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About Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture adds a natural and rustic charm to any space, making it a popular choice for many homeowners and decorators.

Wicker furniture is a type of furniture made from weaving natural or synthetic materials together to create a sturdy and flexible structure. The materials commonly used for wicker furniture include rattan, bamboo, cane, seagrass, and synthetic fibers like resin or vinyl.

Wicker furniture is known for its unique and intricate design, often featuring woven patterns and textures. It can be found in various styles, such as traditional, modern, or coastal, and is popular for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of the advantages of wicker furniture is its lightweight nature, making it easy to move and rearrange. It is also durable and resistant to weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor spaces. Additionally, wicker furniture is breathable, allowing for air circulation and preventing the build-up of moisture.

Celebrate Spring Blog Hop

Celebrating Spring 2022

Today, I’m excited to share our spring back porch with wicker furniture as part of the “Celebrating Spring 2022 Blog Hop” hosted by Leen over at Sand Dollar Lane.

If you are joining me today from Michelle of Thistle Key Lane, welcome to our home in Vermont! Don’t you adore Michelle’s beautiful home style? I’ve always been such an admirer of her home and lovely decorating ideas—and that family room!

You may visit the other 20 spring home tours at the bottom of this post.

Snow in Spring

You will see so many beautiful spring home decor ideas on today’s home tours, but here in Vermont, spring hasn’t entirely sprung yet…

In fact, it snowed all day yesterday, and it’s just 14 degrees here this morning!

So, my post today may be a little out of the ordinary than most on today’s home tours.

Pink tulips in wicker back on back porch wicker table.

Welcome to Our Back Porch

Recently, we renovated our back porch here in Vermont, which is the heart of our home overlooking the Green Mountains.

Honestly, the porch and the views are why we chose this house.

Therefore, we wanted to transform our back porch with mountain views into an inviting and comfortable living space for both visitors and ourselves.

Fall Back Porch

We finished all the back porch renovations just in time for the fall, during which I had a few opportunities to decorate and enjoy the spectacular beauty of Vermont’s finest season, autumn. Check out these posts for more fall decorating ideas:

Celebrate Holiday Preparations With Christmas Plaids, Checks, and Hot Chocolate Mugs

Winter Vintage Ski Lodge Decorations

Once all the leaves had fallen and the snow arrived, the back porch was decorated with the timeless classic Vintage Ski Lodge Decorations. I have an entire series on it, so be sure to check it out.

Wicker Furniture Set

And now, it was time to invest in new furniture for the back porch to welcome in this year’s spring season.

I started by choosing the color evergreen.

A color that would match the outdoor elements of the mountain views and the official color of Vermont.

I just love all the elegant charm and character of wicker furniture.

That is how we settled on this Lancaster Collection, which is available through Ballard Designs.

Lancaster Wicker Furniture on patio.
Photo Credit: Ballard Designs

Shop the Lancaster Wicker Furniture Collection

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Why We Chose the Lancaster All-Weather Wicker Furniture Collection

It’s All Weather Wicker – Rattan

Rattan wicker furniture is a type of furniture that is made from rattan, a natural material derived from the stems of certain types of palm trees. Rattan wicker furniture is known for its durability, versatility, and natural beauty. It is commonly used for indoor and outdoor furniture, including chairs, sofas, tables, and accessories. Rattan wicker furniture can be found in various styles, from traditional to modern, and can complement a wide range of interior or exterior design themes.

Evergreen wicker rattan furniture set on back porch with tulips.

We couldn’t have had this any other way, honestly. Not with the weather elements we get here in Vermont. This was the #1 feature of ours when looking for wicker furniture for our back porch.

The Color Green

When looking for back porch wicker furniture, consider your outdoor surroundings and embrace those color elements into your decorating choices.

How To Create An Inviting Front Porch with Wicker Furniture

The color green compliments all the natural elements of our outdoor surroundings, from the mountains to our front lawn.

The newly renovated dark wooden floors and beams on our back porch pair really well with this color scheme, too.

Basket of purple Lilac

Just add the color purple and bam! The combination of dark wood and purple always gets me. Wait until the lilacs start blooming! You may be inspired by the Bountiful Bouquets of Lilacs post and appreciate the post Decorating with the Color Purple.

I’m looking forward to our new lilac bush in our front yard blooming this spring, too.

You may also appreciate this Vintage Haul for The Porch post.

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Classic Wicker Furniture Styling

Both you and your guests will enjoy a time-honored wicker furniture set like this for years to come. Traditional and classic decor designs never go out of style, making it a proper investment.

Green wicker furniture set on back porch with snow on the ground.

The Lancaster Wicker Furniture Set Details

The glory is in the details. Isn’t that what they say?

I love the storage drawers in this collection that pull out under each seat on the sofa, chair, and ottoman. The wicker furniture drawers are perfect for storing the cushions in the winter months and shoes and towels in the summer.

