Are you looking for a budget-friendly place to shop for your favorite antiques and vintage home decor items in the New England area? You won’t want to miss Chandler & Co.’s monthly barn sale in Berwick, Maine.

And wait until you see all the goodies I found and how I decorated my home with them.

Vintage Market Sign, Antique Cart

Chandler & Co. Antique Barn Sale

A few weeks back, my girlfriend attended this antique barn sale and texted me a few photos of the inspiration she was discovering at Chandler & Co’s antique barn sale at 13 Circuit Road in Berwick, Maine. Owned by Elaine and Gary Chandler, who are fabulous, friendly, and ready to make a deal!

Irresistible New England Antique Barn Sale | Budget Friendly

Just look at this red budget-friendly trunk my girlfriend brought home with her!

Red Garden Box

Chandler & Co’s. antique barn sale is open one weekend a month. Follow them here on Facebook for all the important updates. Their next barn sale will be this Columbus Day weekend, 2023.

It’s not to be missed! There will also be a neighboring craft market too.

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Chandler & Co. Antique Barn Sale

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When you arrive, you will be greeted by Elaine or her husband, Gary, with a big smile and a warm welcome. Please tell them I say hello as unfortunately, I won’t be there this Columbus Day weekend, as we will be back in Vermont attending Vintage Market Days Vermont.

As I arrived, I ran into Andrea the owner of Nest Portsmouth in Portsmouth, NH. Another one of my favorite second-hand shops in this area. Put it on your list!

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Chandler & Co. Antique Barn Sale

You will find everything from vintage wallpaper tables, refinished furniture, crocks, tableware, dressers, crates, coolers, signs, salvaged architecture, windows, doors, and so much more!

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Vintage Coolers

Whenever I see a vintage cooler, I think of my friend Kristin over at White Arrows Home. Kristin collects, decorates, and sells all kinds of vintage coolers. Drop by and check out some of her favorites and tell her I said hello!

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Antique Baskets

There was a large and budget-friendly selection of antique and vintage baskets if you are in search of these fine collectibles.

There was a large assortment of affordable vintage stadium seating too. Be sure to watch the video on this post to see more.

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Vintage Signs

Do you love old signs? You are sure to find one you like at this antique barn sale.

Vintage Crates, Windows, Doors, and Suitcases Too

Budget-friendly and fashionable.

Fine Antiques to Wicker Furniture

You will find elegant antique furniture pieces, vintage wicker furniture sets, and refinished furniture too. There’s a wide selection for everyone to find something they will surely enjoy.

Walk around the lawn and browse inside the barn. You will most certainly find yourself making a nice little pile of goodies for yourself. I think I actually even had two piles going at one time…

Take a walk around this bargain-friendly antique barn sale with me:

Vintage Haul

Antique Baby Shoe

I found my second baby shoe in a new collection that I recently started when I found these Adidas baby sneakers for our bookshelves at home in Vermont.

It is leather with pearl buttons for the budget-friendly price of just $8. It’s simply darling.

Antique Baby Shoe

Antique Table

I couldn’t resist this antique pine side table. The wood is fabulous in character and only cost me $40.

What is it about old pine wood that always has me swooning? I can’t resist it…

Antique Pine Side Table

Baskets & A Pink Toleware Tray

My two little vintage haul piles turned into one with some baskets and a terrific Toleware pink tray.

These vintage Toleware trays I’ve seen in black or red many times but never in pink, so I had to snag it.

The blue basket is a vintage bicycle basket.

And the brown one is a vintage berry-picking basket. I pick up old berry baskets whenever I can find them affordably. They are so darling displaying almost anything!

Vintage Haul

On the way home I stopped at a local roadside stand and picked up 3 bouquets of wildflowers to decorate the baskets and table with. One arrangement was marvelous, with garlic and dill mixed in with one large sunflower. It smelled so good, I could eat it, literally!

The mood of these photos really describes the weather we have been having this summer. It was a dark and rainy day outside, but it was great for browsing antique barn sales.

Antique Barn Sale Decorating

Vintage Side Table

I found a cute little spot for the antique table in our living room and the bouquet of flowers I picked up at the farm stand.

Antique Table with Flowers in Corner.

A basket filled with small pinecones rests on the bottom shelf.

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Antique furniture in living room corner.

Berry-Picking Basket

This old berry-picking vintage basket is cute for holding flowers or a few favorite home decor accessories.

Or maybe in a bathroom with some detergent, hand towels, or the like?

Pink Toleware Tray

The pink Toleware tray landed nicely on our sunroom’s glass table top. I love the pink hue that this tray adds to our light and bright room, and it pulls nicely from the soft pinks in the vintage blue rug underneath.

In the Fabulous Vintage Hutch Makeover post, you may also enjoy seeing more of the hutch in the background. And we can’t forget about this Green Chippy Apothecary Cabinet, which came before it.

Blue Bicycle Basket

And last but not least this adorable bargain-friendly blue bicycle basket is now cozy on our inside front door bursting with green ivy. I’ll be able to change the contents of the basket out on a seasonal whimsy too. Maybe pumpkins in the fall and evergreens and red berries for the holidays.

Ella Update

Ella, Bernese Mountain Dog with Cone

Ella had ACL surgery two weeks ago now and got her sutures out just yesterday. She is doing very well. She is a little hobbly but comfortable and a rock star of a patient, which really surprised us… Thank you so kindly for all your thoughtful messages; she read every single one of them:)

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed visiting our Home in Coastal Maine with us today.

Be sure also to check out our Home in Vermont, where we spend winters enjoying the coziness of home in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Budget Friendly Irresistible Antique Barn Sale

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  1. Kathy Munday says:

    Oh oh…… I think I need a second home or at least an addition!!!!! Gotta make room for some of these devine treasures!!!!! Such fun!!!!

  2. Ann, what a great haul!! I’ll have to make a point of visiting on Columbus Day! So many goodies. You did such a great job covering all of the treasures that they had. I e frequented many of the places that you’ve recommended and you haven’t steered me wrong yet!XO.
    Hugs to Ella I hope she is recovering successfully and comfortably
    🙂 Cara

    1. Oh Cara, yes this is a must, you will love it! Definitely worth the trip. Ella’s doing well and thanks always for stopping by!

  3. Deborah MacKenzie says:

    I adore the table, what a great find!

    1. Thank you Deborah, I’m so glad, we love it too!

  4. Oh my. My heart beat a little faster at the sight of the pine stand. I live in Ohio and I can never find anything like that. I am only finding oak furniture. Everything looks lovely.

    1. I’m so glad you liked it Kathy. I just love old pine furniture too. So much character!

      1. I think the “side table” is actually a wash stand.