Transform your home with a Sherwin-Williams Stardew blue interior home makeover. See the stunning Before and After photos in this open home floor plan.

Sherwin Williams Stardew

Sherwin Williams Stardew is a beautiful and popular paint color. Stardew is a soft, soothing blue-green shade that is reminiscent of a tranquil coastal retreat. It has a calming and serene quality that can bring a sense of relaxation to any space. This color is versatile and can be used in various rooms, including bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and even kitchen cabinets. Whether used as an accent color or as the main wall color, Sherwin Williams Stardew adds a touch of freshness and tranquility to any interior design scheme.

Pretty in Sherwin Williams Stardew  | A Home Interior Makeover Before and After

Interior Home Makeover

Well, friend, this post is way overdue!

Back in November, we stripped our home of its contents and welcomed in a painter to set up shop.

Prepping for well over a week…

Then spray painting our walls and trim with Sherwin William’s Stardew Blue

and Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace.

An entire interior home makeover.  And we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it all turned out!

Meet our local painter, Jay of Mud, Patch, and Paint LLC.

Male Painter laughing

Where We Started

For a quick recap, we got a few local estimates and were thrilled to find Jay, who was both affordable and available! My overall goal for this painting project was to paint our home’s interior a light blue-gray color and to brighten up the ceilings and trim with a fresh, bright white.

Wow, has it been a long time since we’ve been able to find anyone available to do quality work?

How about you? Are you struggling to find workers where you are?

We were quoted an approximate 3-week time frame for completion, and we planned to stay at our home in Maine while the work was being done.

The kitchen, living room, dining room, sitting room (open floor plan), two guest bedrooms (trim and ceiling only), bathroom, and three hallways were to be painted. We had a second project planned for the bedrooms, and that included wallpapering. See it here in the 3 Wallpaper Bedroom Designs Emblematic of a Cozy Vermont Inn post.

Painter on Floor Prepping flooring.

How I Chose Sherwin-Williams Stardew

I went to work to find the perfect blue-gray paint color for our home.

Dreaming of having an interior light blue-gray color for years now,

I settled on Sherwin-Williams Stardew. A light blue, green, gray color that is both soothing and relaxing.

Sherwin Williams Stardew color pallet.

I must have tested over 12 different shades of blue before settling on Stardew.

I was able to get small tester paint jars to try out at home from our local hardware store for about $6.00 a jar.

It’s well worth this small investment of time and money.

Sherwin Williams Stardew Blue Paint Samples

I tested out all the shades of blues throughout different parts of our home.

All in different rooms and with various lighting.

Sherwin-Williams Stardew appeared to have a hint of a green undertone to me at the store and looked a bit darker than what I was looking for. But when I got it home and put it on my walls, it was such a soft and warm blue, green-gray color, I just loved it.

Sherwin Williams Stardew Blue is a soothing and tranquil shade that evokes a sense of calm and serenity. It is reminiscent of clear blue skies and peaceful waters, making it a perfect choice for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in any space.

Every home is different! What looks good in one home may not look the same in yours. Testing the colors out on your own walls is key.

Blue Living Room Decor and fireplace, Molly in Maine.

You may want to check out my friend Molly in Maine’s post GO WITH THE FLOW: HOW TO CHOOSE COHESIVE PAINT COLORS. Molly is my go-to person when it comes to blue paint colors!

Sherwin Williams Stardew Coordinating Colors

Next, I chose Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, a pure white that pairs well with blue paint colors.

I think my husband likes the Chantilly Lace even more than Sherwin William’s Stardew…

Our trim before Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace was Alabaster, which was on the creamy and yellow side of white. You may see more in the post, White Paint Colors for Walls.

Chantilly Lace White Color Pallet

Another white that I like is Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. It’s just a smidge creamier than the Chantilly Lace. We painted our walls Simply White at our Home in Maine, as the home is older, and I wanted more of a vintage look on the plaster walls and ceilings. But again, it’s just a tad creamier, barely enough for you to even tell unless they are side by side.

Oh, and the trim at our home in Maine is Benjamin Moore’s Nantucket Gray in case you were wondering… See more in the Our Family Inherited Coastal Maine Home ~ Before post.

Maine Home Renovation

Sherwin Williams Stardew Painting Preparations

Walls & Shelving Removal

We prepared our home as best we could by removing everything from the walls and shelves, including two shelves that hung over some windows and doors that I never cared much for. And boy, did that declutter and open up this kitchen space nicely.

We were then able to repurpose the shelving at The Vintage Soul, where my vintage window booth resides. You may see more in the post Vintage Booth Winter Window Display.

Painter Preparations

When our painter, a one-man show, first arrived, he went to work prepping the entire flooring of the home.

Did you know that only 20% of a painter’s labor is painting, and the other 80% is surface preparations?

Painter Prepping Floors

He then prepped the interior of our home by wrapping and taping up all the furniture, filling in all the holes, and sanding.