Wicker furniture sofa with pull out storage drawers and white cushions.

To make us all happy, each piece of wicker furniture is sold individually, allowing you to pick and choose the pieces you want without being committed to an entire set.

Lancaster Set Delivery

Our wicker furniture set included the Lancaster sofa, chair, and chair with ottoman.

After waiting months (due only to the routine pandemic delays) for this all-weather wicker furniture to arrive, it was delivered on a snowy, sleety, and rainy morning in typical “Vermont Mud Season” style.

Boxed wicker furniture on front porch with delivery man and truck.

Mud Season

The delivery timing was actually perfect, though, as now we can take this time to get it all ready for when spring officially arrives after our 5th season called “Mud Season.”

What is Mud Season?

Mud season refers to a period of time, typically in early spring, when the ground becomes saturated with water and mud due to melting snow and rain. It is common in regions with cold winters and a significant amount of snowfall. During winter, the ground freezes and becomes solid. As temperatures rise in spring, the snow starts to melt, and the frozen ground thaws. However, the thawing process is gradual, and the ground is unable to absorb all the melting snow and rainwater quickly. This results in the top layer of soil becoming muddy and unstable.

Back Porch Wicker Furniture Decorating Ideas

The next day, we had a bit of a break in the weather so I could unpack and set up the wicker furniture I am sharing with you today.

Green Lancaster wicker furniture chair with vintage wicker furniture side table.

Vintage Meets wicker furniture

Your personal decor touches will always be welcomed by loved ones and friends; after all, that’s what makes a home inviting and cozy.

In my case, it’s adding vintage treasures that I found out and about while Thrifting with the Gals.

My goal now is to find and add more wooden antique or vintage side tables like this one and a coffee table that will fit nicely into this collection here on our front porch. See the coffee table I found in the Vintage Haul for Spring Porch post and how I decorated it in this Back Porch Spring Ideas: Vintage Inspired post.

Vintage wicker furniture side table with dishes and tulips

This is a unique vintage wicker table I found in Maine this past fall.

The top is removable and can be used as a serving tray.

I thought it would be super cute with this collection and perfect for entertaining over the summer.

Notice how it has a green trim around it, matching the wicker set, and the top has a floral pattern painted onto it as well.

Vintage Wicker side table with dishes and green wicker furniture.

A friend once told me they “loved visiting me, as everything about my home was such a reflection of myself.”

Wow, what a beautiful compliment to receive.

And that is truly what makes for an inviting home.

Family and friends love you and want to see that you are comfortable and happy when they visit.

Whether it’s a vintage side table, an antique pitcher with tulips, collected vintage dishwares, or thrifted drinking glasses, your guests will rejoice in these things that you love, too.

Vintage wicker side table with flowers and glasses next to green wicker furniture on back porch.

And what about those white cushions, you ask?

My plan right now is to find traditional blue and white patterned material to have custom covers made for the cushions, keeping the white covers for special occasions.

For now, I’ll also cover the white cushions with quilts and blankets to protect them from the elements, as well as Ella, our Bernese Mountain Dog.

White cushions on evergreen wicker furniture on back porch.

The Lancaster wicker furniture collection does have other color options for the cushion covers, but they are in addition to these standard pillows.

So I decided I would make my own, which would be more affordable and allow me to choose my own colors and patterns.

You may see more of this wicker furniture set on our back porch in more recent posts, along with the new blue and white slipcovers and other items in this collection.

Simple Vintage Americana Porch Table Ideas

You may also appreciate the post, Paint Wicker Furniture: Step-by-Step Guide.

Wicker Furniture collection on back porch with snow on the ground.

Don’t Be Afraid of White

I embrace white, and I have a Bernese Mountain Dog who thinks she’s a lap dog!

Don’t be afraid of it.

White can be washed in the washing machine and covered quickly with blankets or quilts too.

Bernese Mountain Dog on white wicker furniture cushions.

I’m a firm believer in a cozy, lived-in look.

Take your shoes off or keep them on; I’m okay with whatever makes you comfortable.

And there will surely be a few dog hairs around here, too.

But this is what makes for a welcoming home and back porch, do you agree?

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You may appreciate How to Refinish a Wood Table in Less Than 1 Hour, too, on this wallpaper table I refinished for this porch!

I hope you’ll join me here next time,

  • When I have found that just-right vintage coffee table and side tables.
  • Spring is in full bloom!
  • And we can sit on a warm day together in wicker furniture and enjoy iced tea and the view!

But for now, I will head back inside to get cozy and warm up my fading tulips…

Back porch with snow and wicker furniture set.

See this porch decorated now after a spring vintage haul on the post, Cozy Antique Spring Porch Ideas.

