4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views

Drop by and take in the views

inside this 4 season sunroom.

An impressive room makeover with

Wedgewood Gray & Chantilly Lace paint

colors accented with grand mountain views.

The Project | 4 Season Sunroom Painting Makeover

After having our interior open-floor plan painted back in November (see more in the post, Pretty in Stardew Blue Paint | A Home Interior Makeover Before and After) it was time to tackle the other side of our home, which includes a 4 season sunroom, master bedroom, and bath.

This is my favorite room in the home.

But over time it’s become a mishmash of decor and in desperate need of a new paint job.

4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views

This sunroom is all about the grand mountain views directly out the windows. And I wanted to bring some of those glorious outdoor scenic colors indoors to our 4 season sunroom. Creating a cozy, bright, and enjoyable space to blog, read, and appreciate the ever-changing mountain views.

You may see more of these seasonal views in the post, Our Year-Round Vermont Mountain Views.

Choosing the Paint Color

The Green Mountain views are forever altering with each day’s weather pattern. But the overall consistent colors are greens and blues. That is how I came to choose Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray to accent the built-in shelving and BM’s Chantilly Lace white for the walls and trim.

This will create a contrast with our open-floor plan model where the built-ins are the Chantilly Lace and the walls Stardew Blue. The white walls will create a bright open space in the 4 season sunroom and the Wedgewood Gray would add color and depth creating a frame around the windows, thus drawing your eyes outside to the views.

What Color is Wedgewood Gray?

Wedgewood Gray is a combination between soft greens and blues. It works well with spaces that have a combination of natural and artificial light. There is so much depth in the Wedgewood Gray, as seen in this pleasing 4 season sunroom makeover.

Sunroom Before

The walls were Bunny Gray and the trim was Acadia White. It had all become so dingy and I couldn’t wait to makeover this space!

Sunroom Painting Preparations

The sunroom needed a lot of mud and patching.

The ceiling had split badly at its peak and a support beam was in desperate need of repairs too. Our painter used US Gypsum 90 Ez Sand and a blow dryer to patch it all with 4 coats at about 9 hours’ time.

This post may contain affiliate links, which won’t change your price but will share some commission.

The ceiling and walls were then all sanded down in preparation for the sunroom’s painting.

It will all be spray painted, consistent with our open-floor plan project.

A roller and brush will not be used at all.

Electric Sander and Door

This post is focused on our 4 season sunroom makeover only, as I’ll be updating the Master bedroom makeover in a second post, focused on the addition of wallpaper.

Here’s a video of the overall preparations, don’t get too dizzy…

And here is how all the windows were prepped for the trim’s spray painting.

With Masking Liquid H20.

We had almost 150 window pains to mask off for trim painting between all the doors and windows in this 3-room makeover space.

Check out our first sunroom makeover 5 years ago now and one of my first blog posts ever, when Ella our Berner, was just 8 weeks old in the post, A Sun Room Makeover.

Ella was sassy even at 8 weeks old…

Painting the 4 Season Sunroom

After all the preparations were finished on day 4, it was time to first paint the ceilings.

Did you know a painter’s labor is 80% surface preparation and 20% painting?

You may see more of this sunroom’s furniture and decorating transformations over the past 5 years HERE.

4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Wedgewood Gray and Chantilly Lace

Today’s the day!

Jay, our painter finished up and we were headed back to Vermont for the final reveal of our sunroom’s makeover with Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray and Chantilly Lace.

4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views

Two Major Accents in this 4 Season Sunroom:

Window Mountain Views

The first attribute is the mountain views seen through a wall of windows. My goal was to frame out these windows using BM’s Chantilly Lace while drawing your eyes outside towards the mountain views.

Chantilly Lace was the perfect color to accomplish this look.

Picture Windows
As I write this blog post, there is no snow in Vermont. We actually had a thunderstorm this morning, so unusual for this time of the year.

The sitting bench below the windows was also painted with Chantilly Lace making it part of the overall window frame.

Built-In Bookshelves

The second major feature in this 4 season sunroom is the built-in bookshelves. Once painted in Acadia White, are now warm with color in Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray.

A complete reversal in color where the walls were the color and the built-ins were white in this “Before” space.

The Wedgewood Gray is a dependent color just like the Stardew Blue that we recently painted our open floor plan with. Changing from shades of blue to hues of green depending on how the light flows throughout the room.

