Paperwhites are not just for Christmas! Let me show you how to grow Paperwhites from bulbs pretty in green stoneware for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

Green Stoneware in the Window

We are about 7 weeks out until Saint Patrick’s Day, which falls on March 17th every year. A favorite holiday of mine, being Irish and all. But I’m of the orange Irish descent, as my ancestors were protestants from Northern Ireland. But I still like to embrace both the Irish colors of orange and green on Saint Patrick’s Day.

About Paperwhite Flowers for Saint Patrick’s Day

*In full disclosure, I am not an expert on growing Paperwhites. I am simply sharing today’s post on growing Paperwhites as a lovely home decor idea that you can use in your home for the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day.

Paperwhite bulbs take about 4-6 weeks to bloom. Therefore, to have these beautiful white flowers flourishing for the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration now is the time to start growing your Paperwhites.

How to Grow Paperwhites Pretty in Green Stoneware For Saint Patrick's Day

Don’t you just love these festive Paperwhites that my friend Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse has on her inspiring green table?

What are Paperwhite Flowers?

Paperwhites are winter-flowering perennial bulbs with an alluring degree of fragrance. You can pick up Paperwhite bulbs at your local nursery, or like me, I chose to order mine directly from Amazon. Just 5 bulbs should give you a beautiful display for the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day.

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How long do paperwhites last?

Paperwhites are loved for their pretty white blooms that last for about two weeks. But the green stems can last another few weeks beyond the flowers.

Do paperwhites need to be pruned?

After the Paperwhite flowers have faded, you can snip off the white flowers and enjoy the long green stems.

* We love our pets around here, so as a warning, according to the ASPCA, paperwhites can be toxic to dogs and cats if ingested. Please keep Paperwhites out of the reach of your pets!

Vintage Green Stoneware

If you’ve been following along with me, you must be a vintage lover too! So maybe you have a favorite vintage green stoneware bowl or the like lying around? I ordered this one off of Etsy this past fall and am going to use it today to grow my Saint Patrick’s Day Paperwhites.

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Fall Scene with Green Bowl of Apples
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How to Grow Paperwhites in Stoneware

It’s super easy to grow Paperwhite Bulbs!

What You Will Need to Grow Paperwhites

Shop Vintage Stoneware Bowls

Do paperwhites need soil?

No, paperwhite bulbs do not. All you will need are stones, rocks, pebbles, and some water! This way, you can beautifully use decorative display pieces, like this green stoneware we are using today.

How to Grow Paperwhites Pretty in Green Stoneware For Saint Patrick's Day

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Antique Crocks with White Tulips

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  • 1. Layer the bottom of your green stoneware bowl with enough pebbles so that you can snuggle your Paperwhite bulbs right down into them.
How to Grow Paperwhites Pretty in Green Stoneware For Saint Patrick's Day
  • 2. Next, it’s as simple as placing each of the Paperwhite bulbs into the pebbles about a third of the way down.

Each Paperwhite bulb will bloom about 20-60 flowers each.

Therefore with 5 bulbs, I placed my Paperwhite bulbs evenly around the bowl with two in the back, one in the middle, and two in the front.

  • 3. Now, simply add water to the bowl, just enough to hit the bottoms of the bulbs. Too much water and the Paperwhite bulbs will rot. The roots will grow quickly and reach down into the water as they grow.
How to Grow Paperwhites Pretty in Green Stoneware For Saint Patrick's Day

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  • 4. Place your Paperwhite bulbs near sunlight and watch them grow!

Be sure to re-water your bulbs daily, keeping the water at a consistent level.

For more detailed information on growing Paperwhites, visit my go-to article from Better Homes and Gardens.

Stones and Paperwhite Bulbs

Drop me a note and let me know if you are going to try this for the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day.

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Paperwhites in Time for Saint Patrick’s Day

My first batch of bulbs did not take, and I had to start a new batch that I purchased locally. They developed roots right away and are growing daily now. Do you think they will make it in time for Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17th?

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Paperwhite flowers in green stoneware bowl for Saint Patrick's Day Centerpiece

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How to Grow Paperwhites Pretty in Green Stoneware For Saint Patrick's Day

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  1. Ann,
    First, thanks for sharing my paperwhites. Second, I have a very similar green bowl and I may transfer my paperwhites for the summer. What a great idea.

    1. Thanks Rachel, your Paperwhites were perfect for this post!

  2. Love this idea, Ann! I just got rid of my Christmas paperwhites! I look forward to seeing them grow!

    1. Thank you Molly. I love the green bowl and thought the Paperwhites would be fun to grow this time of the year.

  3. Love paper Whites but can’t have them because of cat😡

    1. Oh yes, we definitely need to be careful with them. That’s why I put a warning on the post. I’m glad you liked the idea though:)

  4. Kathy Munday says:

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. this idea. I’m heading out to get some paper white bulbs TODAY!!!! Thank you!

    1. LOL, I’m thrilled Kathy. They’re going to look so pretty!