Experience the charm of a Colonial house design living room space in New England, filled with treasured antiques and unique thrifted finds.

Colonial Home Design with Cedar Shakes in Snow.

Colonial House Designs

Colonial house design refers to architectural styles that were popular during the Colonial period in American history, which generally refers to the 17th and 18th centuries. Colonial architecture is characterized by its simplicity, symmetry, and influence from European design traditions, particularly English, Dutch, and Spanish styles.

  • Symmetry: Colonial houses typically have a symmetrical facade, with the door in the center and an equal number of windows on either side. This layout creates a sense of balance and order.
  • Box-like shape: Colonial houses are often rectangular or square in shape, with a straightforward and efficient layout. The focus is on functionality rather than ornate design.
  • Steep roofs: Colonial houses usually have steeply pitched roofs, which allow for better rain and snow runoff. The roof may be gabled or hipped, depending on the specific style.
  • Simple exteriors: The exteriors of colonial houses are typically plain and understated, with minimal ornamentation. Depending on the region and available materials, cedar shakes, brick, or stone siding is common.
  • Central chimney: Many colonial houses feature a central chimney, which serves as a focal point in the living room or dining room and provides heating for multiple rooms.
  • Multi-pane windows: Colonial houses often have multi-pane windows, typically with small panes of glass arranged in a grid pattern. These windows add charm and character to the house. Storm windows sheltering the multi-pane windows are also common features.
  • Interior layout: Colonial houses typically have a central hallway design, with rooms arranged on either side. The layout is practical and efficient, with a focus on clear circulation and functional spaces.

Join me over on our Maine Home Tour to learn more about our dear New England Coastal Maine Colonial House Design.

Colonial Living Room House Design

A colonial living room is a space designed in the style of colonial architecture and interior design, which was prevalent during the Colonial period in American history. Colonial living rooms typically evoke a sense of elegance, simplicity, and timeless charm.

The Colonial house design allows for personalization and interpretation. You can choose to embrace a specific colonial period, such as Georgian or Federal, or mix elements from different periods to create a unique blend of colonial-inspired design. The goal is to create a warm and inviting space that pays homage to the elegance and charm of the colonial era.

Blue and White Cozy Colonial House Design Living Room Sectional

Neutral Color Pallette

Colonial living rooms often feature a neutral color palette, including shades of white, beige, cream, and soft earth tones. These colors create a calm and inviting atmosphere.

Our Coastal Maine Colonial living room features a large Four Seasons slip-covered sectional with a neutral linen fabric accented with navy blue flowers. A traditional pattern, ideal for a Colonial-style living room.

The home’s walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, and the trim is Nantucket Gray. This is a classic neutral color palette for Colonial house designs. Learn more in the Restoring and Revitalizing a Raeside Dame Home in Coastal Maine post.

Colonial house design living room with antique cabinet.

Traditional Furniture

Colonial living rooms typically feature classic and refined furniture pieces. Look for pieces with clean lines, elegant curves, and sturdy craftsmanship. Common furniture pieces include wingback chairs, camelback sofas, wooden coffee tables, and upholstered armchairs.

Our Colonial living room is decorated with all of my parents’ antiques and thrifted furniture, like my mother’s favorite antique butter churn, which serves as the living room’s coffee table still today. The side of the table reads “No 2 Wizard Dairy Butter Worker MFD BY. Creamery PKG MFG Co. Chicago. ILL USA.

Bernese Mountain Dog on Sectional in Colonial Living Room.

Here, I created a quaint nautical living room corner using an antique dresser and my mother’s collection of wooden sea birds. I added pops of color with a red vintage chair, lighthouse painting, and other seaside Colonial house designs.

See more in the Quaint Nautical Decor Corner With a Vintage Wow Factor post.

Quaint Nautical Decor Corner With a Vintage Wow Factor, Colonial House Design

Wood Accents

Wood is a prominent material in colonial living rooms. Look for furniture and architectural details made from solid wood, such as pine, cherry, or walnut. Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling or wooden paneling on the walls can also add a touch of authenticity to the space.

Coastal Colonial house design living room.
Country Sampler Magazine Maine Home Feature

You may enjoy seeing more of this home now published in Country Sampler Magazine in the Magazine Photo Shoot: Country Sampler post.

Fireplace Colonial House Design

A fireplace is a common focal point in Colonial-style living rooms. Traditionally, they have a small mantel decorated with Early American elements, such as pewter, candles, and antique photos.

Colonial House Designs Fireplace and Mantel

See more in the Christmas Old Colonial Fireplace, Hearth, and Mantel post.

Fireside Table

Often enough, we enjoy setting up a fireside table to dine or as a morning coffee bar. My favorite is morning fires in the fireplace during the cold winter months.

See more in the My Cozy Fireside Table and Morning Coffee by the Fireplace posts.

Colonial Accents and Accessories

To complete the colonial look, add decorative accents and accessories that reflect the time period. This can include decorative wall mirrors, framed artwork, antique maps, colonial-style rugs, pewter or brass candlesticks. You may enjoy the Pewter: Ancient Use and Modern Adoration post.

You may enjoy the Vintage Braiding Rug Stand | A Mother’s Day Reflection post, as this home is filled with my mother’s and grandmother’s hand-braided rugs.

One of my favorite accessories is these blue and red drapes that I picked up at an antique shop. They were originally custom-made for a yacht. Read all about these drapes in the Leaning into Grandmillennial Style with Fabulous Drapes post.

Colonial Coastal Home Decor Living Room

You may also find The Story of A Bernese Mountain Dog & The Gift of a Whale post interesting.

You may also enjoy the Vintage Turkish Rugs: Elevate Your Living Room Design post from our Vermont home.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets from the ceiling beams in old Colonial house designs are not only characteristic but useful. Now, the baskets in our living room remain stationary; however,

Vintage Styled Living Room

the baskets in our Colonial kitchen are used daily to gather and display fruits, vegetables, and other items. In the summer, they are also used to carry items to our outdoor living space.

Colonial house design kitchen.

See more of our Colonial home design kitchen in the 6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas and Vintage Rug Runner – One of a Kind Rugs posts.

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I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed visiting our Home in Coastal Maine with us today.

Be sure also to check out our Home in Vermont, where we spend winters enjoying the coziness of home in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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  1. Wow, you did a wonderful job. It’s very cozy and country-like. The gray and pink in the living room is a fresh take on Colonial interior decorating, yet it looks authentic and goes with your house style. Lovely wall color selection for the living room fireplace surround…and I love how you incorporated some interesting pieces of folk art.

    1. Thank you so much Emma. I’m so happy you stopped by today😃

  2. I really enjoyed your living room tour. It looks so comfy and serene!

  3. Your living room is just so warm and cozy Ann. I do love that coffee table, and the curtains are perfect for this space. Just lovely.

  4. The living room is just beautiful! I especially love the table and your rug. So many pieces to look at. Thanks for always sharing your beautiful homes!

    1. thank you so kindly for stopping by today Kim!