and champagne to celebrate love.

Thrifty Valentine's Day table decor featuring red and white flowers.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Today I’m joining my friend Kim over at Shiplap and Shells in sharing how we will be celebrating our thrifty Valentine’s Day in our homes.

Kim has the most adorable and collected coastal cottage in the Pacific Northwest. And her summer gardens are amazing showcased by a greenhouse you will not want to miss!

A Thrifty Valentine’s Day Celebration

Today at our home in Maine, I’m starting the morning off with a simple, thrifty Valentine’s Day breakfast for us in the sunroom. A room that I am thrifting and decorating for this week. Take a tour of this recently inherited family home.

Roses are such a beautiful symbol of Valentine’s Day. I picked these up at our local supermarket and displayed them in one of my mother’s bud vases.

A Simple Thrifty Valentine's Day Celebration

A vintage glass candlestick and an old candle from the home represent peace and hygge to me. Maine blueberry muffins are always a favorite around here.

A thrifted set of pink glasses and a pitcher that I found thrifting for $18 are perfect on my parent’s old trunk that I am using temporarily until I can find a nice coffee table for this space.

Just perfect for a thrifty Valentine’s Day celebration!

A Simple Thrifty Valentine's Day Celebration

The silverware pouches I’m using were a gift that I have fallen in love with. They are from Cutlery Couture.

And you may also enjoy this Romantic Table, Pretty in Pink.

A Simple Thrifty Valentine's Day Celebration

The antique lamp with the mauve glass that I found in the attic was a favorite of my mother’s when she used to live here.

You may enjoy this post, Romantic Antique Table Setting with Thoughtful Design.

A Simple Thrifty Valentine's Day Celebration

Recently, I also found this round vintage blue rug on eBay. I just love the look of the rug for this room, which matches well with the Four Seasons slipcovered chairs, which I purchased over this past summer.

A Simple Thrifty Valentine's Day Celebration

Now that I have chairs and a rug, a coffee table and curtains are up next. I am looking to add pinch pleat drapes with tracking rods for easy opening and closing. This room gets very, very hot in the summertime and really needs some relief from the summer’s hot sun.

Two photos are hanging on the right. The top one is of my mother, at about 3 years old, taken in 1927 on Nubble Road, Maine before any homes existed there. My grandfather built the first home on this coastal Maine peninsula in the early 1920s. Today, there’s barely any land left here, unfortunately. The bottom photo is of myself at about the same age, looking for seashells on the rocks of the Nubble Light House, Maine, in about 1971.

You may read more in the Coastal Maine Heritage – Embracing My Roots post.

A Simple Thrifty Valentine's Day Celebration

Just a very simple rustic and thrifty Valentine’s Day celebration.

See how this sunroom is coming along today with the addition of this Fabulous Vintage Hutch Makeover.

A Simple Thrifty Valentine's Day Celebration

The antique plates are part of a pink, white, and gold set that my mother collected over the years.

A Simple Thrifty Valentine's Day Celebration
A Simple Thrifty Valentine's Day Celebration

A very simple, thrifty morning breakfast is all we will be doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Wishing you the very best day, friends!

A Simple Thrifty Valentine's Day Celebration

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Coastal Maine.

Be sure to also check out our Home in Vermont too, where we spend winters enjoying the coziness of home in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

A Simple Thrifty Valentine's Day Celebration

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