Join us for this Early Evening Buy Event at Sage Farm Antiques in North Hampton, NH. Discover unique vintage finds and enjoy a fun time thrifting with the gals!

About Sage Farm Antiques Hampton, NH

Sage Farm Antiques is a well-known antique shop located at 5 Exeter Road, North Hampton, New Hampshire that hosts pop-up vintage weekend events. The shop specializes in a wide range of antiques, including furniture, home decor, collectibles, and more.

Sage Farm Antiques is housed in a historic barn, which adds to its charm and character. The owners have carefully curated a collection of unique and interesting items, making it a must-visit destination for antique enthusiasts and collectors in the area. You’ll also get to meet Sharyl, the owner, and her Bernese Mountain Dog.

Visitors to Sage Farm Antiques can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with knowledgeable staff on hand to provide information and assistance. The shop is known for its friendly and personalized customer service, making the antique shopping experience enjoyable and memorable.

Whether you’re a seasoned antique collector or simply looking for a unique piece to add to your home, Sage Farm Antiques in North Hampton, NH, is a place worth exploring. It offers a glimpse into the past and an opportunity to discover hidden treasures that bring history to life.

Sage Farm Antiques is not open daily, but you can find their weekend event schedule on their website. Their vintage pop-up shopping events run from April through November.

Sage Farm Antiques is one of my favorites on the Seacoast, so it’s not to be missed! It’s also such a fun time to go Thrifting with the Gals.

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Early Evening Buy Event: Sage Farm Antiques

Have you ever attended an “Early Buy Event” before?

This is when vendors and dealers are invited to browse and shop an upcoming market before its opening day.

An “early vintage buy event” is typically a special event organized by antique shops or vintage collectors where individuals can sell their vintage or antique items. It is called an “early” vintage buy event because it often focuses on antique resellers rather than the public. If you are considering attending an early vintage buy event, it’s a good idea to check with the organizers beforehand to understand any guidelines or requirements they may have.

Sage Farm Antiques Early Evening Buy Event

I invited one of my girlfriends (who found this fabulous hat) to join me. We started with dinner out and had a wonderful time browsing with music and refreshments at Sage Farm Antiques later that evening.

Tickets were $10.00 each, purchased ahead of time.

Girl in Hat at Sage Farm Antiques Early Evening Buy Event

“One should never be the oldest thing in one’s house.”

Patsy Stone, Absolutely Fabulous

The Sage Farm Antiques Early Evening Buy Event, as well as their vintage pop-ups, are filled with outside vendors displaying a plethora of antiques and uniques from all over the Seacoast.

The Barn at Todd Farm Vendor

My favorite vendor booth at this vintage pop-up was The Barn at Todd Farm, which was represented by Tom Phaneuf. You can visit Tom’s Antiques at The Barn Shops in Rowley, MA.

Tom was selling the most beautiful French country linens, antique furniture pieces, and candles homemade by his niece. I wanted to take the entire booth home with me.

You can see the dining room table I purchased from Tom at Sage Farm Antiques over the holidays in the A Vintage Christmas Haul and 3 Holiday Wreaths post.

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French Country Linens at Sage Farms Antiques.

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May You Bloom and Grow

Sharyl and her team always come up with the cutest vintage pop-up names and themes. This Sage Farms Antiques event was coined “May Youy Bloom and Grow.”

With the theme of this vintage market being “May You Bloom and Grow,” this was definitely the go-to place for weathered and patina terracotta pots.

And all your other vintage garden needs, like these large $2.00 rustic patina garden stakes. What a deal!

Antique gardening stakes at Sage Farms Antiques.

Inside Sage Farm Antiques

The two barns were filled with beautifully styled vendor booths, vintage goodies, and home decor items like some of these favorites…

Grab a refreshment, listen to the music, and simply browse around if you like…

Mastering The Art of French Cooking

Have you seen the new TV series on HBO Max, Julia? Oh my goodness, this series is my favorite right now, and Sarah Lancashire as Julia Child is absolutely amazing!

There were two volumes of the vintage cookbooks. What a wonderful accent they would be displayed in a vintage-style kitchen. You may enjoy the How to Use Rolling Pins as Bakers Pantry Door Handles post, where I share more tips on decorating with vintage cookbooks.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking Books

By the time we left the Sage Farm Antiques “Early Evening Buy Event,” it had gotten quite dark outside.

We had such a fun time and picked up a few goodies, too.

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My Vintage Finds

Vintage Blue and White Bowl

The first antique piece I picked up was this blue and white bowl for just $14.00. I can’t resist old blue and white antiques such as this one and at this price. Well, it now has a new home.

See this bowl decorated now in the Beachcombing, Blue Mussels, and an Antique Bowl post.

Antique blue and White Bowl in Hand

Green and Blue Vintage

I’ve been looking for some antique green and white dishes to pair with my blue and white collections, so when I saw this green and white crock bowl for $10, I also brought it home with me.

Vintage Green stoneware bowl, antique green scissors and a green planter at Sage Farm Antiques

Vintage decor allows for personal creativity. Mix and match different shades of blues and greens, experiment with patterns and textures, and incorporate unique vintage finds to create a truly one-of-a-kind space.

Antique Pictures

A couple of vintage picture frames caught my eye for $18 apiece.

I like the soft pastel colors, having our bathrooms in mind. My mother collected old pictures like this, and I think they’ll match those beautifully.

Antique pictures at Sage Farms Antique Early Buy Event.

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Rustic Garden Basket at Sage Farm Antiques

Oh, and I loved how this rustic wire basket was displayed with geraniums, similar to the one I recently found and shared in the post, Vintage Weekend Finds Thrifting in Maine.

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Rustic Basket with Geraniums.

Thank you for tagging along with us at Sage Farm Antiques Early Evening Buy Event. I hope to see you there sometime during one of their many seasonal vintage pop-up markets! Happy antiquing!

A Vintage Affair

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    1. Thank you so much Debbie. Happy Mother’s Day🤗

  2. Ann, Love your new logo. Very New England, basket, berries and memories of MOM, pewter candlestick! Fun shopping with you ALL, always makes me want to be out on the “hunt”. I collect blue willow sooo I NEEED those mugs you started out with! Happy Mothers Day!

    1. Thank you so much Barb. That means so much to me. I also love Blue Willow💙💙

  3. Yes, fantastic meeting you in person…finally!! I agree, I loved Tom’s booth too, that’s where I found that great little pot with amazing patina.
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  5. Looks like a great evening! How fun for you and Jennifer to catch up! I love your new logo. Looks lovely, Ann!

  6. Great write up and photos, Ann! Thanks for coming by Sage. Open all day Saturday and Sunday for more treasures. The weather has been most cooperative!

    1. It was great seeing you Melissa🙌🏻