I am romancing over this petite wooden antique dresser that I recently found at “The Vintage Soul,” where my vintage window booth is located.

It has glass knobs that look like big old diamonds! Eeek!

Let me share with you how it looks today in our guest bathroom!

A Petite Wooden Antique Dresser in the Bathroom

Truthfully, I have been eyeing this mini antique dresser for some time.

And now that our bedrooms are wallpapered and the guest bathroom has a fresh coat of paint, I’m ready to start redecorating these spaces.

I took the measurements in the small guest bathroom for the space between the sink and the door.

And you know what?

Yes, the measurements for this petite antique dresser were a foolproof match.

So Ella and I drove down to the shop to bring her home with us.

Everyone down at the shop always loves seeing Ella. She gets so excited seeing them too. But Ella was quickly moved to the front seat of the car while we loaded the antique dresser into the back of my car. And off we went.

Bernese Mountain Dog
If you’re new to my blog, Ella is our 5-year-old sassy Bernese Mountain Dog.

As expected, it fit so nicely into this small guest bathroom.

I just love adding wooden antique furniture pieces to freshly painted or modern spaces like this one. It instantly makes a room feel homey and cozy.

A Petite Wooden Antique Dresser in the Bathroom

Do you remember these vintage soap dish inserts displayed here on the antique dresser that I picked up while out Thrifting with the Gals a few weeks ago?

I haven’t hung them up in the bathroom just yet, but that’s my plan. You can see more in the post: A Thrift Here, a Vintage There, and a Valentine from when I found them. I had never seen anything like this before.

Vintage Glass Dresser Knobs

Seriously, if it wasn’t the size and dark red wood tones that attracted me to this antique dresser, it was the large vintage glass drawer knobs.

Vintage Glass Dresser Drawer Knob

Don’t they look like large crystals or diamonds?

I just adore them.

Large Glass Vintage Dresser Drawer Knob and Dresser

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How can I customize my bathroom?

Vintage or antique dressers are a pleasing way to customize bathrooms. Today, there are so many fabulous old dressers available at affordable prices.

Browse your local antique shops, thrift stores, second-hand shops, flea markets, etc… Maybe you even have an old dresser in your basement or attic that you could repurpose for use in your bathroom.

Antique Dresser in Shop

Can you use vintage dresser drawers in a bathroom vanity?

Yes, this is another great way to customize your bathroom with an antique dresser vanity. If I didn’t already have a pedestal sink in our bathroom, this is definitely the way I would go. See more in this article from HGTV, Turn a Vintage Dresser Into a Bathroom Vanity.

Bathroom antique dresser

You can always add a vintage wash basin and pitcher set to get the look of an old dresser vanity too.

Antique Dresser Drawer Liners

To add a little more character and charm to this antique dresser, I took some of the leftover wallpaper from our recent wallpaper project and created drawer liners out of the Flora pattern from Wallpaper Direct. This wallpaper adorns the adjoining guest bedroom to this bathroom.

Wallpaper drawer liner in dresser drawer.

You may also enjoy the post, Repurposed Oak Dresser with Mirror Quaint in the Attic.

You can see my affection for antique dressers is long, very, very long…

I’d love to replace these old bathroom tile floors soon, too.

I’m leaning towards black and white tiles, a look that I have always admired.

Oh, and did you see this Vintage Dresser Refashioned | Something Old Something New that I shared earlier this week in our smaller guest bedroom?

Vintage Dresser Refashioned Something Old Something New

Yesterday’s temperatures were in the 80s here in Vermont, which forced out 5 new spring Daffodils.

Spring has Sprung!

A Vintage Affair

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A Petite Antique Dresser in the Bathroom
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*I’d love to include some antique petite dressers here for you to shop, too. But currently, I am finding the Etsy furniture options, and more have gotten really expensive, truthfully. I’ll keep an eye on this in case things should change…

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  1. Kathy Munday says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the little dresser!!!! Makes me want to find one, glass knobs and all. I don’t know if I could fit it in one of our bathrooms but I would find a spot!! It’s so warm and inviting. You have so many clever ideas! Everything you do tells a story. Unlike many pieces of furniture these days, the antiques were made with pride and made to last!

    1. I’m so glad you like it, Kathy! And you’re just the sweetest. I hope you find a dresser you like and I agree so much, more pride in the vintage:)

  2. Amy K Sanders says:

    That is the cutest dresser for a bathroom and I love the crystal knobs too!

  3. Hi Ann! I love this little dresser! The spool decorations on the side and large glass knobs are great! Love Ella’s paw resting on your arm in the car! Cisco does that too!

  4. Gorgeous wood on your new sweet dresser and the knobs are so special. I’m so glad that you didn’t paint it!

    1. Oh no, I wouldn’t paint this one, I love it just the way it is. The knobs are just something on it, love them. Thanks for stopping by today Monica!

  5. A dresser in a bathroom is a wonderful thing. The turned spools on the front with the gorgeous knobs are beautiful. I don’t know but I’m kinda seeing those porcelain soap strainers behind the knobs like brass plates on some furniture. It’s such a nice touch to tie the bath and guest room together with the wallpaper lining the drawers. Great job.

    1. What a fabulous idea Pamela, love it! I’m going to test that out tomorrow! I’m so glad you are enjoying it all. Best to you!

  6. Those two dressers and your new wallpaper make your rooms so pretty.

    1. I’m so glad you like it all Marlene! Thanks kindly!

  7. Best passenger ever! Cute little dresser too. We gutted our kitchen a few years ago. Ivory cabinets and glass knobs. Also changed out all the door knobs in the house to pretty glass knobs. Guess that makes me a fan😊

    1. Oh yes, don’t you just love the glass knobs? I bet your home looks amazing frosted in them, haha! Best to you Jillian!

  8. Lisa Anderson says:

    Looks great Ann! Can’t wait to dump all of my stuff on top of it…LOL:)

    1. Wait until you sleep in the new Italian bed linens:)

  9. The dresser looks great! It’s fun seeing all your new spaces and treasurers!