Decorating with Red, White, and Blue

When summer starts and Memorial Day is fast approaching, it’s time to get the guest bedroom ready for summer guests. This year, I added a blue and white duvet and pillowcase that I found out Thrifting with the Gals for only $18!

When Summer Starts.  Guest Bedroom decorated in red white and  blue.

Decorating with red, white, and blue has all the vibes of summer! I’m just so drawn to it, how about you?

Patriotic Bedroom

Do you love the beach? I’m really looking forward to soaking it all up this summer. The sun, saltwater, and I just got a new set of navy beach chairs, picnic cooler, and a folding table that I can’t wait to share with you!

I think I’m going to invite a girlfriend to join me on the beach sometime next week for a picnic. Stay tuned…

Patriotic Bedroom

Our first guests outside the family are coming to stay with us here in this room later this week. They are friends from Vermont who also have family here in Coastal Maine.

Last year when they visited this guest bedroom looked like this. Which do you like better?


Patriotic Bedroom

When summer starts it reminds me of the days when my dad would run off to play tennis every morning. Here I displayed all the old tennis racquets that he collected and played with over the years.

Patriotic Bedroom

The vintage quilt at the foot of this bed reminds me of an old trunk hidden away in the attic filled with old quilts that I really need to get down and rummage through.

Oh, and the bathrobe hanging on the closet door was a gift from Schweitzer Linens. They make and sell the most beautiful luxury linens and more. Check them out and use the coupon code dabbling20 to save 20% off.

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Patriotic Bedroom for when summer starts.

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More Inspiration for When Summer Starts

My friend Rachel, over at The Pond’s Farmhouse also has the cutest guest bedroom for when summer starts all decorated in vintage and keepsakes as well, in her beautiful home in North Carolina.

And Kim from Shiplap and Shells, with her cottage bedroom showcasing a vintage mantel, chandelier, and hand-built cabinet is a dream overlooking the Pacific Northwest’s Puget Sound.

Kristin from White Arrows Home in the Northwoods of Wisconsin shares Bunk Room Ideas to Sleep a Crowd for when summer starts.

Patriotic Bedroom for when summer starts.

Join me here for 5 other Patriotic decorating ideas. From a thrifted badminton door wreath to an alfresco table!

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A Vintage Affair

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Patriotic Bedroom for When Summer Starts!
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  1. I just love your style!!! All of your family and thrifted decor is just lovely:)

    1. Thank you so much, Maria, so nice of you to say!!

  2. Ann I love the summer bedroom! It looks beautiful!! Thanks for stating my patriotic tablescape too! Have fun in Maine! ❤️

  3. Ann,
    I love your beautiful bedrooms dressed with patriotic colors. Everything is so fun. Thanks for including me in your post.

  4. What a beautiful blog post Ann. Your bedding is just so beautiful. It looks like you are so ready for summer. I hope you get to enjoy the beach soon. Thank you for sharing the link to my bedroom. Happy Memorial Day weekend.