Learn how to fold and hang tie up valance curtains with this simple accordion method. Transform your windows with elegance and charm.

Full Tie Up Valance Tutorial

Window Tie Up Valance Curtains

A tie-up valance is a decorative window treatment that adds a touch of elegance and charm to any room. It is a curtain or fabric valance that can be raised or lowered using fabric ties or ribbons. The tied-up position creates a beautiful cascading effect, while the lowered position provides privacy and blocks out sunlight.

To begin, I found these valance curtains over on Etsy.

White Valance Curtain

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The windows at our home in Maine are smaller than the average windows, as they were designed to fit an Early American-style home.

I wanted a tie up valance that would let the light flow in and still be charming enough for this old home.

When I started hanging the valances, I realized that I did not know how to hang a tie up valance curtain properly. Do you?

After doing my research, I learned that this accordion-style folding method is simple and works beautifully on tie up valance curtains. I wanted to share it with you today.

How to Fold and Hang A Window Tie Up Valance

How to Fold and Hang Tie-Up Valance Curtains

Step 1: Iron the tie up valance panels

Including the attached ribbons. Don’t skip this step, friends; the valances will look so much nicer freshly ironed!

Iron and Ironing Board

Step 2: Hang the tie up valance curtain panel

Insert the curtain rod or tension rod into the rod pocket at the top of the valance. Adjust the gathers evenly along the rod for a balanced appearance. Hang the rod on your window, making sure it is securely in place.

Step 3: Tie each attached tie up valance ribbon

That comes with your window valance curtains like this. Refer to the full tutorial video for more details.

How to Fold and Hang Tie-Up Valance Curtains

How high should a tie up valance hang?

Measure how low you want your window valance to fall from the top of the window. The average length is a quarter of the way down the window or at the bottom of the top window pane.

Do not knot the ribbon! Just the first fold-over of a knot will do. Use the back ribbon to tie forward for a clean look. Refer to the full tutorial video for more details.

Step 4: Start the accordion fold

Fold the bottom of the tie up valance curtain towards the back (or the window side) about 1″ inch, as large as the seam is, or whatever width you would like your folds to be. I folded mine at about 1″, which was also the size of the hem.

Then fold the opposite way and keep folding like a fan upwards until you reach where the ribbons are tied together. Refer to the full tutorial video for more details.

Step 5: Lay each of the fold’s ends

Into the ribbon’s pseudo-knots that you created earlier. Then start fluffing and arranging the curtains as you like.

I don’t recommend tying the ribbons into knots as an FYI, as it will only wrinkle the ribbons more.

You may leave the valance ribbon hanging as it is, too, or tie them into bows from here, which is what I did. I then cut the bow’s length to fit the valance size on each of our windows.

How to Fold and Hang Tie-Up Valance Curtains

Once you have completed one tie up window valance, the rest will take you no time at all.

How do you dress up a window valance?

You can change out the ribbons and ties anytime you like. You can also change how you tie the ribbons from bows to double bows or simply let the ribbon hang.

How to Fold and Hang Tie-Up Valance Curtains

Now our tie-up valance curtains look professionally hung, and I learned something new to share with you here today, too!

How to Fold and Hang Tie-Up Valance Curtains

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Tie Up Valance for Kitchen

Here, you can see the window valances displayed in our small windows in our country kitchen.

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A window valance adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your windows while allowing you to control the amount of light and privacy in the room. Experiment with different fabric patterns, colors, and tie up styles to create a unique and personalized look for your space. Enjoy the beauty and functionality of your new window treatments!

Country Kitchen
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  1. Hi Anne, thanks for the info. Thinking of doing this on the casement window over my kitchen sink. What color are the walls & cabinets in your kitchen? I’m doing a total remodel of mine.


    1. Hi Diane. The trim is Nantucket Gray and the walls are Simply White🙌🏻

  2. I have always loved the look of these shades! I’m looking for new shades for our barn loft, maybe this is my answer! Thanks for the tips!

    1. I’m so glad you like them Jennifer👏🏻👏🏻

  3. These tips are great and I needed them, thanks.

    1. I’m so glad. Thank you Marlene🙌🏻

  4. Thanks for the tutorial Ann, I’ve been looking for how to do this in an easy way for awhile!

    1. They look so much nicer this way don’t they? So glad you enjoyed it 🙌🏻