Looking to make a statement in your home decorating? Try red decor accents. Learn creative ways to incorporate this vibrant hue into your home and create a visually stunning space all with vintage accents.

Red Decor The Power of Vintage Accents

The Power in a Red Home Decor Aesthetic

Is red a good color for a home?

Red decor, with its bold and daring nature, has the power to transform any space, especially when combined with vintage accents. In the realm of home decor, red is a striking color that adds warmth and energy to a room, inviting you to be adventurous in your design choices.

Incorporating decorative red elements into your home, whether through wall art, furniture, or accessories, can create a captivating and inviting atmosphere. With their timeless charm and character, vintage pieces further enhance the aesthetic, making every room feel unique and thoughtfully curated.

Discover the magic of red decor with vintage accents and elevate your home to new heights of style and sophistication for indoor use.

Vintage Tennis racket with red decor apple on Mantel

I first learned about the power of red during a photography class I took many years ago when we moved to Vermont. Adding pops of red accents to your photos can dramatically enhance them, which you will also discover more of in today’s post on embracing red decor accents.

Red Accents Vintage Decor Ideas

Why is red a good color for interior design?

Vintage red accents can remarkably transform your home decor, infusing each room with a vibrant and timeless charm.

Red decor’s boldness adds warmth and energy, while vintage pieces bring a sense of history and uniqueness to your space.

Whether it’s a decorative antique vase, a classic red chair, or intricate wall art, these accents can create a focal point and elevate the overall aesthetic of your room and home.

By incorporating red decor vintage accents, you can achieve a perfect blend of nostalgia and modernity, making your home decor truly stand out.

I have you covered from summer to winter: red decor and vintage accents!

Red berries in a silver vase on a bookshelf adorned with the 12 Days of Christmas Decorations.

Red Winterberries

Red Winterberries are a favorite of mine for winter red decor home accents. We even planted two new winterberry bushes at our home in Vermont. They are so cheery displayed in white pitchers. They also make beautiful hostess gifts tied with red ribbons during the holidays.

Pro Tip: Where to Find the Best Red Decor Vintage Accents?

You can easily find red decor vintage accents at flea markets, thrift stores, antique shops, second-hand shops, yard sales, estate sales, Etsy, eBay, and the list goes on. You may also find more shopping tips in this How to Shop For Vintage Decor Online post.

Vintage Red Books Sets

Vintage red book sets make exquisite home decor accents, adding a touch of elegance and history to any room. These timeless decorations can be stacked on coffee tables, displayed on shelves, or arranged in decorative vignettes, seamlessly blending red decor into your space.

Vintage Cottage Style Bedroom with red, white, and blue home decor.
Windowsill Bibles

In this favorite guest bedroom, I added subtle hints of red with a stacked collection of my mother’s small Bibles paired with her vintage red round biblical wall picture frame.

Red Decorative Pillows

Red pillows serve as stunning home decor accents, instantly revitalizing any room with their vibrant hue. These decorations, especially in vintage patterns or fabrics, add a pop of red decor that combines comfort with a touch of nostalgic charm.

My classic embroidered lobster pillows have been a readers’ favorite for years now, displayed in our guest bedroom in Coastal Maine. See more in the 12 Cottage Vintage Guest Bedroom Ideas To Inspire and Vintage Aesthetic Bedroom Inspiring Ideas posts.

Vintage Tennis Rackets

Vintage tennis rackets with red accents make unique and eye-catching home decor pieces, adding a sporty yet nostalgic charm to any room. Tennis rackets are one of my favorite red decor accents to add to my home. You may also enjoy this Gifts From Maine: A Day’s Jaunt Antiquing post, where I found a vintage tennis umpire chair.

Red and Blue Badminton Rackets at Estate Sale in Hand.

Just yesterday, I found a pair of badminton rackets at an estate sale for $5. They’re perfect for wreath-making and other similar projects. See more in this Old Badminton Racquet Sporty DIY Wreath post.

Red Geraniums

Red geraniums with vibrant red accents bring a lively and classic touch to any home decor. These timeless decorations can brighten up a room blended with vintage elements or be displayed beautifully outdoors in a classic window box. See more in these Red Geraniums: A Patriotic Centerpiece and Red Geranium Window Flower Boxes posts.

