If you like cozy, simple living and are looking for uncomplicated holiday and winter decorating ideas, this post is for you!  I always feel like my house is so cluttered over the holidays, and this year I have vowed to keep my holiday decor super simple so I won’t feel that way come December 25th.

One of my favorite decor themes for a winter home is winter whites.  Winter whites may include a few of my favorite things like soft Irish knits, needlepoint designs, knitted blankets, white candles, white plates, platters, dishes, mugs, white flowers, vintage books, white frames, and window pains, white corbels, and more

HINT, a white can of spray paint will make anything a beautiful winter white!!

How to Decorate for the Holidays with Simple Winter Whites

Let’s start with a few needlepoint pillows that I found at local thrift and consignment shops.

I also scattered a few white knitted blankets and white textured pillows that I found at HomeGoods.

Simple and cozy decorating!

Add a few white books to a bookshelf!

Change out lampshades to white or neutral!

Add a few yardsticks or rulers on a wall or in a large crock!

Turn the spines of your books inwards to show the soft white pages!

How to Decorate for the Holidays with Simple Winter Whites

A simple artificial Christmas tree with simple white lights adds ambiance and is so easy to take down after Christmas, or not!  I may leave this small tree up for a while…

How about a couple of white birch logs tied up in a ribbon from Michael’s or from your own backyard?

A pair of old white winter boots were found at a thrift shop!

Off-white knitting, which I absolutely love!

A soft basket.

Christmas Tree

One simple white curtain on each window that I found on Amazon adds a soft and romantic vibe for the winter months.  Doesn’t this just make you want to pick up your favorite book, relax with a warm drink, and watch it snow?

White Curtains

Here I found this white swan at Vermont Vintage Market Days and filled it up with pears to add soft color and texture to this room, as well as the vintage pine coffee table.

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Swan with pears and Christmas Tree

Would you believe me if I told you I found this pine coffee table outside a consignment shop and offered them $20 for it?  I just love it when that happens:)

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White Swan on coffee table

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How to Decorate for the Holidays with Simple Winter Whites

You may also enjoy the Experience The Joy Of 12 Days Of Christmas Decorations post.

It’s so easy to change things up, too, when you decorate with simple winter whites!  Here, I switched out the swan with a pink poinsettia I found at our local supermarket.  Again, something simple that adds a lot of seasonal inspiration and that will last through the holidays and beyond.  I can also fill up the swan with faux fruits, apples, oranges, and more as the winter months go by.  It’s amazing how one white piece can be so versatile.

pink holiday poinsettia

A simple distressed glass candle from Antique Candle Co. adds a soft, romantic vibe.

And another small basket from JOANNE’s frames the poinsettia.

I also love these faux white sheepskins from Amazon.  They are great for layering on chairs and couches or as rugs and overlays on current rugs.  Winter decorating is all about cozy textures and layering.  So the more you can find, the better!

White couch and pink poinsettia

White hydrangeas with greenery from the supermarket in a simple vase.

And I love this simple decoupaged table that I found at a second-hand shop for $20.  The wood, gold, and blue tones are so warm with the winter whites.


Now, there are always the unknown elements of a home that we need to contend with, like Ella!

But I think winter whites are totally worth it all!

Oh, and a Farmer’s Almanac living in Vermont is always a must on every coffee table…

Dog with Pear

A Vintage Affair

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How to Decorate for the Holidays with Simple Winter Whites
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