Join me on my front porch this holiday season overlooking the Green Mountains of Vermont to see how I incorporate some of my favorite vintage finds with fresh evergreens, trees, and all the classic elements that bring us home to New England for the holidays.

I think it may just be my favorite holiday front porch yet.

Front Porch Holiday Decorating Ideas with Classic New England Charm

What Materials Do I Need to Decorate My Front Porch for the Holidays?

You can never go wrong with holiday greenery. Fresh or faux evergreens can make or break a front porch during the holidays.

On our front porch this year, I’m embracing all fresh greenery, including kissing balls, garlands, trees, wreaths, and evergreen cuttings.

And grab your favorite old basket or crock, and I’ll show you how to make an easy greenery holiday display.

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What are some trendy holiday front porch ideas?

Vintage ski lodge decorations like old skis, snowshoes, and ski boots are always classic and on-trend for the holidays right through the winter months.

And my newest find, a vintage Christmas tree stand, is also a new front porch favorite.

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Inspired by our friends in Sweden, who adorn their front porches with vintage bottles decorated with greens and pinecones topped off with a candle. I love this holiday front porch idea.

Photo Credit: Lavendale Blog

Swedish Christmas Bottles with Candles

I created my own bottle with greens, twine, and pinecones for Thanksgiving, and I think I’ll make a few more for Christmas with evergreens and share them with you in a separate upcoming blog post.

Bottles with holiday greenery in cozy corner.

How can I make my front porch festive for Christmas?

Invest in sheepskins for a cozy, inviting touch to your front porch seating spaces. Top them off with blankets and pillows to keep you warm on the porch this holiday season.

Add a tabletop fire pit with a Tree Free Fire, too. Nothing is more cozy for a front porch holiday setting than a warm fire to gather around.

How can I make my holiday front porch stand out?

You can make your front porch stand out this holiday season by combining all these front porch decor elements to create that classic New England Christmas design.

Vintage Ski Lodge Decorations
Ski Lodge Vintage Snowshoes

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Holiday Decorating Ideas From Our Front Porch in Vermont

Kissing Balls

I was inspired this year to decorate with kissing balls. I’ve never had kissing balls before, as I was always afraid of the high winds we get here on our front porch, and I didn’t want to block the mountain views either. But a reader here inspired me to try them, and I’m so glad I did!

I chose the Victorian Kissing Balls with burgundy bows from Maine Made Christmas.

Front Porch Holiday Decorating Ideas with Classic New England Charm

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Christmas Trees

A couple of years ago, I had a large naked Christmas tree that simply leaned up against the wall on our front porch, and I just loved it! You may see more in the Ski Lodge Winter Porch Decor on Full Display post.

Front Porch Holiday Decorating Ideas with Classic New England Charm

Therefore, this year, I decided to add several smaller trees to our holiday front porch, four to be exact, to obtain a similar rustic look.

What Christmas trees are suitable for a front porch?

I recommend the “Dwarf Alberta Spruce,” which is extremely hardy and adaptable to most landscape situations. And you can plant it in the spring. The second is the “Norway Spruce,” the favorite Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center! It is a great wind block and can withstand winds up to 100mph when planted in the ground. You should be able to find them easily at your local nursery.

Front Porch Christmas Decor.

Christmas Tree Stands

Choosing a unique Christmas tree stand can make your front porch Christmas trees more impactful. The “Dwarf Spruce” tree is placed in a vintage blue crate on the front porch’s wallpaper table. The second larger Christmas tree is accented in an old white basket next to the home’s entryway. (A random Christmas tree I purchased from our local supermarket.)

These stands also help keep the Christmas trees grounded for any wind or storms coming our way. It is also a reason why I lean toward the naked Christmas tree concept, too.

More Christmas Tree Stand Ideas:

  • Baskets
  • Crates
  • Vintage Tree Stands
  • Tins
  • Antique Crocks
  • Copper Pots
  • Large Vintage Bowls
  • Chippy Planters
  • Buckets

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Christmas Tree Planters

I have filled these DIY Urns with holiday greens on our front porch for the past few years now. However, this year, I wanted to extend our front porch Christmas tree crush to the urns versus cut greens. I felt it would be less maintenance and just as charming. And we can plant all of these pine trees in our yard come the spring.

