Are you looking to transform bargain black frames into charming antique gold frames? Let me show you how simple it is! You won’t believe it!

McCoy Vase with Hydrangeas

Last week while back at our place in Vermont I picked up two adorable prints at The Vintage Soul, where I share and sell thrifted items. I thought they’d be so cute in our sunroom in Maine where each print is displaying a morning coffee along with comics and a game of Scrabble.

But I didn’t like the budget black frames that they came with. I also picked up this authentic antique gold framed print behind them. Which is the look that I really wanted for them.

Black Frames to Antique Gold Frames with Annie Sloan

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Black Frames to Antique Gold Frames with Annie Sloan

Let me show you how easy it is to transform inexpensive black frames like these into antique gold frames with Annie Sloan’s Bright Gold Gilded Wax.

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How to make a picture frame look antique?

It’s so easy, I had no idea!

How do I know?

I dropped by one of my favorite shops here in Maine, Signature Finishes at The Shops at Cape Neddick. Maureen is my go-to around here for all things in faux finishings.

I bought a tube of Bright Gold Annie Sloan’s Gilded Wax and a small stencil brush at Maureen’s recommendation.

You may also choose from Annie Sloan’s other metallic finishes:

What is Gilded Wax?

“Gilded wax is a quick and easy way to add a metallic touch to your painted furniture. Enhance the texture, detailing, or create gilded shapes, lines, and designs using your favorite Annie Sloan Stencil.” Source: Annie Sloan.

Supplies Needed:

Bright Gold Annie Sloan’s Gilded Wax

A Small stencil brush

Paper Towel or Rag

Budget Black Frames

Set Up a Work Station

I set my workstation up outside with two saw horses as the foundation. This made it easy to maneuver the frames and have an excellent 360-degree visual of each frame.

How to Wax the Frames

Read and follow the instructions on the back of any package first.

  1. Squeeze a small amount of the Bright Gold Gilded Wax by Annie Sloan onto the paper towel. You’ll be surprised how far a small tube like this will go! So start out using it sparingly.
Paint Tube and Brush
  1. Dab the stencil brush lightly into the Bright Gold Gilded Wax on the paper towel.
  2. Start brushing it onto your first black frame.
  3. Begin by brushing it on the black frame lightly and then filling it in more as you go to suit your liking.
Frame and Paint Brush

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It’s really just that simple!

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Black Frames to Antique Gold Frames with Annie Sloan

After finishing the first budget black frame with a light coat of Gilded Wax, I was able to take a step back and determine how much black I wanted to show through.

The black on the frame is an important visual element when antiquing a faux finish. It will give the frame the depth, texture, and vintage look it needs to appear authentic.

Black Frames to Antique Gold Frames with Annie Sloan

But I didn’t want it heavy in black since these prints will be hanging in our sunroom.

Because of this, I recommend applying a thin layer of the Annie Sloan Gilded Wax then going back and applying more until you reach the antique gold look you are going for.

Black Frames to Antique Gold Frames with Annie Sloan

I’ve also heard that Rubb ‘N Buff works well too…

Let the painted gold frames dry overnight.

Black Frames to Antique Gold Frames with Annie Sloan

For the price of budget black frames, a little Annie Sloan’s Gilded Wax, and a stencil brush you now have a beautiful antique-looking gold frame that will enhance any room in your home.

And how easy was that?

Close up of Gold Frame
Black Frames to Antique Gold Frames with Annie Sloan
Black Frames to Antique Gold Frames with Annie Sloane

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Black Frames to Antique Gold Frames with Annie Sloan

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  1. Thank you for this ‘timely’ post! I have this exact same project sitting around waiting for me to take action!! I found two framed prints at a garage sale; they were $1 each. I liked the prints, but they needed new matting, and the frames needed painting. But then we moved and I wanted to hang 2 botanical prints in our dining room, one on each side of the hutch. I realized I could use the $1 frames & glass, insert them with the Etsy botanical prints, and I would done!! Except that I am stalling on the gilding of the frames. You have encouraged me and provided good directions. I am probably going to use the rub~n~buff, but I am still a little intimidated by this project!!

    1. Oh wow don’t be intimidated at all Kristine! You can even wipe it off as you go if you don’t like it🙌🏻