Blue & white are beloved decorating colors and trailblazing in fall decor 2023 interior designs. And this breakfast nook table setting has it all brewing. Elevate your home decor with the classic blue and white color combination this fall season. Add in a touch of orange or pink too. Yes pink!

Vintage wooden flatware

It’s early September; the leaves are still on the trees, the grass remains green, and the temperatures are holding their own in the 70s. Fall hasn’t quite arrived, but I can’t wait. It’s absolutely my favorite time of the year. We also live in the most beautiful part of the country when it comes to fall, that is Vermont. It is absolutely breathtaking. And with all the rain we’ve had this summer, I’m anticipating it may be the best fall foliage season yet! Fingers crossed that no hurricanes will make their way up the coast to change all of that.

Create First, Consume Second

I’ve recently listened to some new design and blogging podcasts on my drives between Vermont and Maine. And one thing that has really stayed with me is that “it’s better to create first and consume second.” Have you ever heard this?

In our world today, there is an extraordinary amount of content for us to consume everywhere. Want to know the latest fall decor 2023 trends? Scroll Instagram, pin on Pinterest, view trending TikTok videos, flip the pages of magazines, watch the latest HGTV or DIY episode, or refer to the newest and hottest design book on the market. The list goes on and on.

Therefore, my best tip for what’s trending in fall decor 2023 is to “create first and consume second!”

Decorate first with what makes you happy and then consume on Instagram, Pinterest, magazines, books, TV shows, etc., for what’s trending in fall decor 2023. That way, your creativity can flow with what makes you happy and accentuate later with your consumption.

Here’s how I am accomplishing this, starting with our breakfast nook using my favorite color combination, blue and white, because that’s what I enjoy, especially in this space.

Breakfast Nook

This is a new space for us after we repainted our open floor plan last year. You may see more in the post, Pretty in Stardew Blue Paint | A Home Interior Makeover Before and After. It used to be our dining room and is now a breakfast nook off the kitchen since last spring. See more in the post, Best Breakfast Nook Ideas for Morning Brunch.

This breakfast nook is my favorite room in blue and is defined by this Blue and White Asymmetrical Vintage Platter Wall. Therefore, I don’t want to change all the existing color patterns in this room to try and stay on this season’s color trends. However, this room can be easily updated with a fresh fall decor look for 2023 with just 5 classic fall decor design elements. What are 2023’s top fall decor trends?

5 Fall Decor Must Haves in 2023

  1. Natural Elements: Foraging for nature’s outdoor elements is always on point and will never go out of style—items like sticks, leaves, fading flowers, acorns, stones, pumpkins, gourds, pussy willows, and apples. These elements will be different, of course, depending upon where you reside.
  2. Autumn Bouquet: Autumn bouquets add charm, color, and character to any room in any season. But with fall’s fading colors, hydrangeas are a favorite with their pink hue, sunflowers with their happy smiles, Autumn’s Joy for their blush pink to mauve coloring, and farmer market’s fresh autumn bouquets for vibrant colors.
  3. Unique Vases: Add your flowers to unique flower vases like these in the post, How to Repurpose an Oil Lamp into a Unique Flowers Vase. I have been having so much fun creating flower bouquets in all of my old oil lamps for fall decor in 2023.
  4. Fall-Scented Candles: I’m embracing Kanda Candles‘ fall scents this year. “Fall Magic,” “Velvet Pumpkin,” “Pumpkin Cheesecake,” and my favorite “Fire and Cider.” I have one in every room of our home. They are heavenly! Use the Coupon Code Ann15 and save 15% OFF!
  5. A Pop of Color: Choose your favorite accent colors and add a pop of a completely different color. Trending in fall decor 2023 are the honey and pink colors. I’m crushing on the orange and pink color combination myself. I know! It’s so different, but I love it.

Fall Decor 2023 | What’s The Pink & Orange All About?