Bernese Mountain Dog with Christmas Tree Planter

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Holiday Porch Garland

The front porch beams are each wrapped with fresh evergreen garlands that I purchased from our local supermarket very inexpensively. We used a staple gun and some nails to secure them tightly. What I enjoy most about the garland choice is how homey it makes the porch feel from the inside, not just the outside looking in.

Each fresh garland I purchased was 28 feet long, and it took 3/4 of a garland to wrap each 9-foot-tall beam.

Front Porch Holiday Decorating Ideas with Classic New England Charm

Vintage Ski Lodge Decorations

Next, it was time to add a few of my collected ski lodge decorations, my favorite. A single snowshoe fills the empty space on the back of a thrifted trunk that serves as our coffee table.

A pair of vintage wooden skis on the front porch’s back wall are crossed and centered with a fresh holiday wreath and burgundy bow.

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Vintage Ski Lodge Decorations

And let’s not forget the vintage ski boots filled with greenery, our favorite “Tree Free Fire Rock,” and a cup of hot chocolate in my favorite MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check mugs for all the charm of the holidays in classic New England style. You may see more in the Celebrate Holiday Preparations With Christmas Plaids, Checks, and Hot Chocolate Mugs post.

The green wicker furniture on our porch was an investment made about two years ago now. You may see more of it in the How To Create An Inviting Front Porch with Wicker Furniture post.

Bernese Mountain Dog on Holiday Front Porch

Front Porch Vintage Crock with Holiday Greens

Now, grab your favorite antique crock, fill it up with your favorite fresh greens, and plop it anywhere you like on your front porch. It’s a match made in heaven. You can’t go wrong with antique crocks and evergreens for the holidays. Seriously, I think they were made for one another.

This arrangement now sits on top of an old cabinet made by my father that I painted the historic Essex Green. It’s the same color as our Maine home’s house trim. See more in the Beautiful Essex Green Coastal House Trim post.

The antique crock with greenery also adds height to this space. Then, I hung my mother’s antique bell collection on the side.

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Front Porch Greenery in Antique Crock

Add water to the Christmas crock display and enjoy it throughout the holidays.

Come Home To Comfort with Sheepskins

I think I am addicted to all things sheepskin in our home. Sheepskins are draped everywhere, from the dining room chairs to the front porch and wood flooring. I can’t get enough of these cozy home accents.

The sheepskins on our porch are so inviting; there’s just something about them. I even draped them on our front porch’s side tables, a nod once again to our Nordic friends for this little tip. They wash and dry very easily, too, so no worries about getting them dirty.

Hot Chocolate On Sheepskin on Holiday Porch

I used a velcro “Command Strip” on each corner of the side tables to secure the sheepskins so that they wouldn’t blow away.

Cup of Hot Chocolate on Sheepskin front porch table.

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Wishing you a holiday season filled with cheer, peace, love, and understanding!

Thanks so much for dropping by today, and I hope you found loads of front porch holiday inspiration!

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us today at our Home in Vermont.

Be sure to check out our Home in Coastal Maine, too, where we spend summers and weekends when we are craving a walk on the beach or a visit with old friends.

Front Porch Holiday Decorating Ideas with Classic New England Charm

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  1. Cindy@CountyRoad407 says:

    Love everything about your porch this year! Loved last years too though. I’m going to have to try the Demi-John bottle and candle idea. So fun! Hope you enjoy a magical Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much Cindy. I just picked up some more bottles to make more myself, I love them too🙌🏻 Happy holidays Cindy🎄

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    Love your decor ideas! Ellla adds a festive charm as usual.

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  3. Ann, your porch is beautiful with some terrific ideas. But it’s Ella who is the best touch for the porch.

    1. Thank you so much Pam, she’s a sassy little darling! Happy Holidays to you.