Red Vintage Tins and Baskets

Vintage red tins and/or baskets scattered on shelving, coffee tables, kitchens, hutches, and the like are fantastic and simple ways to add a pop of red decor to your rooms. Fill the tins and baskets with plants, flowers, flags, old paintbrushes, dishes, or any other favorite collections you may have.

Decorative Red Quilts

One of my favorite red decor accents is to add handmade quilts to bedding, living rooms, sunrooms, and outdoor furniture. Quilts with red accents can truly add a wonderful color accent to any room. You may also enjoy more of these quilt ideas in decor posts:

Vintage suitcase collection in winter bedroom
Vintage Cobbler Shoe Stand in Decor Ideas

Dinnerware in Red Decor

Collect and incorporate red and white vintage dinnerware, and display these vibrant red elements in your decor, creating harmonizing displays on open shelves, dining tables, or as wall decorations.

Wooden Accent Bowls in Red Decor

Wooden bowls with red accents offer a unique blend of rustic charm and vibrant color, making them perfect for vintage red decor. Pair them with plain wooden or other accented wood bowls like blues and greens. Here is an example of a wooden red-accented bowl I found while Thrifting with the Gals in a recent summer vintage haul.

Adding red bowls filled with favorite decor collections is a perfect way to decorate a living room or bedroom accent table.

Vintage haul with red decor accents.

Red Suitcase Accents

Vintage suitcases with red trimming can accent a room in home decor by adding a pop of color and a sense of vintage charm. Placed as decorative accents on shelves, stacked as a side table, or used as storage boxes, these suitcases create visual interest and serve as focal points.

I picked up a small doll suitcase for $10, which will be a perfect addition with a plant as a red decor accent. You may also enjoy these Vintage Suitcase Makeover: Unique in Decor and Vintage Marketplace: Infinite Unique Decor posts.

Vintage suitcase with red accents in antique shop.

Professional Red Decor Interior Design Tips

Red Decor in Living Room Spaces

Red Living Room Furniture Accents

Add the bold choice of red decor to your living room by including a piece of furniture for pops of red. I found a vintage red chair at a second-hand furniture shop, which I included in this cozy corner nook in our living room. See more in this Nautical Decor Ideas: Vintage Vibe Corner post.

If you are not ready to go this bold just yet, red vintage wicker furniture is a great option, too.

Quaint Nautical Decor Corner With a Vintage Wow Factor
Nautical Decor Ideas: Vintage Vibe Corner
Antique doll carriage with handmade red liner in antique style living room

antique doll carriage

An antique doll carriage with my mother’s handmade red lining rests in our antique-style living room as a sweet family heirloom remembrance.

Red Living Room Window Treatments

Red decor accents are a staple in the popular cottage core decor trend. Add unique window treatments to your rooms with nautical, cottage, farmhouse, or grandmillenial curtains or shades. I found these nautical curtains with red accents at an antique shop. They were initially custom-made for a yacht in the ’70s. See more in this Coastal Curtains for Living Room: A Nautical Vintage Story post.

Red Table Setting Accents

Start by easing into adding vintage red decor accents to your table settings. Red napkins, napkin rings, tablecloths, centerpiece vases, glassware, dishes, bowls, and accent pillows are easy ways to incorporate red into your dining room meals. Check out some of these posts for more red table inspiration:

Another easy way to begin adding red decor vintage accents is with patriotic summer decor. Everyone loves patriotic decor with all the red, white, and blue touches. Start by collecting American flags, bunting, pillows, tableware, etc. Designate a bin to keep these decorations in, and you’ll find many of these same accents can later be incorporated as everyday red decor throughout your home. Here are several patriotic posts to help get you started.

DIY American Flag with Antique Spindles
DIY American Flag with Antique Spindles

Galvanized Buckets

I found this red galvanized bucket at a second-hand shop a few years back. I pull it out every summer as a red go-to decor with a vintage accent. I use it mostly in our outdoor decor. It’s just the right amount of rustic red charm. See more in this Galvanized Flower Buckets: 7 DIY Floral Designs post.

Vintage Ice Buckets

Add a vintage red ice bucket to your outdoor tables and beverage carts. This is a unique yet simple way to add a pop of color to your summer entertaining. Here is a vintage blue ice bucket I use on our outdoor table. I know it’s not red, but the concept remains the same. You may enjoy these Small Drink Beverage Table Accent and Vintage Bars: 10 Designs to Copy Now posts.