All this prep work took about one week. Spray painting takes a great deal more preparation than a roller and brush painting requires. But the time it takes to paint is greatly diminished.

The painter then started the spray painting process by painting the ceilings and trim first.

Here’s a little video of the spray painting for you. Don’t get dizzy!

Wow hah?

Here’s a similar video of the ceiling being spray painted.

Third, from when he painted the kitchen island, the Sherwin Williams Stardew blue.

It then took about a day to spray paint the Sherwin Williams Stardew blue paint onto the walls, followed by two more days of touch-ups and clean-ups.

A big thank you to our painter, Jay Oullette of Mud, Patch, and Paint LLC, for filming and taking photos of it all while we stayed out of the way in Maine, well, mostly…

Sherwin Williams Stardew  Painting Home Interior Makeover Before and After

As I write this post in early February, we are once again back in Maine while Jay paints the trim and ceilings of our sunroom, master bathroom, and master bedroom. The sunroom will be Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray with Chantilly Lace walls and trim.

You may see this sunroom paint makeover now in the post, 4 Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views.

See the before and painting preparations for this sunroom project here:

3 Bedroom Wallpaper Project

Lastly, after this interior painting is finished, the 3 bedrooms will all be wallpapered (in partnership with Wallpaper Direct) with a Vermont B&B style in mind.

blue and white wallpaper on wallpaper table in bedroom

The wallpapering is now complete, and you may see it all in the post, 3 Wallpaper Bedroom Designs Emblematic of a Cozy Vermont Inn.

Sherwin Williams Stardew | After Interior Results

Here are the first pictures taken and sent to me, unfiltered by the painter, of the Sherwin-Williams Stardew walls in our home’s interior. The lighting is always so tricky. I honestly feel like it looks much brighter and softer in person. But I wanted to share all the different color shades of this beautiful Stardew color.

Our painter described Stardew as a dependent color. The Chantilly Lace trim really brings out the blue in the Sherwin-Williams Stardew, which is much lighter during daylight hours than in the evenings. I love that it has different shades at different times of the day.

Clean Up

Now, it’s time to pull everything back together. It’s been a slow yet steady pace. This is the fun part for me, and I’ve been taking my time and enjoying the process. Another reason this post has taken me so long to write.

Truthfully, interior spray painting is a messy job. If I had known ahead of time how messy it would be, I would have planned on hiring a home cleaner to come in before returning home. There’s a lot of dust from the sanding, our interior windows all needed a good cleaning, and professional cleaners have all the necessary supplies to tackle a job like this better than I did…

Here are the first of many projects and design changes I have been working on.

Sherwin Williams Stardew Home Entryway

The Chantilly Lace is a clean and bright white, a beautiful color for trim, built-in bookshelves, doors, wainscoting, hallways, and bathrooms.

Here is the Sherwin Williams Stardew matched with the Chantilly Lace on our wainscoting as you first enter the home.

This old Vermont Grocery sign is from a local country store that I found on Facebook Marketplace years back.

Sherwin Williams Stardew on walls in home's entryway with large white farmhouse sign.

Built-in Bookshelves with Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace

The first space I decorated once we returned home and cleaned up was our built-in bookshelves in the living room for the holidays. You may see more in the post, How to Decorate Bookshelves for a Vintage Christmas.

I couldn’t be happier with Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace on the built-ins. They are so bright, clean, and fresh!

How to Decorate Bookshelves for a Vintage Christmas
How to Decorate Bookshelves for a Vintage Christmas

During this painting project, I thrifted this vintage photo of all the Vermont high school bands at a music festival back in 1948.

Vermont vintage Band Photo

I love how it stands out next to the Sherwin Williams Stardew over our French doors leading into the guest bedrooms.

Cozy Winter Dining Room with Ski Lodge Decor and Sherwin Williams Stardew wall color.

You may also enjoy this 12 Table Topics with Thrifted Tea and Toast Fanfare with this table decorated in blue and white.

This inspired me to decorate our built-in bookshelves for the holidays and beyond with musical instruments, highlighting this nostalgic old photo. You may see more in the post, How to Decorate with Old Musical Instruments.

How to Decorate with Old Musical Instruments
How to Decorate with Old Musical Instruments

A New Perspective with Sherwin Williams Stardew

It’s amazing how a new coat of paint and emptying your entire home can give you a brand-new perspective on things. With this new viewpoint, I decided to flip two rooms, moving our sitting room into the dining room and the dining room into what was our sitting room.

Sherwin Williams Stardew Painting Home Interior Makeover After Dining Room
Romantic Antique Table Setting with Thoughtful Design

I found this vintage pine table at The Sage Farms Antique Christmas pop-up while I was back in Maine. You may see more in the post, A Vintage Christmas Haul and 3 Holiday Wreaths.

And the table displayed for the holidays in the post, Cozy Winter Dining Room with Ski Lodge Decor | Get the Look.