A forever shifting color just like our mountain views that transition daily with the weather and seasons.

The warm soft wood pine flooring also adds a natural glow to this small 4 season sunroom.

4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views

A small white slipcovered IKEA Ektorp Sectional that we bought a few years back (no longer available, unfortunately) will serve as the sunroom’s main piece of furniture.

You can still find the replacement slipcovers over on Amazon though as an FYI.

4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views

A wallpaper sample leans up against one of the built-in bookshelves and will match beautifully with the adjacent master bedroom.

The wallpapering is now complete and you can see it all in the post, 3 Wallpaper Bedroom Designs Emblematic of a Cozy Vermont Inn.

Wallpaper Sample

Upon returning home, I washed all the slipcovers on the sectional to start anew. And with the warm weather we’re experiencing, I was able to hang them all out on the clothesline to dry!

White slipcovers on clothesline

I don’t think I’ll ever buy another large furniture piece that does not have washable slipcovers.

4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views

Best invention ever!

4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views

Spray Painting Interior Tip

One thing about choosing to spray paint your home’s interior, it’s oh-so dusty! Even though everything is wrapped and protected, it does require a pretty major cleanup at the end.

I recommend asking your painter if a full cleanup is included in the estimate and if it’s not, plan on either doing it yourself or hiring someone to come in. The windows are all in need of a good cleaning, the wood floors needed mopping, and lots and lots of dusting. It can be a good day’s work.

4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views

Once the slipcovers were fresh and clean I positioned the sectional sofa facing outward towards the window’s view.

4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views

Sunroom Rug Choice

Next, this 4 season sunroom needs a new rug.

I’m leaning towards a vintage pink rug. The challenge will be in finding one large enough to fit this space. Vintage rugs can be on the small size or the extra large size in my experience. And I want it to be something that will not clash with the new wallpaper going into the adjacent master bedroom.

I love the vintage rugs offered up at Revival, along with their room tool that shows you how a particular rug will look in your space. Like this red and blue rug, which I never ever would have thought of for this sunroom space. You may enjoy seeing this Revival vintage rug at our kitchen in Maine.

See more of this room today in the post, Sunroom Home Office Inspiration: Triple Purposed with Craft Space.

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Vermont.

Be sure also to check out our Home in Coastal Maine where we spend summers and weekends when we are craving a walk on the beach or a visit with old friends.

4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing Kim! And Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you so much Kim! Hope you have some snow in the Mitten!

  1. Kathy Munday says:

    oops! That should say during the colder months we use the dark blue oriental rug.

  2. Kathy Munday says:

    Hi Ann and Ella!!
    Your whole house is stunning! The sunroom is so bright and relaxing. We have a full glass conservatory ( even the roof) so it’s difficult to add shelving etc. but we love the view of our own back yard. Birds are starting to come back to the feeders and we look forward to bright, colorful and plentiful flowers soon. Your views are magical and if I lived there would be in that room 24 hours a day!! During the warmer months we have used a blue background oriental rug. During the summer we don’t have a rug down but that is going to change this year!!! I’m going to start looking NOW!! Love everything that you do!

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! Wow, your conservatory sounds amazing. Rug or no rug I bet it’s absolutely amazing!

  3. Ann, I love the Wedgewood Grey ! It’s a happy, calming color. I too love a slipcover sofa. Your room looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see the entire room furnished.
    With Ella front & center.

    1. Thanks so much Michelle, I just started the decorating today!

  4. lynne richmond says:

    hi ann oh my gosh….. the “new” sunroom is fabulous!!!!!! i have read about benjamin moore’s chantilly lace so many times; it is as beautiful as people claim it to be! and your pine floors are a wonderful touch to the room…. you really got my attention when you mentioned a vintage rug possibility with pink in it…. i don’t know what’s happened to me as i’ve “matured”…. colors that i would never entertain before in a living room, etc. are suddenly on my hit parade!!!! i actually have 2 rooms with light mustardy gold walls, am debating getting a sage green velvet couch, and am loving very light pink decor items as in pillows, etc….. my husband is pretty non-committed about my current color loves, as well as some friends…. i just carry on!!!! good luck with your vintage rug (have you ever thought about a turkish one??) can’t wait to see you style your shelves…. i catch all of your vintage shopping excursions….. enjoy the whole process….. and keep being enthralled with God’s masterpieces in the distance!!!!!! all the best, lynne r.

