Thrifted green dishware paired with white placemats and spring florals. Get your table ready today with these inspiring table decorations.

Bud Vases with Flowers

Is a ‘good luck’ St Patrick’s Day table a good idea?

Do you enjoy celebrating the Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day?

It’s a favorite holiday of ours, as both my husband and I are of Irish descent.

Maybe it’s not my favorite holiday to decorate for, truthfully, but it always feels like the first hope of spring while enjoying a little luck of the Irish along the way.

Let’s Get Started…

I leisurely head over to our vintage cabinet in the kitchen and pull out these favorite mixed green flutes to kick off our Spring and St. Patrick’s Day table decorations. They always put me in the mood…

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Green Flute

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Blooms in Silver Bud Vases

I like to begin setting my table settings with florals first and foremost. They present and display the vibe of the season and give me an idea of the colors I want to use for the place settings from there.

Oh my goodness, you guys, our supermarket flowers have increased in price so much—more than doubled, actually! How much does a bouquet of supermarket flowers cost where you are? They used to be around $10 a bouquet, and now they are $22.95. Yikes! And we really don’t have any other options here in our small town of Vermont.

So I decided to use 4 small silver bud vases that I have collected over the years to design more petite flower arrangements for this year’s Spring and Saint Patrick’s Day table setting.

I think I like this idea too! It’s simple, and you can scatter the bud vases anywhere you like on the table. Maybe even put one with each place setting.

2 Bud Vases with Flowers

I was, however, able to find these planted blooming daffodils at the same supermarket for just $6.95, and I love the yellow they add to our table.

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Is Your Table Ready for Spring and St. Patrick's Day?

The yellow paper they came in was nice and all, but I think the daffodils exhibit much nicer planted in this vintage white soup tureen covered with moss on the top.

Don’t you?

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Vintage Spring and Saint Patrick’s Day Place Settings

Next, it’s time to set the table with vintage-inspired table place settings. Displaying on our Saint Patrick’s Day and Spring table today will be:

Vintage Dishes

The florals set the color and seasonal inspiration for our spring table, and the place settings add all the ambiance to the overall tablescape. Does that make sense?

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Each plate or bowl may be removed for a different course: soup, salad, or the main course.

The mixed green and white vintage plate patterns add a casual yet thoughtful touch to each place setting.

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Green Glassware

I started off today’s post by mentioning that I first reached for my favorite green flutes as my go-to for Spring and Saint Patrick’s Day decorations. And yes, that is definitely the truth. They are my absolute favorite glasses, and they come out to embellish my tables often.

12 Mismatched Champagne flutes

Paired with the green flutes is a wine decanter. And guess what? I made it!

There is a local glassblower, Manchester Hot Glass, here in town, and when I first moved to Vermont, I took his glassblowing class and chose the color green for the decanter, representing the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Is Your Table Ready for Spring and St. Patrick's Day?

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A Few More Important Table Accessories

Brass candlesticks are one of my all-time favorite home accents to decorate with, period!

Four candlesticks center on today’s Spring and Saint Patrick’s Day table with white candle tapers burning warmly. And I added a little green moss to each candle holder before adding the tapers. It gives them a nice outdoor Spring touch.

Is Your Table Ready for Spring and St. Patrick's Day?

A couple of green glass paperweight eggs are scattered on the table, and I thought this egg looked so cute under a little glass candle cloche that I had on hand.

Along with my mother’s sterling silver flatware and her favorite vintage green gurgle fish jug.

Is Your Table Ready for Spring and St. Patrick's Day?

And no table would be complete without including my friends over at Cutlery Couture! Their silverware pouches are the greatest finishing touch on any table.

I have a collection of these now, which includes lobsters, hydrangeas, white bows, and this cocktail set, perfect for a Saint Patrick’s Day table setting.

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Spring Table Setting

I’m also adding a buffet table and sideboard to this dining room space, made from the dining room table I grew up with in Maine. My father transformed it into a desk for me when I bought my first home in Connecticut and now I’m remodeling it back into a dining room furniture piece. Can’t wait to share it with you.

Old Desk Base

Is St. Patrick’s Day the perfect time for merrymaking?

Well, why not? We’re definitely going to enjoy setting the table and relishing in all this Irish holiday has to offer!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and I hope it feels like Spring where you are today while you read today’s blog post!

Is Your Table Ready for Spring and St. Patrick's Day?

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Vermont.

Be sure also to check out our Home in Coastal Maine, where we spend summers and weekends when we are craving a walk on the beach or a visit with old friends.

Is Your Table Ready for Spring and St. Patrick's Day?

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  1. What a beautiful table Ann. I love your layers of dishes and those great pressed glass goblets. The daffodils are just the icing on the cake.

  2. Kathy Munday says:

    Beautiful table, beautiful ideas. We don’t have any Irish blood in us but we do have a daughter named Kelli, so we can pretend to be Irish for the day!! Especially love the gurgle jug and the way you display the daffodils! It’s a “happy” table for sure!! Happy St Patrick’s Day to you!!

    1. Thank you so much Kathy, don’t you love that gurgle jug? LOL thanks for dropping by and so glad you enjoyed it all!

  3. Teddee Grace says:

    Love the fish jug and the size and color of yours in particular. I can see why it was your mother’s favorite.

    1. Thank you kindly Teddee, I was so glad it was with me here in Vermont and not back in Maine!

  4. I will definitely be bringing some spring blooms into my home soon! I was hoping to find some potted daffodils at Hannaford’s yesterday, but they don’t have them yet. I always love to see how you decorate with your vintage treasures!

    1. Thanks so much Molly, I’m thrilled with the daffodils this year, They’re so bright and cheery juxtaposed with the snow outside the window!

  5. I LOVE your table, Ann. It is so pretty and perfect for Saint Patty’s Day or a spring get-together. I am going to share a photo and link to your table in my weekly recap post on Saturday. I think my readers will really love it too!


    1. That’s so nice of you, thanks so much Jen!

  6. Miche Ortega says:

    Just Beautiful! Love the green stemware. Happy St. Patty’s Day to you!

    1. Thanks so much, Miche, yes the daffodils turned out so lovely, I agree! Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you too!

    2. Jeannie Brandt says:

      So pretty and springy! Thanks for the ideas!
      Happy St Patrick’s Day and come on spring!💚

      1. Thank you so much, Jeannie, same to you!