Get ready for summer with a beautiful wreath. Learn how to create your own summer wreath and add a touch of seasonal charm to your home.

Summer Season

The summer season brings a vibrant burst of life and color, making it the perfect time to refresh your home decor with seasonal wreaths.

Spring and summer wreaths, adorned with bright flowers, lush greenery, and natural elements, capture the essence of the warm, sunny months.

These wreaths not only enhance your home’s exterior with their welcoming charm but also bring the lively spirit of summer indoors.

Whether hung on a front door or used as a centerpiece, a spring and summer wreath is a beautiful way to celebrate the season’s abundance and warmth with fresh-looking foliage.

Each wreath would also make for a thoughtful and exquisite gift, too.

Old Badminton Racquets at estate sale in red and blue.
Badminton rackets

After finding a couple of old badminton rackets at an estate sale last weekend and creating a summer wreath out of them, I was inspired to put together all these super creative summer wreath ideas for you from some of my favorite bloggers.

35 Summer & Spring Door Wreath Ideas

Collage of 12 Spring Summer Wreath Door Ideas

What are some creative summer wreath ideas?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner crafter, these 35+ summer and spring door wreath ideas are sure to inspire you.

From a beach house cottage core style to the vintage farmhouse design, there’s something here for everyone.

Let’s begin with handmade wreaths.

Handmade Wreaths

Click on each title for spring and summer wreath tutorials and step-by-step guides.

How To Make A DIY Metal Wreath: A Trendy Anthropologie Hack

If you’re looking for a better way to get the Anthropologie look without breaking the bank, you can make a similar DIY metal wreath with this tutorial by Rachel of The Ponds Farmhouse. The Pollinator Iron Wreath inspires this simple project with a few changes.


A spring wreath with vibrant colors adds a little freshness to your home. This one has eucalyptus branches, sprigs of dried flowers, and buds on the front. KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms suggests adding the wreath to your front door for outdoor use or hanging it on a wall indoors.


Repurposed Croquet Mallet Head Wreath

DIY a fun summer wreath using old croquet mallets. Here’s the simple how-to from my Thrifting with the Gals buddy, Lora of Create and Ponder—the perfect addition for a vintage-inspired home.

Old Badminton Racquet Sporty DIY Wreath

Get crafty this summer with a DIY wreath made from old badminton racquets. This perfect statement piece will add a touch of sporty nostalgia to your front door this season. See more in this Old Badminton Racquet Sporty DIY Wreath post.

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A collection of DIY wreaths that will work for any season! All are affordable and easy to make. Which one will you make first? You’ll find bonus tips for hanging a wreath anywhere, too, designed by Cindy of DIY Beautify. A very berry everyday spring wreath options.

DIY Blueberry Wreath on White Cottage Door.

Looking for more blue-and-white home decor ideas? Click Here!

How to Make a Fresh Lemon Wreath

Wendy of WM Design House shares how to transform your front door into a vibrant welcome with her step-by-step guide on crafting a stunning DIY lemon wreath. The pop of color with fruit accents will add the perfect touch to your front porch for a welcome spring into the summer months.

Spring Summer wreath with lemons and fresh greenery on front door.


So this wreath isn’t quite for a door, but it’s too fantastic not to share. Another thrifting buddy, Cindy of County Road 407, thrifted all these silver trays and created this gorgeous silver tray wreath for her dining room. She shares her step-by-step guide on how to make this beautiful addition.

DIY SILVER TRAY WREATH in farmhouse dining room.

How to Make a Patriotic Wagon Wheel Wreath

Let’s get into the patriotic spirit with this gorgeous wreath made from a wagon wheel by Wendy of WM Design House for your front door. How classic is this?

Red white and blue wagon wheel patriotic summer wreath DIY
Red Decor The Power of Vintage Accents

You may also find inspiration in this Red Decor Home Decorative Objects post.

How to Make a Summer Door Basket

A hanging summer door basket is a great way to add charm and beauty to your entrance while offering a refreshing change from the usual wreath. Heidi of Eleanor Rose Home shares five easy steps for making your door basket for summer in vibrant Americana colors.

DIY Red, white, and blue basket door wreath. on blue door.

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A Patriotic Basket Full of Hydrangeas

Summer Wildflower Wreath

Make this summer wildflower wreath in minutes with a few simple supplies! It’s such a pretty way to decorate your door for summer. Joanna of A Pretty Life has a thing for large, custom, extravagant wreaths with luxurious floral designs.

Extra large wildflower grapevine base round arrangement.
Summer Garden Wreath

Click on each title for spring and summer wreath tutorials and step-by-step guides.

Hydrangea Wreaths

DIY Blue Hydrangea Wreath

It’s no secret that I love hydrangeas! So, I decided that while waiting for mine to bloom this year, I should make a wreath from some of the dried hydrangeas I had left over from last year. This is the story of how one thing led to another, and my blue hydrangea, Fourth of July everyday front door wreath was born! Says Kelly of The Tattered Pew.

