I’m so excited you are here today joining me at our Coastal Maine Home with our blue and white late-summer tablescape!

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Every year, I get that pit in my stomach when I start to see summer coming to a close. Fall is my favorite time of the year, but being here in coastal Maine for the summer this year has been so nice. The long beach days, home renovation, and time with family and friends have been priceless this summer.

Today, I’m joining some of my best Instagram friends and bloggers in sharing our late summer tablescapes with you here and on Instagram. You are definitely going to want to check out these super-talented ladies’ tablescapes, all listed at the end of this post.

Bico Ceramics offers the most beautiful ceramic dishes with so many choices. They work perfectly with modern and vintage decor, and the dishes I’m working with today are the Watercolor Blue Flower Scalloped dinner plates, which include dinner plates, salad plates, and dinner bowls.

Blue and White Late Summer Tablescape

I am crushing on all things blue this year! Blue seems to go with almost everything, and today I’m pairing these “bluetiful” dishes with my mother’s antique pewter, silverware, and kerosene lamps on our new vintage pine table in the dining room.

Blue and White Late Summer Tablescape

I picked up 4 blue water glasses at a local antique shop for $15. I love the touch of color they add next to the Watercolor Blue Scalloped dishware.

Blue and White Late Summer Tablescape

Did you notice the vintage glasses filled with blueberries? Each one is different. They are old cocktail glasses from days ago that were used for Manhattan’s, a favorite drink of my mother’s. I luv using vintage glassware on a table for things other than to drink with. They can be very easy to find in thrift and antique shops.

Blue and White Late Summer Tablescape

Fresh flowers from a local farm stand as the centerpiece assures me that the flowers will be seasonal to our area and will certainly last longer than supermarket flowers with fresh daily water.

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Blue and White Late Summer Tablescape

At our home in Vermont, we use Bico Ceramic’s Ria Totem Collection.

Blue and White Late Summer Tablescape

You may also enjoy this Table Ready Fakery Bakery.


Blue and White Late Summer Tablescape
Blue and White Late Summer Tablescape
Blue and White Late Summer Tablescape
Blue and White Late Summer Tablescape

Where to Find Vintage Guest Bedroom Decor

If you want to create your own vintage style guest room, there are so many different ways to find beautiful pieces for your space. While I love exploring thrift shops and antique stores in my area, it’s also fun to travel to other cities, towns, and states to check out new vintage shops.

If you prefer to shop online, it’s absolutely possible to find vintage decor online. Check out my guide to online vintage shopping for my top tips and favorite websites for finding unique pieces.

Yard sales, estate sales, and even a Facebook marketplace are also great places to find vintage decor. You never know what you might come across when you’re thrifting!

Need more vintage decor inspiration?

Explore some of my favorite vintage home tours from the blog:

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed visiting our Home in Coastal Maine with us today.

Be sure also to check out our Home in Vermont, where we spend winters enjoying the coziness of home in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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