Red Decor Wall Holders

Look for wrought iron or red wooden accented wall holders to add a pop of red to your entryway, bathroom, or kitchen. I saw these cute red horse barn hooks at Vintage Market Days Vermont. How cute would these be as coat hooks in a home’s entryway? See more in this Vintage Marketplace: Infinite Unique Decor post.

Red Horse Shoe Barn Hooks at vintage marketplace sale.
Vintage Marketplace: Infinite Unique Decor

Red Kitchen Aprons

Creating a space in your kitchen for red decor wall holders and hanging various decorative aprons with pops of red is a fabulous way to add red decor to your kitchen spaces. You may also enjoy this post Wood Wall Hooks You Can DIY in Minutes where I made wall hooks out of red and white vintage dishes.

Vintage Red Decor Toys

Vintage toys are an adorable way to add red decor character and charm to a children’s room or nursery. You can easily find these gems at second-hand or thrift shops.

Antique children's fire trucks and horses at barn sale in Maine.
Antiques in Maine & Summer Vintage Haul

Red Candles

Red candles are another easy way to add pops of red throughout your home. Made with every room in mind, candles are warming, cozy, and romantic. Red candles are also a perfect gift for a hostess.

Vintage Checkerboards

Vintage wooden checkerboards make fantastic wall decor. With their vibrant red and white or red and black color patterns and square design, these old game boards are the ideal red decor vintage accent. Display them on a coffee table or in a game room. If you can’t find one, maybe DIY it!

I love this DIY checkerboard idea that my friend Meeghan made in this post about How to Make a DIY Checkerboard (For Fall). Change up the colors to add your own pop of red.

Vintage Crates

Vintage wooden crates with red accents bring a rustic yet vibrant touch to any red decor scheme. These versatile pieces add character and a sense of history to your home, making them perfect for creating unique and eye-catching displays.

Red Decor Kitchen Hutch

And don’t you just love this pop of bright red in Gesine’ Bullock Prado’s Sugarglider Kitchen School in Vermont? Just look here for the powers of red in both decor and photography! You may see and learn more in the Sugar Glider Kitchen School with Gesine Bullock-Prado of “Baked in Vermont,” Insights from a Novice post.

Sugar Glider Kitchen School with Gesine Bullock-Prada of "Baked in Vermont", Insights from a Novice
Sugar Glider Kitchen School with Gesine Bullock-Prado of “Baked in Vermont”, Insights from a Novice

Vintage Ski Lodge Decorations in Red

One of my favorite decorations is the vintage ski lodge decorations that I love to embrace every winter. From indoors to outdoors, I love this old-school New England vibe. I recently picked up two pairs of red wooden skis for $5 a pair at a yard sale. They’ll be so cute this winter, displayed on our porch in the snow or on the back of our new vintage VW Fastback for the holidays.

Another cute vintage red ski lodge decoration is the toboggan, which has a red seat cushion. See more in this Vintage Toboggan Sled | Ski Lodge Decor post.

Red Christmas Decor

Vintage red Christmas decor with red accents brings a nostalgic and festive charm to any holiday setting. These timeless pieces infuse your home with warmth and cheer, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere that celebrates the season’s rich traditions. You may find all the Christmas red decor inspiration here.

Red Fashion Decor

And maybe you’ll choose to match your decor with a little red fashion, too. I found this vintage red leather tooled purse at a new second-hand shop just last week. I bought red shoes to match, and Voila… You may also enjoy this Quilt Jackets: The Trendy Vintage Fashion post.

You can’t go wrong with red. By thoughtfully integrating vintage red decor into your home, you can create dynamic and timeless spaces.

Happy thrifting!

A Vintage Affair

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See how this follower added red to her home in Vermont with red walls and red barn paintings with white snow in our Reader’s Showcase Series.

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Red Decor The Power in Vintage Accents
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    Delightful! Red, it’s almost as if you knew me. My dining area is a deep red brick colour, and of course many red accents thoughout our home.
    Don’t forget, there are many red small or larger appliances, my Tassimo is red also. Red isn’t just for Christmas, it is as versatile as you have shown. Kim

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