Frugality is the quality of being frugal, sparing, thrifty, prudent, or economical in the consumption of consumable resources such as food, time, or money, and avoiding waste, lavishness, or extravagance. In behavioral science, frugality has been defined as the tendency to acquire goods and services in a restrained manner, and resourceful use of already owned economic goods and services, to achieve a longer-term goal. The quality of being frugal, or prudent in saving; the lack of wastefulness. Source Wikipedia

Are you frugal? I never thought of myself as a frugal person honestly. I just love thrifting for unique finds to decorate my home with. Flea Markets, vintage shops, thrift shops, antique shops, and a good old yard sale never seem to disappoint.

See my list of favorites here and bookmark it for your later reference!

What Does Frugality Mean to You?  Sage Farms Antique Center.

A day rummaging for treasures and then heading home to create a space for them is such a joy for me. And YESTERDAY, was just that day!

Do you prefer to thrift alone or with a friend? It really depends for me. I enjoy my alone time some days and others I love to have company.

Sage Farms Antique Center

I heard about this amazing “white and woods” theme pop-up flea market over at Sage Farms Antique Center in North Hampton, New Hampshire, and I planned to spend my Saturday morning there. I was a little reluctant though as I usually like to avoid the weekend crowds.

However, being one of the first hot summer days of the season, everyone was at the beach. I almost had the place to myself. I need to remember this little trick, as I had no idea.

What does frugality mean to you?  Sage Farms Antique Center.

What Does Frugality Mean to You?

Today’s photos and post, represent what frugality means to me. Hundreds of old treasures waiting to be painted, styled, repurposed, and brought into spaces where they will be admired and adored for all their age and style.

Do you like lobster? It’s basically a summertime tradition around here you know.

Later on this day, we had plans for an outdoor backyard lobster dinner. I was going thrifting in the morning and my husband was going to pick up the lobsters.

So while out and about, I had setting the table for the evening’s lobster dinner on my mind.

And it all started when I found this beautiful old linen tablecloth.

A tablecloth on a clothesline

Followed up with 7 $1 milk glass bud vases. I pictured them on our table filled with pink flowers from the backyard.

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A Yard Sale or Two

While visiting North Hampton I couldn’t help but notice all the amazing yard sales going on today. I stopped in at a couple of them and found an antique crock for $20 and 12 old blue and white dishes for $10.

The crock was perfect with red geraniums in it for my parents at the cemetery and the blue and white dishes, well they “made” the table!

blue and white frugal dishes

I hope you like our thrifted and frugal summer table where we enjoyed our Maine lobsters after a long day of thrifting.

You may also enjoy this Authentic Maine Lobster Themed Table Setting in our main dining room.

And speaking of frugality today; did you know that before the mid-1800s lobsters were considered to be so undesirable and too plentiful that only those without financial means ate them such as the poor and prisoners?

My Thrifted Table

What Does Frugality Mean to You?  Outdoor summer lobster table.

If you like thrifting and frugality be sure to join me every Wednesday over on Instagram where I join some other thrifting gals sharing our adventures along with tips and tricks with you in the series “Thrifting with the Gals“.

Outdoor Summer Table


Summer Outdoor Table.  What Does Frugality Mean to You?

Everything on this table was frugally thrifted except for the lobster plates that I found at the Christmas Tree Shops many years ago.

What Does Frugality Mean to You?  A thrifted outdoor summer table.

The flowers in the milk glass bud vases are cut from a wild bush growing out on the street by our mailbox.

What Does Frugality Mean to You? Wild pink flowers on thrifted table.

The lobster utensils were handed down to me by my mother. They must be over 50 years old today.

What Does Frugality Mean to You?  Outdoor Summer Tablescape red, white, and blue.

The various colors and patterns easily came together.

You may also enjoy this Early Buy Event at Sage Farm Antiques Vintage Market.

Outdoor Summer Lobster Table

A lobster dinner is known to be a messy meal and is enjoyed best outdoors. Eaten simply with corn on the cob along with a simple and frugal table setting.

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Coastal Maine.

Be sure to also check out our Home in Vermont too, where we spend winters enjoying the coziness of home in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Font and Pinterest
How to Set a Beautiful and Frugal Outdoor Summer Table.

I’ve created the above custom pin just for this post!  Hearing from you makes my day and your comments mean so much to me! Please join me over on Instagram & Pinterest to see more!

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  1. Paulette M says:

    Love your vintage table, and that tablecloth just drew me tight in. I have one very similar that belonged to my mother. Gosh I’ve had it myself for about 50 years. Mine is smaller so I use it over a larger tablecloth, at an angle.
    Love your blue and white dishes too!
    What is the style, maker? Does it say on the bottom?
    I also do lots of blue and white in my decor and add touches of red for the summer.
    I used to live in Concord NH, but moved last year to Maryland to be closer to our children and grandchildren.
    Bringing vintage treasures and finds out to our patio is so much fun and makes for great memories with our kids and our new neighbors.

    1. Thank you kindly. This tablecloth is small too and I also angle it. But it’s in Vermont right now😉 I hope you are enjoying your summer in Maryland. It’s hot here now🥵

  2. Excellent finds to set a beautiful table!! And lobster is the “bow on top” ☺️ Just perfect!

  3. I’ve been asking Al what he wants to do for Father’s Day. A lobster feed is always a good idea! Your tablescape was just gorgous; my “good” dishes are a blue and white Staffordshire and is my favorite combo. Survived a 2 day yard sale my church Ladies Aid group did. “Reporting for duty” at 6 a.m. for setup was a bit difficult, but people seemed to have a good time. We were all tired. I have always been “frugal.” Cheap, cheeseparing, thrifty, whatever you want to call it; today it allows me to splurge somewhere else!

    1. Maybe a lobster feed for Father’s Day?

  4. So many pretty pieces and the tablecloth is beautiful!

    Some history about eating lobster in the 1800’s. To think prisoners ate them.

    And they skyrocketed over the years.

    Nothing like a Maine lottery from the cold water

    1. thanks so much for stopping by today Cindy!!

  5. Beautiful and I love that it’s red, white and blue.

    1. Thank you so much Rachel. I am so drawn to red, white, and blue in the summer!

  6. Ann, your table looks amazing! It is my dream to have a lobster feed on a wonderful summer day at a table like yours. It’s amazing.
    Hugs to you.

    1. Renae, that is just so sweet of you to say! Enjoy your summer!