    1. Thank you so much Lynne, I feel the same way. My tastes are definitely changing, which I always enjoy. Thanks so much for your sweet note!

  5. Cindy Richter says:

    What a gorgeous paint color and great idea to paint the shelves! I even love the creamy color at the windows. It really makes the outside stand out. Dare I say – it makes you gasp as you admire the view?! And I love the wallpaper going up in the other room. Back in the 80’s my room had the exact fabric. The comforter and shams and the bench seat and curtains. I was crazy for it. I think it was Laura Ashley but that was decades ago so who can remember? Looking forward to seeing all the decor and finished room. LOVE IT!

    1. Yes Laura Ashley! I was just talking about that the other day. I loved the dresses too, we all wore them to weddings back in the day:)

  6. Robin Drewes says:

    What a beautiful room !!! I love you paint choices! The book shelfs are wonderful . The view inside and out is gorgeous I can see why this is your favorite room ! I’m sure it’s Ella’s too! ❤️

    1. Thanks so much Robin, I love how the bookshelves turned out too. It may be a bit warm for Ella in this sunroom, haha.

  7. Hi Ann! Love the new paint job! The white is so fresh and the Wedgewood Gray is such a pretty color! Slipcovers for the win! Always! Good luck finding a rug! Look forward to seeing what you choose!

  8. Miche Ortega says:

    Ann, the sunroom looks so crisp and clean, and the view is amazing. I can’t wait to see the vintage finds you will be adding. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you so much Miche, I’m going to be very busy, haha!

  9. That Wedgewood paint color is wonderful, especially with the white. And perfect with the wallpaper. The bookcases will be so much fun to style with a new color.

    1. Thank you so much Pamela, yes I have so much to do now, haha!

  10. Ann, whiile not a blue person, I love your interior. Also ditto on the gray thing and glad that color is coming back! So much cheerier and fun! Gray was always so hospital and surgical to me. Go ahead and find your vintage rug that you love and then place it on top of a bigger rug that fits the space. It works like a charm and adds so much character to the room. I have a vintage oriental rug that was killer but too small. I took its dimensions and added several feet around the edges and then found a “base” rug to place underneath in that size. My larger rug that hosts the vintage rug is a black/tan animal print. It brings out the reds, blues and golds in the antique oriental rug beautifully (and the gold swivel chairs) seated on both. Get lots of compliments. Plus the larger rug can be found and can be totally budget friendly after the investment in your showpiece topper, right? Thanks for all your inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much Penny, I love the idea of the layered rugs thank you for that idea! As all the rugs I’m looking at are just not fitting the space properly. Have a nice weekend!

  11. Calypso in the Country says:

    Such a perfect room to enjoy that stunning view! Lovely!

    1. Thank you Shelley, I’m so glad you liked it!

  12. Jeannie Brandt says:

    Ann, the room is absolutely gorgeous! I would want to spend all my time there! You did a beautiful job!💙

    1. Thank you so much Jeannie, that means so much to me!

  13. Ah! Ella as a baby. So sweet. I always enjoy seeing her in your photos. Love the new colors. We painted our exterior,, a couple of years ago, a pretty blue green to go with our new roof which is gray with blue green in it. I am really happy to see all the gray interiors go away, I don’t know why it was so popular for a few years. It always seems dreary to me. The blue greens look very nice here in Colorado where there are many pine and spruce trees. I love your views, we also have nice mountain views with many large windows.

    1. Thanks Jill, I’m glad to see the grays go too:) I’ve really been craving lots of color recently. Enjoy your views and thanks so much for your sweet note.

  14. Ann, The sunroom makeover is stunning!! We are looking at Wedgwood gray for a trim color in our home. We plan to bring a sample in next week and move it around the house. I am hoping for the changing color you described. We live in a very small house with a lot of southern exposure and love to bring the outside in. We also love a good slipcover couch! We will be painting ourselves so no quick reveals and less mess. Have you done a tutorial on how you store you antique dishes? We broke a piece this year and we’re heartbroken💔

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! The Wedgewood Gray is definitely a different color for me, but I love it so much. When the sun is beaming in, it’s stunning! The Chantilly Lace really makes it pop too. Good luck with your painting project. I store my dishes in these dish storage bags, they work really well. Here’s my affiliate link: https://bit.ly/3xyGwsp