Cozy Antique Spring Porch

You may also enjoy these Scandinavian Spring Homes When Less is More.

Scandinavian Spring Homes When Less is More

A Vintage Affair

If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. Please share in the comments below. And be sure to share this blog post link with your friends who are also vintage enthusiasts.

Do you have a flair for all things vintage, too? I would love to see and feature you in our Reader’s Showcase Series. A place for you to share and be recognized for your talents and passion for all things thrifting, vintage, and antique decor-related inspired by your time here with Dabbling & Decorating. Email me at annck@dabblinganddecorating.com

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  1. Even in the cold, I would love to have this space to cuddle up with Ella and enjoy! Your furniture is gorgeous and styled so beautifully!

  2. Ann, your spring porch looks so inviting, and the view is breathtaking! I love the new green wicker patio set. It looks amazing with your stained wooden floors. The vintage wicker side table pairs so well with the new green wicker, just like they were made for each other! The overhead shots of the tulips in the wicker vase is so lovely. It was nice to join you on the tour. Pinned 🙂

    1. What a nice thing to say Rebecca. Thank you so much😘

  3. Wow I can see why you chose a home with such wonderful views. Green is a favorite color of mine and this collection looks so vintage in that color. The drawers for cushion storage is absolutely brilliant. Your butlers tray table is perfection.

    1. Thank you so much Pamela. I’m so glad you enjoyed it all 💚💚💚

  4. Your porch is absolutely gorgeous, my friend. I love your wicker furniture. happy Mud Season. Hugs to you.

    1. Thank you so much Renae. It’s mud season alright😂😂

  5. Kathy Munday says:

    Ohhhhhhh….. I can see why so many responded to this post !!! Your porch is STUNNING!!! The storage under the chairs is brilliant and when you mention the details, the tulips in the wicker “vase” is beyond beautiful! Precious Ella brings all the comfort to life. Here on Cape Cod, wicker is very popular and our front porch wicker has been white for years. Sooooo many wonderful ideas to make ours more inviting. Snow or not, Spring is in the air and the new ideas bring “warmth” right now!!! This is one of my favorite posts!!!!

    1. Wow thank you so much Kathy. Spring is definitely in the air🌷🌷

  6. Ann you have the most beautiful view there and those green chairs on your porch are the perfect touch even if there is snow on the ground. I know you enjoy your space year round. Happy touring with you and hope Spring comes soon.

  7. Debbie, I’m so jealous because we don’t have a front porch. Your views are also spectacular. The porch furniture you chose is perfect for your setting. I love Ballard, too. The small round vintage table will be wonderful for holding plants and a glass of iced tea. Enjoy your porch when it stops snowing.

  8. Your porch is beautiful. That pitcher has me swooning!


  9. That porch with that view! Wow, what a delight. I love the vintage touches you added among your new porch furniture. It all looks beautiful and blends in perfectly with that great outdoors.

  10. Ann I love your porch and the green wicker furniture you chose it cozy and beautiful…and your view is stunning. It was made for your space! Praying it warms up for you soon!

  11. Your porch is so pretty Ann but wow, that view is stunning! I’m sure you’re itching to be able to spend time out there in your new chairs! Hope Spring visits you soon xx

  12. Wow….the view from your porch is gorgeous!! I can see why it made you buy the home. The color of the new wicker furniture is just perfect. I’d love to see more pictures when everything greens up and you have some springlike weather. Happy to be on the tour with you!

  13. Love how you decorated your front porch, Ann! I’m completely with you about the dark green wicker… I just need to get my hubby on board! LOL You’ve got such a gorgeous view too. Happy Spring!

  14. Oh I would love sit here and soak in those mountain views! I can’t imagine a better color for your new wicker furniture than green, and look how gorgeous it is with your table. Love your table styling with the pretty tulips and dishes. Pinning your lovely inspiration!

  15. Your new furniture is so pretty! You have the prettiest views no matter what the season! Thanks for always sharing your beautiful home. So nice to tour with you this week, Ann!

  16. Oh my goodness! That wicker furniture is to die for and so it your view! I believe the only thing better is your precious doggie! This makes me want to get busy creating my very own outdoor space for spring! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Ann
    Your porch is perfect and I love your wicker furniture!

  18. Oh, Ann. It is just beautiful. I wish we had a front porch like this to enjoy. I’d love to feature your porch on my weekly round-up this Saturday.

    1. Thank you so much, Jen! I would love that so much. Thank you!

  19. Ann – your porch is gorgeous…and the mountain view is stunning! We love your new furniture and can see you enjoying it so much! Hopefully spring weather will arrive soon!

  20. That porch is gorgeous! I love how well your vintage table coordinates with the new furniture, like it was meant to be.
    Enjoying that view from your beautiful porch sounds like a perfect evening. Once it warms up, of course!

    I’m so glad you’re part of this tour, friend!