Dining Room and Table

These new sheepskins arrived from Overland creating an even more cozy vibe to this new dining room space, and I think Ella has decided to move in.

Seriously, can you believe this?

She’s so funny. With the new sheepskins and decorating this room, Ella had to be right in the middle of it all.

Vintage Hutch

Another project was to decorate this vintage cupboard that was now in the sitting room. You may see more in the post, How to Style a Vintage Cabinet Hutch with Wedding China in 7 Simple Steps.

And just after I finished styling it, I decided to move it into our new dining room space. This is one of the reasons it’s taken me so long to get this post out. I’m taking my time and enjoying the process.

You may also enjoy the post, Romantic Antique Table Setting with Thoughtful Design in the dining room.

Romantic Antique Table Setting with Thoughtful Design with Sherwin Williams Stardew wall color.
Romantic Antique Table Setting with Thoughtful Design

DIY Dishy Kitchen Hooks

And if you have made it this far, I know you are going to love these Dishy Kitchen Hooks You Can DIY in Minutes hanging in our kitchen today.

One of my favorite recent projects.

Dishy Kitchen Hooks You Can DIY in Minutes
Dishy Kitchen Hooks You Can DIY in Minutes

Blue and White Platter Wall

Do you love vintage dishes and platters?

Blue and white home decor?

How about this Blue and White Asymmetrical Vintage Platter Wall?

These vintage platters over our mantel showcase Sherwin Williams Stardew walls now in our sitting room.

I still have a lot of decorating to do in the kitchen, sitting room, and living room, which I’ll be sharing right here as we move along. It’s just not quite ready for prime time just yet…

Green Glasses on Vintage Hutch next to Sherwin Williams Stardew painted wall.

I hope you’ll join me in following along!

See how our sunroom turned out in the Vintage Eclectic Decor Meets Craft Room Design post.

Sunroom Inspiration Triple Purposed with Craft Space
Vintage Decor Meets Craft Room Design

A Vintage Affair

If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with your friends who are also vintage enthusiasts.

Do you have a flair for all things vintage, too? I would love to see and feature you in our Reader’s Showcase Series. A place for you to share and be recognized for your talents and passion for all things thrifting, vintage, and antique decor-related inspired by your time here with Dabbling & Decorating. Email me at

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  1. In Lancaster County we are fortunate that can find painters and other workers for hire. Love the blue, a nice switch from grey.

    1. Thank you Linda, you are so lucky it can challenging to find people in our neck of the woods. Have a great day!

  2. Sugar Estes says:

    Thank you for sharing your colors, will try a sample of paint for our house! Love all that you have done.

    1. You are so welcome and thank you dearly! I hope it works for you, we love it!

  3. Hi Ann, I just remodeled my kitchen. Upper cabinets are BM Oxford White with cabinets & island in BM Downpour Blue. I have so many blue & white plates and a blank wall. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Sounds beautiful Diane, thank you so much! I greatly appreciate this.

  4. Greetings from Virginia!
    What a great post! Everything is so clean and fresh! You have the best instincts! Your rooms seem to tell a story with the carefully chosen accessories. Nicely curated.
    Well done! Best to you, Mary

    1. Thank you kindly Mary, that’s so nice of you to say and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, as I feel like I still have so much to do.:)

  5. The blue and white are really great together to make a comfortable home. I cannot wait to see the entire home put together again. Very nice choices.

    1. Thank you so much Linda, I’m glad you like it! Yes still a lot to do but it’s getting there:)

  6. It all looks fantastic, Ann! I never noticed that vintage Vermont farm stand sign you have. What a great piece! We also have Chantilly Lace on our trim in the house. It is the perfect white, in my opinion! Thank you so much for sharing my blog post! You are the best!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Molly, yes I loved your post and got so much insight as I prepared for this project!

  7. Marlene Stephenson says:

    It all looks so beautiful, I really like the colors. Ella is so cute and I love to see her pictures of her and her antics. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Marlene, that means so much to me!

  8. Miche Ortega says:

    So beautiful. I can’t wait to see the bedrooms.

    1. Thank you so much, me too I’ve been wanting wallpaper for years!

  9. Cherry Goodson says:

    Everything looks so lovely. Really love your platters on the wall. Blue and white are the colors in my own home. Can’t wait to see your wallpaper up. I’m such a fan of wallpaper even though my friends say wallpaper is outdated. What do they know. LOL

    1. Thank you so much! Yes me too I’ve wanted wallpaper for years and I’ve been talked out of it so many times like yourself. And I couldn’t be more excited for it now!

  10. Anne from Simply2Moms says:

    That blue looks so pretty in your home! What a great project!

    1. Thank you so much Anne, we are truly loving it and it was much needed!

  11. Check out all the wallpapers at Sara Fitz. Have you been to her store n York? Fun designs, and you just pick it up. No need to ship!

    1. Hi Melissa, yes I love her wallpaper selections great suggestion!