I don’t know who ever thought to combine the iconic color of fall’s orange with summer’s pink, but it works and can be a showstopper!

Vintage Pink Platter with Orange Pumpkin

I picked up this pink vintage platter while out “Thrifting with the Gals” this week, specifically to pair with this MacKenzie-Childs bright orange striped pumpkin on this breakfast nook table.

Next, I added one of my oil lamps repurposed into a unique flower vase and cut a few of my “Autumn Joy” Sedums from the front yard to add a little more of a pink hue to the table.

You may also enjoy the On November Or In November Either Way, It’s Stick Season post.

Pink, orange, blue and white fall decor 2023

You may also enjoy the 12 Table Topics with Thrifted Tea and Toast Fanfare post.

“Autumn Joy” blooms in late summer, with flowers that gradually darken over several weeks to a rust-red or purple color by fall. One of my favorite low maintenance fall flowers.

What do you think? Would you add pink and orange to your fall decor in 2023?

Pink, Orange, and blue and white fall decor table 2023

The blue and white Lenox china was a wedding gift from 25 years ago. I’m so happy to be able to display it on our table today. You may also enjoy the How to Style a Vintage Cabinet Hutch with Wedding China in 7 Simple Steps post.

Pink and Orange Fall Decor 2023 Mantel and Candles

I love how my friend Janine from the Happy Happy Nester displays pink and orange in her fall decor for 2023. See more in her Cozy Fall Decor Ideas with Pink and Orange post. Janine used to live in our town here in Vermont, too, before she moved to California.

You may also enjoy the 6 Best Foraging Basket Arrangements for the Off-Season post.

Natural Fall Elements

Fall Hydrangeas in Unique Flowers Vases

Next to the “Autumn Joy” on the table, another favorite natural fall element are fading hydrangeas. I cut a few of our limelights, filled up two larger oil lamps repurposed into flower vases, and displayed them on our vintage faux mantel next to the breakfast nook table and blue and white platter wall.

Fall hydrangeas in unique flowers vase on Mantel

In my opinion, adding natural elements is a must in fall decor 2023. And anything goes. Look around your backyard, go on a hike or a walk, and see what you can find to add to your fall home decor spaces. You may enjoy the Vintage Fall Centerpiece in 5 Easy Steps post filled with outdoor fall decor elements like apples, holly, leaves, sticks, pussy willows, and more.

Fall Hydrangeas in decor 2023

And a basket of pussy willows, one of my favorite outdoor elements from fall thru winter.

Wooden Flatware

I found these vintage wooden flatware pieces at an antique shop this week. I thought they would be ideal on fall tables as a fundamental basis for my fall decor in 2023.

You may also enjoy the Order of the Eastern Star Amidst This Vintage Market Haul post.

Fall Decor 2023 Blue and White Table Setting Ideas


Apples are another wonderful natural element to add a touch of fall to your eatery spaces. They are colorful and practical. Display apples in a wooden bowl, on place settings, or create a centerpiece.

The apples pair so nicely, too, with the faded fall hydrangeas.

Bowl of Apples on Blue and White Table Setting

Fall Scented Candles

Fall candles set the stage for a cozy home. I have one in every room of our home. Even if you don’t light them, their scents permeate throughout the spaces they keep.

My favorite fall candles this year are by Kanda Candles. I love them all, but their “Fire and Cider” scent is my fall choice. This candle has nutty undertones ending with apple cider and a twist of pomegranate and cinnamon. Amazing!

Kanda Candle Fire and Cider Fall Candle

Save 15% off all Kanda Candles with the coupon code ANN15.

Will candlesticks reappear in Fall 2023? You know what? I never thought they went out of style. I use candlesticks in everything: on bookshelves, coffee tables, porch tables, dining room tables, breakfast nook tables, bedside tables, and more. My favorite candlesticks are collected vintage brass candlesticks in all shapes and sizes. They go with everything and add so much character and charm in every season, in my opinion. You may also enjoy this Salvaged Windows & Brass Candlestick Project, one of my favorites.

