I found this really fun, vintage gift wrap paper cutter in my parent’s attic when I was visiting Maine over Father’s Day weekend. Join me here to see more of our recently inherited Coastal Maine.

Decorative Vintage Gift Wrap Cutter

I just love everything about it!  This was an item they saved from a family-owned gift shop from over 40 years ago on the coast of Maine, Coupe’s Gift Shop.

This is exactly how I found it with the brown paper and all. 

Decorative Vintage Gift Wrap Cutter

I love it as is however, I really wanted to jazz it up a bit with some vintage wrapping paper that I could actually use.

I tried online options like Amazon and Etsy and realized quickly that this was going to be a difficult find.

Vintage wrapping paper

Until I stumbled into an antique store in southern Maine that had a bin of vintage wrapping paper!  I chose this powder blue and gold paper to match the room and the gift wrap cutter.

I did have to cut the roll to fit the spool and then I wrapped it around the brown paper spool that came with the paper cutter.

Decorative Vintage Gift Wrap Cutter

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Decorative Vintage Gift Wrap Cutter

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Decorative Vintage Gift Wrap Cutter

Isn’t this just the cutest decorative gift wrap paper cutter now? I think of days growing up in coastal Maine and how I loved wrapping the customer’s purchases at check out.

A Multi-generational Family Love Story in Coastal Maine
Myself at the cash register about 1970
Decorative Vintage Gift Wrap Cutter

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Vermont.

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Decorative Vintage Gift Wrap Cutter

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