I’ve really been looking forward to writing this post, today friends! Are you looking for kitchen counter ideas? Join me in my country kitchen where we’ll bake and talk all about kitchen counter decor ideas.

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When Wayfair reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in sharing kitchen counter decor ideas on the blog, I jumped at the chance to share these 6 best country kitchen counter decor ideas with you from our very own cozy kitchen here in coastal Maine.

Welcome to My Country Kitchen

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

If you are new to my blog, welcome! Our home here in Maine was built by my parents 30 years ago and is a Raeside-Dame home, a replica of an Early American Home. We inherited the home two years ago and have been refinishing and redecorating it ever since, making it into our own. I love all things warm, cozy, and vintage! If you’d like to see more of the home, join me for our home tour and more of its story HERE.

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

1. Aprons

Let’s start with aprons. Because an apron makes every kitchen cozy and inviting!

And here in Maine, you may also find the occasional ski hat hanging around too.

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

This blue checkered apron is available HERE from Wayfair. I think every kitchen needs a beautiful apron or even a collection of aprons how about you?

Aprons always remind me of family gatherings, cooking turkey, my mother, and all the fond memories of time spent in this cozy kitchen cooking together.

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

Whether you use an apron regularly or simply hang it in a corner, they are a must for the ultimate cozy country kitchen.

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2. Nordic Shortbread Cake Pans

All year long I swoon over all the hygge homes in both Sweden and Norway. How they cherish and embrace their long cold winters with Nordic traditions and the coziest home decor ever.

Learn more about the Homes in Sweden | My 10 Favorite HERE.

So when I saw that Wayfair sold these Nordic shortbread cake pans I couldn’t wait to get one and make my first shortbread with you here today, from my mother’s cozy kitchen.

We’ll be making this Nordic Christmas shortbread recipe first shared by English Mum.


My Little Kitchen Helper

Our Berner, Ella will be joining us in the kitchen today too. She has been trying to steal this shortbread off the counter since I made it to share with you here today!

So this should be fun!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Let’s now grab that plaid blue Wayfair apron and nordic pan and let’s get back to the 6 ways to create country kitchen counter spaces as we bake this wonderful nordic shortbread together!

3. A Counter Stand Mixer

Wayfair sells this sleek-looking DASH Mixers 6 Speed 2.5 Qt. Stand Mixer that is both functional and stylish for a country kitchen counter.

Mixer and Tulips

You may also enjoy the How to Use Rolling Pins as Bakers Pantry Door Handles post.

This mixer is available in multiple colors. I have chosen white for my country kitchen counter, as I like the brightness and cleanliness that white brings to a kitchen.

And this Dash mixer is what we will use today to create our shortbread dough.

country kitchen counter


4. Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set

Having a collection of wooden kitchen utensils like these available from Wayfair here displayed on your country kitchen counter creates a feeling of days gone by, as well as provides the functionality one needs in the kitchen.

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas


Country Kitchen Counter Tip!

By the way, I found this vintage wooden table while out “Thrifting with the Gals” for $15 at a local thrift shop.

It adds so much cozy charm and purpose to our vintage-style kitchen and it’s super functional for holding and displaying kitchen accessories. It basically serves as an added kitchen counter space.

Vintage Table

Ok, the Nordic shortbread is ready to go in the oven now friends, for about 20 minutes to bake.

Get the recipe HERE.

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

The Nordic shortbread is now ready to enjoy.

5. Bread Box for Kitchen Counter Top

Did you know that Wayfair has a large selection of countertop bread boxes to choose from?

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

I just love this Bamboo bread box on our kitchen countertop, which now holds the shortbread that I baked with you here today.

Bread boxes are absolutely a must for a cozy country kitchen.

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas


This bread box has strong hardy magnets that keep the glass doors tightly closed and the shortbread safe and sound from Ella jumping up on the kitchen counters to steal a bite…

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

Do you like these pink and white dishes? I found two sets of these dishes out thrifting for under $50 a set. See more of these dishes HERE displayed in our dining room for Valentine’s Day.

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

6. Toaster Oven

Do you hide your toaster or toaster oven in your cabinets and take it out only when you want to use it?

That’s what we used to do with ours. As it took up so much space on our countertops and frankly, I just did not like the way it looked.

But I just love this white compact toaster oven from Brentwood and it’s available from Wayfair HERE.

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

This white compact toaster oven from Brentwood fits our country kitchen countertops beautifully without taking up that important kitchen counter real estate.

You may also enjoy these new valance curtains I just hung in this kitchen too, How to Fold and Hang Tie-Up Valance Curtains.

6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Coastal Maine.

Be sure to also check out our Home in Vermont, too, where we spend winters enjoying the coziness of home in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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6 Best Country Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

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  1. Hey Ann,
    I just read your blog post on the best country kitchen counter decor ideas, and I loved it! Your attention to detail is amazing – from the natural elements like wood and greenery to the vintage items and functional decor. It’s clear that you put a lot of thought into curating this list.
    – Helen

  2. I love this post Ann. Your home is so warm and cozy and probably smells of fresh shortbread.
    It’s funny, I just bought a bread box last week and I haven’t had one since the 1970’s. It has a real Swedish look to it. Very clean lines and simple..
    Thank you for this post. It was fun!

    1. Mary Beth that is so coincidental I love that. I haven’t seen one in a while either and I’m so glad I got this one👩🏻‍🍳

  3. I haven’t thought about a bread box for years!!!!
    I love the one you have with the clear front and top…and it looks good too;)

    1. Thanks so much Maria. Isn’t it it so cute and it definitely adds that cozy feel to the kitchen😃

  4. You have the coziest kitchen! Someday I would like to come for coffee and see all of your lovely home!! Have a great day!

    1. Thank yo so much Kim. This home is a very special place filled with wonderful memories❤️❤️

  5. I just love your posts and adore seeing your winter pictures…The apron hanging in my kitchen says…No need to worry… Grammy is in the Kitchen… and was a gift from the cutest grandbabies alive ( they are 6,4,4 and 4…yes there is a set of twins ) that my amazing daughters blessed me with! Life is good. Peace

    1. Yes I love that so much Cindi. Isn’t it funny how things like this speak to us? I’m so glad you enjoyed it and thanks for joining me❤️