Blue hydrangeas grapevine summer wreath on green shutter.

Spring Garden Wreath DIY

I love having faux flowers in our home. I have a vast flower rack filled with them. I use them all of the time, over and over again. So today, I made a spring garden wreath with reusable silk flowers, shares Leslie of My 100 Year Old Home.

Pink Hydrangeas DIY Wreath on white salvaged window for spring.

Grandin Road Inspired DIY Tulip Wreath \ Handmade Floral Designs

A gorgeous spring wreath on your front door is a fun celebration of the new season. While I love the stunning white blooms and green leaves in Grandin Road’s tulip wreath, its $189 price was out of budget. Still, I wanted to create a sweeping DIY tulip wreath with magnolia stems, vines, and white hydrangea for the upcoming spring season. I just love this beautiful wreath made by Stephanie of Celebrated Nest.

Summer and Spring wreath with white tulips and hydrangeas on a green door.

DIY Garden Hose Wreath

As Jill of Create Craft Love shares, think outside the box and create your own garden hose spring wreath to greet your guests.

Green Garden Hose Wreath on black door.


I am so excited to share this umbrella wreath with you. It was so easy and fun; I couldn’t believe how stunning it was with so little effort. It’s the easiest wreath ever! Says these three ladies from This Grandma is Fun.

Brown umbrella hanging on white front door with blush tulips and bow.

Debbie Doo’s shares this wide variety of summer garden wreaths for you to bop around and visit through.

DIY Garden Packet Grapevine Summer Wreath on Door.
Grapevine Wreath Base

Click on each title for spring and summer grapevine base wreath tutorials and step-by-step guides.

How to Make a DIY Grapevine Wreath (or Other Vines) + Decorating Ideas

Deanna of Homestead and Chill: Come learn how to make a classic grapevine base wreath, which can be made with a variety of other vines, too. This rounded arrangement is really easy to do, especially with our simple tutorial—photos and video included! Once you have your rustic grapevine wreath base, you can use it as-is or decorate it with a festive, realistic natural element like dry foliage, florals, beeswax fall leaves, and more.

Six DIY grapevine circular arrangements.

How To Make A Spring Grapevine Wreath – With Pink And White Dried Flowers

Katy from Katy at the Manor shares this perfect wreath made from a grapevine wreath base with pink and white dried flowers.

A Spring grapevine Wreath – With Pink And White Dried Flowers.
Boxwood Wreaths

Click on each title for spring and summer wreath tutorials and step-by-step guides.


Michelle from Thistle Key Lane shares three ways to style a boxwood wreath for summer. She also shares how to make a mini wreath using an embroidery hoop with fresh boxwood clippings for her greenery wreaths.

DIY Boxwood wreath with black and white ribbon on vintage printer wooden printer press.

How To Style A Boxwood Wreath For Stunning Home Decor

Boxwood wreaths are a classic and elegant addition to any home. Decorating a faux boxwood wreath creates a beautiful seasonal accent that will stay vibrant and fresh throughout the entire season. By the end of this blog post by Kim from Cottage in the Mitten, you will have all the knowledge you need to make a super easy and beautiful boxwood wreath with an everyday greenery wreath for your home.

Boxwood Wreath with white flowers and ribbon on front white door.
Succulent Wreaths

Click on each title for spring and summer wreath tutorials and step-by-step guides.

How to Make a Living Succulent Wreath

In this step-by-step photo tutorial, learn how to make a living succulent wreath with this abundant harvest. Cassidy of Succulents and Shine shared this exotic mix rectangular wreath DIY, which will make a statement on your front door.

Succulent Summer Wreath on bright blue door.

DIY: Simple & Stunning Living Succulent Wreath

This DIY succulent wreath is so easy and inexpensive, and it stays alive all year round! Jaime of Pretty Prudent saw a gorgeous version on the new Viva Terra catalog cover and knew she had to make one because she didn’t have $100 to spend on a wreath.

Colorful succulents
15 Cool DIY Projects to Start This Summer

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Lively Sunflower Summer

Click on each title for spring and summer wreath tutorials and step-by-step guides.

25 Easy DIY Sunflower Wreath Ideas

Welcome the sunshine and warmth with a beautiful DIY sunflower wreath for your front door or any space in your home shared by DIY Craftsy. Learn how to make sunflower wreaths with these 25 simple DIY sunflower wreath ideas, featuring burlap wreaths to mesh wreaths.

DIY sunflower wreath with burlap bow.

From vibrant floral arrangements to lush greenery, these 35+ door ideas will inspire you to create a warm and inviting entrance. Celebrate the season’s natural beauty and refresh your decor today with these charming and creative wreath designs.

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