Looking for a fun and festive winter craft? Try these colorful ice candle holders and light up your outdoor pathway or porch for guests.

The Northeast just got slammed with a Bomb Cyclone dumping up to 22 inches of snow up the East Coast. It just missed us here in the Vermont mountains, but the single-digit temperatures and bluebird skies made it the perfect day to craft some ice candle holders for our front porch.

Supplies to Craft One Ice Candle Holder

  • Large Tin Can or Carton
  • Small Tin Can or Carton
  • Tape
  • Water
  • Faux or Real Stems
  • Rocks

I used what I could find around the house here to craft these 3 ice candle holders for our porch.

Ice Candle Holder Supplies

How to Craft An Ice Candle Holder

  • Take a large tin can, carton, or the like, and fill it up with about 1/2 a cup of cold water.
  • Place the smaller tin can, cup, etc., inside the larger tin can. (In my case, I used a plastic cup instead of a small tin can, as I didn’t have any on hand.)
  • Fill the smaller inside container with rocks or something else to weigh it down. Here, I used our stove pellets.
How to Craft Colorful Ice Candle Holders

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  • Secure the inside container with tape like this.
Tin can winter craft
  • Fill the sides of your ice candle holder with your chosen flowers, greenery, berries, etc…
  • Here, I used the tops of some faux tulips that I had. I love the bright colors for this time of the year.
  • Now fill the large outside ice candle holder container with water, about a third of the way up the inside container.
  • The inside container should remain firm on the bottom.
  • Place the ice candle holder you are creating either outside, if the temperature is below freezing, or in your freezer overnight until completely frozen, 6-8 hours.

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Frozen Ice Candle Holders

I couldn’t wait to go outside this morning to check on my frozen ice candle holders.

DIY Colorful Ice Candle Holders

Now What?

Once the ice candle holders are frozen, run warm water on the outside container, loosening up the ice in the frozen containers. They should loosen right up and slide right out.

This is what this ice candle holder looks like now, and I added one simple tea light candle.

How to Craft Colorful Ice Candle Holders

What You Should Avoid When Making Ice Candle Holders?

  • Water naturally expands when frozen. Avoid containers that have a lip on the top or inside, as you won’t be able to slide the frozen ice candle holder out of the tin.
  • Ensure all your containers have no small leaks in them, or you’ll find them empty in the morning.

I think one or two of these may have happened to me:)

How cute and easy is this winter craft?

How to Craft Colorful Ice Candle Holders

How to Decorate with Ice Candle Holders

  • Line them up on a porch
  • Front door entryway
  • Plopped in a snowbank
  • Line a driveway
  • Surround a play area
  • In the window of an indoor/outdoor porch
  • Around a hot tub
dog with ice candle holder

I think I’ll make some more ice candle holders with greenery and red berries for Valentine’s Day.

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Colorful Ice Candle Holders

The tulips in the ice candle holder provide hope of spring, though, don’t you think?

Colorful Ice Candle Holders

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How to Craft Colorful Ice Candle Holders

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