Homes in Sweden | My 10 Favorite

When I want to be inspired, there’s absolutely nothing like a visit to the homes in Sweden. But I couldn’t just stop there!

Homes in Sweden Embrace – Minimalism – Abundance of candles – Crackling fires – Comforting foods – Reds and blues – Snow – Vintage

The Swedish Mys “Pronounced mees” Like the Danish have their Hygge, the Swedes have their Mys, “Hygge is much broader than mys,” said Malin Lindqvist, a Swedish fabric designer. “The essence of mys is the feeling of warmth, like being wrapped in a woolen blanket amid lighted candles while sipping a steaming mug of tea with a purring cat on your lap.”

Vibeke Design This Norway home could not be more inspiring if it tried. You will find yourself immediately immersed in Nordic coziness, stunning style, and oh-so-warm and inviting!

Nordin- Garden This home in Sweden inspired our Nordic blue door on our red home here in Vermont.

T. Susanna This home is actually in Finland but one of the most inspiring Nordic homes ever. Oh, how I would love to visit Susanna’s red home and enjoy one of her daily coffee cups with her!

Livoghjem Lisbeth embraces the darker antiques and vintage style that is again so welcoming and Nordic in style.

Sebastian Bergstrom Sebastian is a blogger and interior decorator who shares apartment living in Stockholm along with his family home out in the country. Sebastian embraces all things colorful and vintage. And his breakfasts are like no other.

Nina Haug Nina believes decorating is all in the details. She shares the most beautiful winter scenery from her home in Sweden. Amazing outdoor winter inspiration!