With a coat of paint, your painted dresser can be glamorously upgraded. Learn how to add a touch of bling with this easy refashion project.

Painted Dresser Ideas Before and After

Painting a dresser can completely transform its look and add a pop of color or a touch of creativity to any room. Have fun exploring these painted dresser ideas, and let your creativity shine!

A little blue-painted dresser that I discovered years back in my parent’s attic.

At that time, it had been long forgotten for almost 30 years, just waiting to be reinvented.

This painted dresser was an antique dark blue, the knobs were heavenly, and who can turn down a good old antique dresser?

I would have one in every room of my house. Wait, I think I do…

Dressers are great for storage and, of course, their glaring homey charms.

Let me show you how I refashioned this painted dresser with something old and something new!

Hand Painted Dresser

I brought this old painted dresser back to Vermont with us almost 10 years ago, painting it Acadia white to match the trim of our then-home. But today, 10 years later, it looks so dingy and drab.

And with all the home improvements we recently had done this past winter, our new trim is now a brighter white Chantilly Lace. Which we couldn’t love more.

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This vintage-painted dresser will be getting a new home in our smaller guest bedroom. The wallpaper in this bedroom is Karins by Wallpaper Direct, and it has a nice cottage feel. So, I want the furniture to match this cottage-style room’s vibe.

Painted Dresser After Drying with wooden Drawers out.
Dresser Newly Painted with Chantilly Lace

Since this vintage dresser already had two coats of paint on it, I wasn’t in the mood to strip it all down to its original wood. So I went with 2 new coats of Chantilly Lace paint, which beautifully restored the look of this old-painted dresser in less than two hours’ time.

Painted Dresser With Wood Drawers

I also knew the Chantilly Lace white would really make these old antique hand-carved wood drawer handles really pop on the painted dresser drawers.

I used my trusty Restor-A-Finish in Dark Walnut to clean and restore the dresser drawer’s wooden knobs.

Wooden walnut furniture handles.

I understand that the carved wooden handles denoted the type of wood the piece of furniture was made of. In architecture, the cornerstone of a door’s woodwork was done in the same manner. Notice the acorns in the picture, which stand for oak wood.

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Wooden Walnut handle on white furniture surface.

I’ve always loved this style of dresser handle. I see them a lot on vintage dressers at antique shops and thrift stores alike. They always grab my attention. So rustic, charming, and handsome.

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vintage dresser drawer handle

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Painted Dresser Ideas

But this DIY white-painted dresser was still missing a little something.

I found a few old black wrought iron house numbers and thought they may add a little rustic farmhouse-cottage charm to these old dresser drawers.

With a quick coat of black spray paint, the wrought iron numbers looked brand new.

And I used a few black upholstery tacks to nail them onto each of the painted dresser drawers.

The house numbers do not represent anything specific. Just a few house numbers that I found in our basement.

Shop House Numbers

Painted Dresser Refashioned

Here is this old painted dresser refashioned.

painted white dresser refashioned with wrought iron house numbers.

I like how this vintage dresser now adds a bit of a decor punch to this small guest bedroom, which doesn’t fit much more than a bed, side table, and now this vintage dresser.

Painted Dresser Bedroom Accessories

  • A bouquet of flowers in an antique pitcher
  • Vintage atomizer
  • Vintage perfume bottle ( My father bought this for me when I moved into my first apartment)
  • A wire basket of vintage clock faces
  • A picture of me skiing as a little girl
  • Decorative scented soap
Painted white DIY dresser with eclectic home decor accessories.

This is a simple first decorating pass. I look forward to thrifting and antiquing to pull the rest of this little vintage dresser in our small guest bedroom back together.

And my little helper, Ella, looks on in delight, too…

Bernese Mountain Dog on Cozy Sleigh Bed

Painted Dresser Ideas Before and After:

A Vintage Affair

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Painted Dresser Ideas Before and After
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  1. Hi Ann! Love how you left the wooden pulls natural wood! They really pop against the white! The wallpaper in this room is so pretty, and the bedding looks great with it!

  2. Those dresser pulls! ❤️ we’re they on it when you pulled out of your parents attic? maybe next you style this sweet little dresser try something wood and chunky on top to show the pulls off even more. Very sweet guest room, love the wallpaper and bedding.

    1. Hi Pamela, yes they were. And I love the idea to add chunky woods on top. Thank you so much for that idea! My husband is preparing for shoulder surgery this month and I think this will be his recovery room, so it may have to wait just a bit. Thanks again!

  3. Kathy Munday says:

    Oh Ann
    This room is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wallpaper and bedding and the dresser is adorable!! You always have such wonderful ideas. Your parents are looking down on you with such delight and pride. It’s so respectful and loving to bring new life to many of their possessions. Ella loves it as well and if she likes it, you KNOW you are doing the right thing!!! Just perfect! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Kathy you are the sweetest. Seriously such kind words, thank you dearly!

  4. Ann,
    You always share such lovely, creative ideas! I especially appreciate that many of your ideas incorporate family heirlooms in new and fresh ways for your home, and I love seeing your finished projects. I think that is the reason many of us follow your site: Your love for home, family, (and Ella!), and decorating in a way that makes your heart sing. Home should reflect the individuality in each of us, and yours is truly a beautiful reflection of you! Please continue sharing all that you find beautiful, useful , and unique!
    One more thing: Thank you for the gracious way that you respond to comments, even when they are unkind or hurtful. Your beauty always shines through!

    1. Lili, aren’t you just the sweetest? I appreciate your kind and thoughtful message so much. So does Ella, wink wink. We can’t always please everyone just ourselves, right? Thank you again and enjoy your day sweet friend.

  5. The bedding is so pretty. There is one I really like, but since the dog sleeps with me probably not a good idea for now! Love the drawer pulls too, and as always love a pooch in the photos. So sweet. Aren’t we lucky to have such love bugs?

    1. Oh yes, Schweitzer Linen has the most beautiful bedding I’ve ever had. And it’s funny I have nice bedding in all our rooms except where we sleep too because of Ella:)

    2. Kathy Menold says:

      I have a little oak dresser with 2 small top drawers and one larger one under these. I use it in our bedroom for sheets and pillow cases. I just love it and have never changed it but you have inspired me to get some new interesting drawer pulls for it. Guess I will have to go thrifting on the next rainy day when I can’t work in the garden!!?

      1. Oh Kathy, yes that sounds so fun to go thrifting for new dresser knobs. Good luck my friend and most of all enjoy your time doing it! Best, Ann


    Love the chest, paint color, hate the numbers. To me it’s a spoiler. Really nice wallpaper.

    1. Thanks, Thomas. I’m happy you like the chest, so sorry you hate the numbers. I know they’re not for everyone but I’m enjoying them over here. Thanks for stopping by.