It’s that time of the year when we love to pull the grill out and enjoy cooking in the backyard.  We are starting from scratch in many ways here at home in Maine.  We recently purchased a small Solaire portable grill that would allow us to grill outdoors simply.  However, we quickly realized that we didn’t have anything to put the portable grill on.  And we are still pretty much under “stay at home” orders here in southern Maine.  Therefore, we rummaged up an old inexpensive dresser, some old shingles, and barn wood and created this adorable DIY grilling station.  I just love how it turned out.

DIY Outdoor Grilling Station

Then we found these shutters up in the attic.  I believe they were originally used as a display piece at a gift shop my parents owned over 35 years ago here in southern Maine.  We were completely winging this piece.  Ha Ha.

DIY Outdoor Grilling Station

We found some old barn wood in a shed that my father used years ago to build a farm table for friends of ours back when we lived in Connecticut.  The wood was from an old barn on their property dating back to the late 1700s.  We knew instantly that it would be the perfect accent for the top.  All it needed was a little sanding.

Outdoor Table Grilling Station

We painted the dresser an Essex Green, which matches the trim color that we are currently painting the home in Maine.  You may see more of the house trim in the post, Beautiful Essex Green Coastal House Trim.

The shutters were already painted a burnt orange, which we actually decided to keep and it really made this piece pop.

Outdoor Grilling Station Top

I hope you like how this outdoor DIY grilling station turned out!  We can also use this as a tabletop or a beverage station moving forward.  It’s super versatile!  We will keep the grill underneath and place it on top when we are ready to grill.

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DIY Outdoor Grilling Station

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DIY Outdoor Grilling Station

This dresser is just an inexpensive veneer dresser that I picked up at a second-hand shop years ago for about $30.  Perfect to paint and design with!

And it’s still going strong 3 years later.

DIY Outdoor Grilling Station

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Flowers in Vase on top of Grilling Station

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DIY Outdoor Grilling Station

Ella loves this spot in the yard, as it is in the shade most of the day.  She was listening to a woodpecker in the woods when I took this photo and enjoying her dessert in her “red thing” after dinner.  Since taking this photo, too, I have moved the antique bell to the side of the door, which I really like much better.

DIY Outdoor Grilling Station

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DIY Outdoor Grilling Station

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Coastal Maine.

Be sure to also check out our Home in Vermont too, where we spend winters enjoying the coziness of home in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

DIY Outdoor Grilling Station

I’ve created the above custom pin just for this post!  I would love to hear from you, too~ Your comments mean so much to me and truly make my day…Please join me over on Instagram Pinterest to see more!

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  1. Great idea!! I’d like to do similar but as pool supply storage. What kind of paint did you use, and did you need a particular type of sealer? My husband is convinced any indoor furniture we take outside is going to disintegrate, lol.

    1. We used just a regular outdoor paint that I had on hand that was used on the trim of the house, no sealer. This piece lasted 3 years outdoors, even in the wintertime. It was just an inexpensive veneer dresser. I would agree with your husband though, but we got a good 3 years out of it. I just recently replaced it though.