Discover the beauty of Vermont pottery: Learn how to mix and match handmade pieces to create an imaginative and timeless tablescape.

Vermont Pottery

Vermont is known for its rich pottery tradition. The state is home to many talented ceramic artists and studios that produce beautiful pottery pieces. Vermont pottery often showcases a rustic and organic aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the region. Here are a few notable Vermont pottery studios:

Vermont Pottery Artists

  • Bennington Potters: Founded in 1948, Bennington Potters is one of the oldest and most well-known pottery studios in Vermont. They are known for their durable stoneware pottery, including dinnerware, bakeware, and home decor items. Their signature style features earthy glazes and unique handcrafted designs. Also, just down the road from where we live in Vermont, I have fond memories of bringing my mother one Bennington Pottery piece with me each time I visited my parents in Maine. Today, I treasure this Vermont pottery collection.
  • Vermont Clay Studio: Located in Montpelier, Vermont Clay Studio is a community pottery studio that offers classes, workshops, and a gallery. They showcase a variety of pottery styles, ranging from functional dinnerware to sculptural pieces. The studio promotes creativity and collaboration among local artists.
  • Farmhouse Pottery: Based in Woodstock, Farmhouse Pottery is a family-owned pottery studio that specializes in handmade stoneware. Their pottery is inspired by the simplicity and beauty of Vermont’s rural landscapes. They offer a wide range of products, including tableware, vases, and home decor items.
  • Miranda Thomas Pottery: Miranda Thomas Pottery, located in Bristol, Vermont, creates finely crafted pottery pieces with intricate designs. Their work is influenced by traditional pottery techniques and often features nature-inspired motifs. They produce functional pottery as well as decorative pieces.
  • Stone Leaf Pottery: Situated in Middlebury, Stone Leaf Pottery is a cooperative pottery studio and gallery. It showcases the work of multiple local artists, each with a unique style and approach to pottery. Visitors can explore a diverse range of pottery pieces, from utilitarian to decorative.
  • D. Lasser Ceramics: Daniel Lasser is a potter who synthesizes a passion for ceramics with an aptitude for chemistry to produce accessible, functional art. Reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism, Dan’s use of color and unique glazing methods produce pottery that harmonizes with both the contemporary and the nostalgic. His use of clay is an exploration of form, lending itself to practical, utilitarian pottery.

These are just a few examples of the many talented pottery studios in Vermont. Each one offers its own distinctive style and craftsmanship, reflecting the beauty and creativity of the state.

D. Lasser Ceramics: Handmade Pottery Vermont

Collecting pottery pieces was something I used to love and felt like I really needed to get back to. When we first moved to our home in Vermont about 12 years ago, the first thing I wanted for our home was handmade Vermont pottery for our everyday dishes.

D. Lasser was just down the road from where we had enjoyed a weekend ski house in Londonderry, Vermont, for several years before moving later to our permanent home in Vermont. This is where I purchased this mixed collection of handmade pottery pieces that I am sharing with you today.

This D. Lasser handmade Vermont pottery is rich in color and earth tones, making it a favorite for tablescapes and everyday use. Both indoors and outdoors too.

Vermont Pottery Tablescape Place Setting

Vermont Pottery Imaginative Tablescape

Mix and Match Patterns

Creating a mixed Vermont pottery tablescape is truly inspiring. When I purchased our D. Lasser pottery, I selected several different and unique patterns to mix and match. You can tell all the pieces are of the same artistic style. However, the mix-and-match look gives it eclectic and imaginative design options.

Rustic Charm

Use pottery pieces with earthy tones and textures. Arrange them on a wooden table along with natural elements like branches or dried flowers. Add candles for a cozy touch.

Here, I added red winterberries from our backyard with gold flatware and pewter candlesticks, mixing up the tablescape’s metal designs as well.

Vermont Pottery Tablescape

Minimal Elegance

Choose your Vermont pottery in neutral shades like white, gray, red, and black. Keep the table setting simple with clean lines and minimal decor. Add a single statement piece, such as a large ceramic vase or bowl.

Next, I added thrifted blue glass goblets, which are rich in color and style, yet minimal by design since they are thrifted and all.

Table place setting with moody colors.

Use Your Imagination

Decorating with Vermont pottery can evoke an earthy and moody feeling that we all sometimes feel in the off-season. However, the hardiness of the Vermont pottery, combined with a mix-and-match tablescape, is welcoming and pleasing.

Play with different heights, textures, and patterns to create an interesting and visually appealing tablescape.

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Vermont Pottery Tablescape in Dining Room.

Tablescape Centerpiece

The red winterberries on my Vermont pottery tablescape are from our backyard in Maine and are displayed in a vintage pottery piece that was my mother’s. My parents adored the winterberries and decorated with them every winter here at the house. My father also enjoyed cutting and packaging the berries to send to his brothers and sisters to decorate with every holiday season.

I treasure this memory, so here, the winterberries are at the center of our Vermont pottery tablescape.

Winterberry tablescape centerpiece in brown vintage jug.

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Vermont Pottery Imaginative Tablescape in Dining Room

As much as I love collecting vintage pieces, there’s really something so special about handmade pottery. Each piece is always made with so much love and character!

Dining Room with winter tablescape

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Vermont Pottery Tablescape in Dining Room

Do you have a favorite pottery collection?

Have you ever collected pottery?

Who is your favorite artisan?

Vermont Pottery Imaginative Tablescape in Dining Room

I hope you found loads of imaginative tablescape inspiration during your visit to our home in Coastal Maine today.

I enjoyed putting this mix-and-match tablescape together for you; it was an emotional experience for me, honestly, so thank you for stopping by.

Vermont Pottery Imaginative Tablescape in Dining Room

At this Table, Everyone is Welcome!

A Vintage Affair

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Vermont Pottery Imaginative Tablescape
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