Red Geranium window boxes add a perfect pop of color and Patriotic spirit for those looking to attain this time-honored summer cottage style.

Red Geranium Time-Honored Window Flower Boxes

Stars and Stripes Blog Hop

I’m happy to be joining some very talented bloggers today in sharing our Patriotic home decor with you as we think about the 4th of July holiday weekend just around the corner. Hosted by Kristy over at Kristy Mastrandonas Blog.

If you are joining me from Wendy of WM Design House welcome! Wendy is such a dear friend here in our little blogosphere world and I just love her easy DIY 4th of July decorations don’t you?


Summer Window Boxes

Do you ever look at your home from the outside and think it’s missing something? If you’re like me, it’s like all the time, am I right?

So I grabbed a couple of old window boxes that use to surround our home in Vermont thinking they would be a good fit on each side of our garage here at our home in Maine.

Red Geranium Time-Honored Window Flower Boxes

Painting the wooden wall mounts from red to green to match the Beautiful Essex Green Coastal House Trim.

Then we easily drilled the wooden window flower box mounts below each garage window.

Red Geraniums

With the flower boxes filled with 7 to 8 small potted geraniums from the local garden shop, we rested the window boxes on the wooden mounts for the summer.

Man with Geraniums

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USA Flags

Next, it was time to take out my bag of collected summer Patriotic decor to decorate the window boxes.

It didn’t take long for Ella to join in and help out with the decorating too.

Bernese Mountain Dog with Flag

How to Fix a Flag Pole Rope?

This past winter our flag pole rope broke at our home in Vermont. We have no idea how to fix it as it’s so high up.

Any ideas other than highering a fire truck with a large ladder and a fireman to climb it? I’m so bummed!

Old Collected USA Flags

I’ve collected old torn flags over the years from our Vermont home’s flag pole. And I have hung onto each one of the flags to use throughout our homes for summer Patriotic decorating ideas.

So I thought I would wrap these two old USA flags around the window boxes for the upcoming 4th of July weekend.

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Simple Vintage Americana Porch Table Ideas


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I took a walk around the garage just this morning with my coffee to check out the red geranium window boxes.

And you know what?

Red Geranium Time-Honored Window Flower Boxes

I think these red geranium window boxes stand on their own perfectly fine without the USA flags for the upcoming Patriotic holiday.

I don’t want to overdo it and the pop of red with the white just looks so classic.

What do you think?

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Dog with Window Boxes

You may also enjoy seeing How We Restored our Aged Cedar Shake Siding on this home two years ago. And I’m getting ready to provide an update over there too!

Red Geranium Time-Honored Window Flower Boxes
Font and Pinterest
Red Geraniums Time-Honored Window Flower Boxes

I’ve created the above custom pin just for this post!  Hearing from you makes my day; your comments mean so much! Please join me over on Instagram and Pinterest to see more!

Ann signature black

Stars and Stripes Blog Hop

Next up on today’s Stars and Stripes Blog Hop Tour is Susan over at Hen and Horse Design, who is sharing her simple Patriotic patio decorating ideas. You are going to be so inspired by her amazing outdoor table!

Red Geraniums Time-Honored Window Flower Boxes

If you can believe it, there is still so much more to see. 

Check out my other amazing friends:

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  1. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Ella is so very beautiful!!!

  2. Susan Mogensen says:

    Hi Ann,

    I loved your colorful display ideas for the fourth of July! The red geraniums in the window boxes were my favorite. I visited the people on your blog and thought Wendy’s boxwood wreath with the shaggy ribbons was a unique idea. All of you gals are truly amazing! Always an uplifting experience to see what is on your site.

    1. Thank you so much Susan. It’s always nice hearing from you😃

    1. Thanks Jennifer isn’t she a character:)

  3. I love the window boxes! That is something that I definitely want to add on our home. Just lovely!

  4. I love how you’ve repurposed your window boxes and filled them with red geraniums for the season! They’re perfect for July 4th and all summer long! Always love a sighting of your beautiful pup, too!

  5. Such lovely window boxes, Ann, I love the detail on the front and the green brackets you used. As always, your photography is stunning.

  6. I love how these look, Ann! I am thinking of putting window boxes o.n the guest cottage!

    1. Thanks Molly. They’re simple and easy and not too much care involved. And the pop of color looks so nice from the road❤️

  7. Love your patriotic touches. Ella looked like she had fun too! Pinned!

  8. Ann,
    I love using red geraniums in my decor all summer. These window boxes are amazing.

    1. Thank you Rachel. They are simple and easy, you know my gardening skills❤️😉

  9. Your window boxes are gorgeous. I just love how you used geraniums! A flower my mother would use often in her gardens. It was great joining you today for the hop! Happy 4th to you!

    1. Thank you Susan my mother too that is why I chose them❤️

  10. These window boxes are amazing. Perfect style for your home and the geraniums (one of my favorite flowers) look perfect in them! I love how you have used the flag and your dog is adorable! It is fun to “hop” with you today! Thanks for a great post! ~Missy

    1. Thank you so much Missy. Have a wonderful weekend🙏