But to create a cozy fall aura in my home, I refer to Kanda Candles for the season’s aromas.

A Daily Hike and Farmer Market’s Fall Flowers

Now that the weather is cooling down, I love to take daily hikes. It inspires me, and I really enjoy the alone time. On a hike this week, the Orvis Flying Fishing School was picturesque at Equinox Pond, with a couple on the side picnicking. And just as I left, a woman arrived with her yellow lab, sat down, and started to paint.

It’s the best time of the year…

Then, on the way home, these flowers at our local farmer’s market stopped me in my tracks. I bought 4+ bouquets plus some stragglers to create an amazing autumn bouquet with for my fall decor.

Autumn Bouquet

Now, how to display these gorgeous autumn blooms? In the past, I’ve used galvanized buckets, oil lamps, pitchers, baskets, old crates, tool boxes, and the list goes on. You may see some of these arrangements in these posts:

Then I remembered I had this old post office box that displays on our bookshelves. I added the flowers to a vase of water and then placed the autumn bouquet into the old post office box.

Autumn Bouquet of Flowers Centerpiece

It adds texture, charm, and vibrant fall decor in 2023. What do you think?

And yes, this breakfast nook table is a bit cluttered, but sometimes this is just what creativity looks like…

Not everything is meant to look perfect, but I hope it inspired you just a little bit today.

Are you ready to embrace your fall decor in 2023 by “first creating and then consuming”?

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us today at our Home in Vermont.

Be sure to check out our Home in Coastal Maine, too, where we spend summers and weekends when we are craving a walk on the beach or a visit with old friends.

Fall Decor 2023 Trailblazing in Blue and White

I’ve created the above custom pin just for this post!  Hearing from you makes my day; your comments mean so much! Please join me over on Instagram & Pinterest to see more!

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  1. Kathy Munday says:

    Wow Ann
    This post is loaded with fun ideas! I need a bigger house!! Blue and white is my favorite color combo and with a splash of orange it is so warm and inviting. The post office box “vase” arrangement is spectacular!!! My head is spinning with your ideas. Such fun! Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you so much Kathy I’m so glad you found inspiration, yeah🫶🏻💯

  2. Your choice of blue and white as the predominant color palette is not only unexpected but also incredibly stunning. It’s like a breath of fresh air amidst the traditional fall hues. The way you’ve blended these colors with seasonal elements like pumpkins and foliage is simply masterful.

    I’m particularly impressed by your attention to detail, from the beautifully set table to the charming vignettes throughout your home. It’s evident that you’ve poured your heart and soul into curating a visually captivating and inviting space.

  3. So many ideas The pink and orange? As I thought about that, we do have some leaves that look pinkish pale orange Maybe that was the inspiration!

    1. Wouldn’t that be interesting but yes I’ve seen leaves with these colors too. I really like it! Thanks for stopping by Linda!

  4. Good morning, Ann! So many great ideas in this post! Love all the color, of course! Especially adding different colors to classic blue and white. That is my signature style! But most of all, I love the idea of “create first, consume second”. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you kindly Molly, we think alike:)

  5. I love the idea of “create first, consume second!” I am also obsessed with your wood post office box floral arrangement! Gorgeous1

    1. Thank you Missy, I picked up that up a few year’s ago and have adored it too. I’ve never seen another one like it. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Good Morning Ann,
    This post really spoke to me. I love the IG accounts that I follow, including yours. I feel like you’ve become a ‘friend’ in the craziness. I try hard to not get overwhelmed by content and totally ‘do me’ first. Then open up to tips. On a side note, I always find something from your content that I e learned or used. And I’m a huge fan of orange and pink together. Thanks, Friend. 😉

    1. I feel the same way Cara, us New Englanders and vintage loving gals need to stick together:)