Do you love shabby chic-painted wicker chairs? Let me show you how I refinished these outdoor wicker chairs with a little love and spray paint.

How to Paint Wicker Furniture Shabby Chic Style

Old Wicker Furniture Chairs

It is so expensive to purchase new wicker furniture these days, with prices upwards of $500+ per piece. And for just $15, you can buy 3 cans of spray paint and recycle an old thrifted wicker furniture piece so quickly and easily.

I found these two wicker furniture chairs a few years ago off of Facebook Marketplace for about $125 each.

They were white and very shabby chic at the time I bought them.

They’ve since been painted yellow and now the dark brown color that they are today.

Can you paint over wicker chairs?

Absolutely, it can be a very quick and easy upcycle, too, my favorite kind!

I prefer spray painting wicker furniture, as it’s so much easier with all the texture and gaps in the wicker weaving.

How to Choose Your Spray Paint

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I chose Rust-Oleum’s Deep Blue Gloss to use as the spray paint for today’s painted wicker chair.

How to Paint Wicker Furniture Shabby Chic Style
  • You’ll want to make sure to use the right paint for the material your furniture is made of. The spray paint cans will list the materials they work well with, like wicker, metal, wood, etc…
  • When choosing your spray paint, you’ll also need to consider the elements (indoor vs. outdoor, covered porch vs. exposed patio, etc.).
  • I have also found that most local hardware stores will not carry 6+ cans of the same spray paint color as an FYI. So plan ahead!

How to Spray Paint Painted Wicker Chairs

  • Start with a platform. I used an old pallet and 2 sawhorses. But you could use something as easy as old bedsheets. I like to elevate what I paint with sawhorses, as it’s easier on the back.
  • Buy all your supplies ahead of time so you don’t run out.
  • Clean the wicker furniture with a rag, shopvac, and/or a garden hose.
  • Sand the wooden pieces like the legs or rockers if needed.
  • I highly recommend painting gloves, as I have yet to find a way to spray paint without getting paint all over my hands.
How to Paint Wicker Furniture Shabby Chic Style
  • And a KN95 face mask is also recommended to avoid the spray paint fumes.
  • Start by spray painting vertically with the grain of your wicker. Then, go back and spray paint the wicker horizontally. This will ensure the paint gets into all the crevices of the wicker furniture.
  • Spray paint about 8″ inches away from the furniture to avoid dripping and running.

How Long Does it Take for Wicker Paint Chairs to Dry?

I let the first coat of spray paint dry for about an hour and then I reapplied a second coat, letting it also sit for another hour. It may appear dry to the touch at this time, but I always give my painted wicker furniture pieces 24 hours before I begin to use them.

Here, you can see this chair with one coat of deep blue spray paint. The brown is still showing through, requiring a second coat.

How to Paint Wicker Furniture Shabby Chic Style

And here is the wicker furniture chair after two coats of deep blue on the backside.

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How to Paint Wicker Furniture Shabby Chic Style

Be sure to walk all around the wicker furniture looking for missed spots, as painting wicker can be so tricky with all its intricacies.

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How to Paint Wicker Furniture Shabby Chic Style

I love this deep blue color for a home on the coast. It reminds me of my friend, Molly in Maine over on Instagram and Kim from Shiplap and Shells at her 100-year-old cottage on the Puget Sound.

But as for today, it’s the start of mud season here in Vermont, so I added two white faux sheepskins to each blue wicker furniture chair for this shabby, chic, comfortable style.

Blue and White Wicker Chairs

What is Mud Season?

Mud Season is the period between winter and spring, where thawing occurs and is informally referred to as Vermont’s fifth season. This time period depends on the weather but historically begins around the snowmelt in late March or early April and finishes in early June.

And, of course, Ella immediately jumped up to try it out…

How to Paint Wicker Furniture Shabby Chic Style

I haven’t decided yet whether I will keep these here in Vermont, sell them at my booth, or maybe bring them to the coast with me this summer.

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How to Paint Wicker Furniture Shabby Chic Style

Do you have any tips or hacks that you would like to share for a painted wicker chair?

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How to Paint Wicker Furniture Shabby Chic Style


I wish I had had this spray painter for this project for sure, MY FIRST TIME USING A PAINT SPRAYER, WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW.

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How to Paint Wicker Furniture Shabby Chic Style

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