Are you looking for ideas on how to create an inviting guest bedroom for your company? This is one of my favorite things to do; let me show you how!

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I like to start with the bedding.

Fresh sheets, a cozy comforter, new pillows, and throw blankets just make a guest bedroom look so inviting.

I’ve tried so many different bedding sets over the years, but my favorite is definitely from Schweitzer Linen.

They have gorgeous patterns from contemporary to traditional. And the quality is luxurious!

Here, I decorated our guest bedroom at our home in coastal Maine with Schweitzer Linen’s Seersucker Bedding. You may also enjoy this SMALL COTTAGE GUEST BEDROOM, VINTAGE AND DELIGHTFUL.


Guest Bedroom

Today, I’ll walk you through the guest bedroom at our home in Vermont as I refresh it for spring.

How do you prepare your bedroom for guests?

Today, I started with this bedside table by adding a few essentials:

  • Old fashioned alarm clock.
  • Bouquet of flowers.
  • Reading lamp.
  • An Antique Candle Co. small candle tester will scent the room. Even if you don’t light the candle, it will create a beautiful scent all around the room.
  • A handful of magazines and a gifted vintage book for guests.
  • I added a couple of my favorite vintage perfume atomizers, too.
How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

Oh, you know what?

T.J. Maxx just moved into our town here in Vermont! That’s a huge deal for us, as we don’t have any big box stores nearby.

So, I have never been able to easily run out to buy fresh towels, pillows, sheets, home accessories, etc… Can you believe that?

But I can now…

Shopping Cart

How do you make a guest bedroom feel cozy?

To keep your guests comfortable, add fresh bedding along with a soft, cozy comforter. Here, I added Schweitzer Linen’s gifted Fiore collection to our guest bedroom. I just love the beautiful soft blue and taupe colors for spring.


How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

I also love adding a breakfast tray, like the one I found here while Thrifting with the Gals.

You could add a candle, coffee or teacup, flowers, magazines, and/or books to the breakfast tray, making your guests feel even cozier in your home.

My husband just got back from the grocery store with these orange tulips, so I added them to an old glass jar and displayed them on the breakfast tray along with a vintage tea set and brass candlestick.

How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

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Oh my gosh, it just started snowing like crazy here, and I just heard we’re now expecting 1″- 4″…

I had no idea it was supposed to start snowing!

It’s so beautiful out the guest bedroom window right now on this 9th day of March.

Snow out the Window

Oh boy, I’ll admit that I wasn’t so excited to see the snow, but waking up to this in the morning was priceless! It was one of the top reasons we chose to move to Vermont.

And, of course, I had to run outside with my beautiful pink tulips and take like a thousand photos…

Pink Tulips

Ok, let’s get back to how to make a guest bedroom feel cozy!

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How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

Adding a throw blanket or quilt at the foot of the bed is always a good idea, especially if someone is looking for a little more warmth or you get that sudden snowfall like the one we just got.

There could be a bench, ottoman, or luggage rack at the bottom of the bed for guests to leave their personal belongings. You could also store extra blankets, pillows, and towels there.

How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

Right now, I have a bouquet of floppy pink tulips in our kitchen.

An arrangement of white floppy tulips on this guest bedroom side table.

And now these beautiful orange tulips for the breakfast tray.

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How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

Do you think that’s too many tulip arrangements for spring?

I’m going to keep the orange tulips from getting floppy, though. See how I do that in the How a Penny Can Keep Tulips From Drooping post.

How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

A Guest Bedroom Suite Makeover

Truth be told, there are two guest bedrooms in our home here in Vermont that don’t get a lot of love. They are mostly closed off in the winter to preserve heat.

So I think this will be the year! I’m looking to jazz up these two guest bedrooms and bathroom suite areas with some blue paint and fabulous wallpaper patterns.

How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

So stay tuned, I have so many ideas rolling around in my head!

This guest bedroom looks very different today! See more in the post, 3 Wallpaper Bedroom Designs Emblematic of a Cozy Vermont Inn.

How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

A Vintage Affair

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How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom
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  1. I always love getting good ideas about creating the perfect guest room. I finally got mine all cleaned up and looking forward to having some visitors sometime soon.

  2. Love your guest room. My favorite tip for decorating a guest room is to spend a couple of nights in the room and you will find out what is needed for your guests. I spent a night and quickly realized that my reading light was not adequate and the room needed a mirror.
    Also agree with one of your other readers that you cannot have too many Tulips. Toss up with me as to Tulips or Daffodils are my favorites to bring a taste of spring into my home.

    1. What a fabulous idea 👏🏻👏🏻 I have slept in this room as it’s the most comfortable mattress and bed in the house😉 And you are so right. You notice all the missing things when you do that. Great suggestion. Thank you💃🏼💃🏼

  3. This is such a beautiful and inspiring post! I’m excited to share it with my followers in my Sunday round up post, From My Neck of the Woods!

  4. Kathy Munday says:

    If I was a guest at your house, I’d never want to
    leave the guest bedroom!! Just beautiful!!!! And, by the way, you can never have “too many” tulips!!!! They are so pretty and by reading your blog, I have had at least one bunch at all times in my home….Pennies and all!! Thank you for the inspiration and joy you share with the world!!😊

    1. Kathy you are a girl after my own heart🌷🌷🙏🙏