These hand-tied bed canopies merge vintage charm with modern finishings. Let me share with you how to create your very own cozy restful bedroom retreat emblematic of an old country inn. Start today with these hand-tied bed canopies.

White Hand Made Bed Canopy

I have loved canopy beds ever since I was a little girl.

When then, I had a white twin canopy bed garnished with pink sheer bedding with raised white dots.

I remember it to this day.

I felt like a princess!

And I think I even had a set of those 70’s baby doll pajamas with the sheer robe that matched my mother’s…

Oh my, right?

But today, I like something a little more sophisticated.

And I’ve had my eye on the “Old Vermont or Country Inn” vibe. A style I talk more about in the post 3 Wallpaper Bedroom Designs Emblematic of a Cozy Vermont Inn.

It’s this decor design and inspiration that led me to these hand-made bed canopies, as seen here at The Grafton Inn, Vermont.

3 Wallpaper Bedroom Designs Emblematic of a Cozy Vermont Inn
Photos courtesy of The Grafton Inn and Jumping Rocks Photography

I was so inspired by the canopy beds in the guest bedrooms at The Grafton Inn that I just knew one of these bed canopies would be the “icing on the cake,” so to speak, towards the “Vermont Country Inn” groove that I was going for in all three of our Vermont home’s bedrooms.

3 Wallpaper Bedroom Designs Emblematic of a Cozy Vermont Inn
Photos courtesy of The Grafton Inn and Jumping Rocks Photography

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Hand Tied Bedding Co.

Made by Hand Tied Bedding Co., which specializes in hand-tied canopy bedding. All of their canopies are handmade in the USA (mountains of North Carolina) using ancient fishnet tying techniques.

And as you can see, many of Hand Tied Bedding Company’s canopies have been featured in popular high-rated inns across the country.

Hand Made Canopy Bed
Photo courtesy of Hand Tied Bedding Company

Choose from Hand Tied Bedding Co.’s already-made inventory, or select your very own custom bed canopy.

I suppose you could call these bed canopies colonial in style, as most notable are the hand-tied fishnet double and single diamonds, large scallop, lover’s knot, straight edge, and the Margaret Winston designs.

I ordered this custom-made canopy to display on our English Farmhouse Spindle Canopy Bed in the master bedroom.

Pine Spindle Canopy Bed

What is a Canopy Bed?

Canopy beds are typically four-poster beds featuring draped fabric over the top and possibly on all sides too.

Often finished off with tassels or other details to add drama.

Canopy Bed in Master Bedroom

What is a four-poster bed, you ask?

A four-poster bed has four vertical columns, one on each corner, that support a tester or upper (usually rectangular) panel. This tester or panel often has rails that allow curtains to be pulled around the bed, turning it into a canopy bed.

Here is a vintage four-poster bed in one of our guest bedrooms, which my parents gifted to us when we first moved to Vermont.

In medieval times, canopy beds were designed to protect the sleeper from falling ceiling or roof debris. Also to shelter Lords while their servants slept on the floors surrounding them.

Castles could be cold and drafty, and the bed canopy curtains provided warmth and a cozy space within a room.

Considered decedent today, canopy beds are the ultimate in dream-come-true bedrooms.

Canopy Bed with Bed Canopy

Is the Four-Poster Bed with a Canopy Back?

The four-poster bed with a canopy is not only back, it never left!

I would argue the same for wallpaper, too.

Both are classic in design and elegance. Designs like these never go out of style and will be treasured for years to come.

So hang your wallpaper and canopy your beds!

Create the restful bedroom retreat you deserve.

Bernese Mountain Dog on Canopy Bed

I still have a ways to go in transforming this master bedroom.

But for now, the wallpaper is hung, and the bed canopy looks like “icing on the cake,” doesn’t it?

Next, it’s onto the bedding itself.

I’m going to invest in a scattering of crisp white bedding sets. There’s just something about white bedding that makes everything feel clean, refreshed, and inviting.

I can’t wait to share my bedding selections with you very soon! You may also enjoy the post, Coastal Bedding Ideas For Your Beach House.

Spindle Canopy Bed with lace canopy.

Vintage Bedroom Charm Meets Modern Finishings

This type of canopy really fits nicely with historic colonial-style bedrooms or paired with early American reproduction furniture or traditional colonial furniture styles.

This is where the charms of vintage and days gone by reconcile with today’s modern handmade furnishings.

Add more vintage bed accents like:

  • Vintage quilts.
  • Chenille, embroidered, Hobnail, or crochet bedspreads.
  • Antique linen, embroidered, monogrammed, or Damask pillow throws.
Hand Tied Bed Canopies Merge Vintage Charm with Modern Finishings

A Vintage Affair

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Hand Tied Bed Canopies Merge Vintage Charm with Modern Finishings
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The wooden spindle canopy bed is made by English Farmhouse Furniture.

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