I’m so delighted to be sharing with you here today 5 budget-friendly and cozy cottage Christmas decor elements that are sure to make your guest bedroom holiday-ready for your visiting family and friends.

5 Cozy Cottage Christmas Guest Bedroom Swaps

I have chosen 5 cozy elements for our Christmas-ready guest bedroom in partnership with my friends at Wayfair.

And, the third post in a mini-holiday home series:

5 Cozy Christmas Bedroom Swaps

To begin arranging our guest bedrooms for the holidays, I enjoy choosing my Christmas bedding first. As it will set the stage for the entire room’s cozy Christmas design plan.

Usually, looking at bulkier textures, rich color tones, and warm fabrics to create an inviting, cozy space.

1. Reversible Quilt Set

You wouldn’t believe how extensive Wayfair’s bedding options are, truly amazing, honestly!

After scrolling and scrolling, I decided upon this charming reversible village quilt set.

5 Cozy Cottage Christmas Guest Bedroom Swaps


It comes with the most darling of matching bags, which you could also use for:

  • Storage
  • Provide guest bathroom towels.
  • Hang on the back of the bedroom or bathroom door.
  • Use as a gift-wrapping bag.
  • Place evergreens in it.

I also love the bedding’s cheerful village pattern in reds, browns, and greens—colors ideal for the holidays and the long winter months ahead.

Bernese Mountain Dog on Bed

You may also find in inspiration in this Red Decor Home Decorative Objects post.

Ice skaters, village homes, evergreen trees, Volkswagons, and more.

Overall, I love this cozy bedding’s hospitable vibe.

5 Cozy Cottage Christmas Guest Bedroom Swaps

It’s reversible, too! Blue with snowflakes on the other side.

So you get two bedding sets for the price of one.

Christmas Bedding and Bathrobe

This little bedding set can easily go from Christmas to winter in a simple swap.

And it makes for a snazzy bed turn down for your guests too.

2. Little Cottage Lobster Pillow

Add a touch of regional decor to your Christmas guest bedrooms.

Here in Coastal Maine, this Lombard small lobster pillow is an ideal accessory for a guest bed, a chair, or even a Boston Rocker next to the fireplace.

3. Fresh Christmas Bedroom Towels

Swap out and invest in fresh towels for your holiday guests.

Like this, Adalrik 6-piece matching Turkish blue towel set available from Wayfair.

Blue Bath Towels on Bed

Choose your favorite color to match your new Christmas bedding.

5 Cozy Cottage Christmas Guest Bedroom Swaps

4. Wooden Tree Figurines

Add a set of these wooden tree figurines. How fetching are these?

My neutral-loving heart is crushing all over these on bedside tables, dressers, mantels, dining tables, and so much more.

And you can decorate with them year-round!

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Christmas Bedside Table

You may also enjoy seeing more of this guest bedroom during other seasons in the Small Cottage Guest Bedroom, Vintage and Delightful post.

5. The Coziest Unisex Bathrobes

One of my favorite guest bedroom accessories is a cozy bathrobe for our guests.

Of course, Wayfair also has a large selection of cozy bathrobes for you to choose from. I chose this unisex 100% Turkish cotton waffle bathrobe for our guests to enjoy. It’s midcalf length, which would actually reach the floor in my case.

White Bathrobe

Our guests are forever putting on their bathrobes, coming out to show us, laughing, and acting so impressed. We always get the biggest kick out of it.

We don’t mess around here when it comes to cozy home accommodations:)

Bernese Mountain Dog on Bed

And, of course, Ella, our Bernese Mountain Dog, is very cozy, too, in our Christmas guest bedroom.

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Coastal Maine.

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5 Cozy Cottage Christmas Guest Bedroom Swaps
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  1. I love the reversible bedding and really love the gorgeous robe! Thanks for a great post!

    1. I’m so glad you like it, Missy. I agree, nothing like cozy bedding, right?

  2. Hi Ann I am loving the sheet set and quilt. Could you please share your source.? Loving your blog sweet friend

    1. Hi Dana, I’m so glad you like it. At the bottom of the post is a link to all the products I shared in the post available through Wayfair. Here it is for you too: https://bit.ly/3gEqNTS