Discover a vintage paper cutter from a family-owned gift shop in Coastal Maine. Join us to see how we jazzed it up with old wrapping paper.

Vintage Paper Cutter

A vintage paper cutter is a tool used to cut paper or other materials. It is typically made of metal and has a lever or blade that can be operated to cut through the paper. Vintage paper cutters are often characterized by their antique or retro design and are sought after by collectors or those who appreciate vintage office supplies.

Vintage Paper Cutter Value

I have seen many vintage paper cutters in antique shops and second-hand shops in all different sizes. They usually sell for around $125.

But this one that I found in the attic of my parent’s home is simply priceless.

Vintage Paper Cutter: A Hidden Treasure Uncovered on bookshelf

Vintage Gift Wrap Paper Cutter

You see, this vintage paper cutter was used at Coupe’s Gift Shop, a family-owned gift shop on the coast of Maine, over 40 years ago. My grandfather and then my parents owned and operated the shop. Learn more about the gift shop’s family heritage in the Coastal Maine Heritage—Embracing My Roots post.

A vintage gift wrap cutter is a tool used specifically for cutting gift wrap or wrapping paper. It is similar to a vintage paper cutter but is designed specifically for the purpose of cutting gift wrap materials. Vintage gift wrap cutters often have a decorative design and may be made of metal or plastic. They are sought after by collectors or those who enjoy using vintage tools for wrapping gifts.

This is exactly as I found it, with the brown paper on it, which would have been used to pack and protect customers’ purchases or as a simple gift-wrapping option.

Vintage paper cutter on bookshelves

Vintage Gift Wrapping Paper

I loved it just how it was, but I thought adding some vintage wrapping paper around the brown paper would jazz up this vintage paper cutter to enhance the look of this vintage room. See more of this space in the Vintage Room Design Meets Sunroom post.

I looked everywhere online, like Etsy and Amazon, to no avail. Finding vintage gift wrapping paper can be a bit of a challenge.

Until I stumbled into an antique store in southern Maine that had a bin of vintage wrapping paper. I chose this powder blue and gold paper to match the room, along with the vintage paper cutter.

Vintage wrapping paper with scissors

I did have to cut the roll to fit the spool, and then I wrapped it around the existing brown paper spool that came with the vintage paper cutter.

Isn’t this just the cutest decorative nostalgia now? I think of my days growing up in Coastal Maine and how I loved wrapping customers’ purchases at the check-out.

Do you notice the vintage paper cutter hanging on the wall? That’s the one, and that is me waiting to wrap customers’ purchases in the early 1970s.

Small Child at Gift Shop Counter

In the Kitchen

Since I wrote this post, this vintage paper cutter has been on the kitchen counter at my parents’ old home in Coastal, Maine. We now use brown paper once again for food preparation for the freezer. It’s gone from decorative to practical, and we couldn’t love it more.

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A Vintage Affair

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Vintage Paper Cutter A Hidden Treasure
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