I was out antiquing last week and found this wonderful vintage porcelain spice rack!

Vintage porcelain spice rack.

I just fell in love with the porcelain white drawers and all that chippiness

But it was definitely rough around the edges…

A Vintage Porcelain Spice Rack

So I decided to sand the vintage spice rack down and paint it an Alabaster White in a high gloss, which matches our kitchen trim.  And a high gloss paint is easier to clean too since I’m going to put it in a high traffic area in our kitchen.

A Vintage Porcelain Spice Rack


A Vintage Porcelain Spice Rack

This vintage spice rack came out so sweet and looked adorable in our kitchen.

A Vintage Porcelain Spice Rack

The white paint brightened the vintage spice rack up so much and adds so much character to the kitchen.

And now I can hide all our spices in these little vintage drawers!

A Vintage Porcelain Spice Rack

White is also such a versatile color and can be decorated in so many ways. 

Vintage spice rack in kitchen with flowers.

I used some Goof offto clean up the porcelain drawers in this vintage spice rack that had an old tape-like film over them, which worked like a charm!

A Vintage Porcelain Spice Rack

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Vintage porcelain spice rack with kitchen utincels.
Vintage porcelan spice rack in the kitchen.

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A Vintage Porcelain Spice Rack

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