Discover the beauty of cherry blossom pink depression glass. Learn about its history and how to incorporate it into your spring tablescape.

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While I was out antiquing last week, I came across a complete eight-piece vintage dinnerware set of Depression Glass Cherry Blossom for just $100. I’ve never owned depression glass before, and I thought it would be so unique for a spring tablescape.

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I’m excited to share this Depression Glass Cherry Blossom spring table with you today while joining the amazing ladies of “A Lifestyle of Love Blog Hop,” hosted by Cindy from County Road 407.

If you are joining me from CoCo over at The Crowned Goat, welcome! Isn’t her jadeite cake stand a dream?

What is Depression Glass Cherry Blossom?

Depression Glass refers to a type of glassware that was mass-produced in the United States during the Great Depression era, primarily from the 1920s to the 1940s. One popular pattern of Depression Glass is the Cherry Blossom pattern. Here is some information about Depression Glass Cherry Blossom:

  • Design: The Cherry Blossom pattern features a delicate design of cherry blossoms and branches. The pattern is usually pressed onto the glass, creating a raised texture. The cherry blossoms are typically depicted in full bloom, adding a touch of elegance to the glassware.
  • Colors: Depression Glass Cherry Blossom was produced in various colors, including pink, green, yellow, and clear. Pink is the most commonly found color in this pattern, and collectors highly seek it out. Green is the second most common color, followed by yellow and clear.
  • Pieces: The Cherry Blossom pattern was produced in a wide range of glassware pieces, including plates, cups, saucers, bowls, serving dishes, pitchers, and more. Some of the popular pieces in this pattern include the dinner plate, salad plate, cup and saucer set, creamer, and sugar bowl.
  • Collectibility: Depression Glass Cherry Blossom is highly collectible among glassware enthusiasts and vintage collectors. Its delicate design and variety of colors make it a sought-after pattern. The pink color is particularly desirable and tends to command higher prices in the collector’s market.
  • Reproductions: It’s important to note that reproductions of Depression Glass are in circulation. These reproductions are often made with modern glass and may lack the same quality and craftsmanship as the original pieces. If you are interested in collecting authentic Depression Glass Cherry Blossom, it is recommended that you purchase from reputable dealers or experts in the field.
  • Care: When handling Depression Glass or any other vintage glassware, proper care is important to avoid damage. Avoid exposing the glassware to extreme temperature changes, as this can cause cracking or breakage. Handwashing with mild soap and water is recommended, and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers that may scratch the glass.

Depression Glass Cherry Blossom is a beautiful collectible pattern that adds vintage charm to any table setting or glassware collection. Whether you’re a collector or simply appreciate the beauty of vintage glassware, Depression Glass Cherry Blossom is a timeless choice.

Depression Glass Cherry Blossom Place Setting

Depression Glass Cherry Blossom Place Setting

Vintage Depression Glass Cherry Blossom

The Depression Glass Cherry Blossom table setting I picked up came with a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, mug, and saucer. I added a large white plate as a foundation and a little blue glass plate I found thrifting for .50 cents for a hint more of spring’s soft colors.

Depression Glass Cherry Blossom cup and saucer place setting.

What pairs well with cherry blossom pink depression glass?

I started by pairing my mother’s vintage silver flatware. Although Depression Glass Cherry Blossom was considered a thrifty treasure in the 1930s, it pairs beautifully with finer vintage tableware, too!

Vintage Depression Glass Cherry Blossom table setting for spring.

What colors go well with cherry blossom pink depression glass?

This was the first time I had decorated a table with Depression Glass Cherry Blossom, and I have to admit, I struggled a bit. So, I headed back to the local vintage shop to see what else I could find to pair with this beautiful pink glassware.

That’s where I found a simple white linen tablecloth with a blue eyelet and a small round lace doily to center the table. So, my answer today is light blue!

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Do you love antiquing and thrifting?

Join me here every third Thursday of the month for our favorite blog series, “Thrifting with the Gals.” I join a few of my friends and share all our thrifting adventures, along with vintage decorating tips and trips from around the country. It’s super fun!

Depression Glass Cherry Blossom: Place Setting

White table napkins and placemats pair beautifully with the Depression Glass Cherry Blossom place settings, and I even added a touch of gold to the mixture with a bowl filled with faux fruits for a hint of more color.

Depression Glass Cherry Blossom table setting and crock bunny centerpiece.

Spring Table Centerpiece

While I was at the local antique shop, I discovered this crock-like vase with four bunnies holding it up. It’s so cute for Easter and spring, right? I added some simple faux flowers to the vase. I will use this year-round, too!

The vintage and neutral color of this vintage vase and flowers allows the Depression Glass to be the main feature of this spring table setting.

Spring table setting with bunny crock vintage centerpiece

Blue Glass Candle Sticks

I found these blue glass candlesticks while shopping in Maine. They are both a candle holder and a vase! They also paired beautifully with the rest of the table’s blue touches, all the vintage glassware, and pink candles for spring.

Depression Glass Cherry Blossom Pink Table  with spring flowers  and vintage mantel.

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Vintage Mantel

In the background is a vintage mantel we installed several years ago. Learn how to easily install a vintage mantel here. Last year I hung teacups over it and this year I’ve hung several small thrifted vintage plates with just a thumbtack, fishing line, and commando strips.

You may see more in the DIY Vintage Plates and Windows: A Simple Tutorial post.

Spring vintage table setting in pink and blue glassware.

What is a safe way to store Depression Glass?

The most important thing is to find good storage options for your vintage dishes. The dishes I shared with you today came with these storage bags, but you may also find this very set on Amazon.

Dish Storage Bags.

Journal of Antiques & Collectibles

I want to thank the Journal of Antiques & Collectibles for featuring our table setting as the cover feature in its April 2024 issue, Decorating with Glass.

Gratefully Vintage

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  1. I enjoyed your tablescape so much. I don’t own any pink and very little green Depression glass–I think of those 2 colors together for spring. I have a large collection, however, of Federal marigold Bouquet and Lattice, aka Normandie, dishes that I love for holidays/get togethers. The large grill plates slow down gravy overflow! Altough I have found 4-5 pieces together at times, I have put it all together, mainly a few pieces at a time; it can be done! I have several old Yorktown *similar to the old Fiesta) dishes that my mother got as movie premiums in the 30’s. Always wondered exactly what dishes were gtiven away–also what the towels in detergent looked like!

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy. I so appreciate you stopping by today!

  2. Wow! What a find in that pink depression glass set. I have a few dessert plates that were my grandmother’s. Yours is so pretty paired with the turquoise!

    1. Thank you so much, Christy. I appreciate it so much!

    1. Rachel, you’re the best. Thank you so much!!

  3. This is absolutely stunning!!! I adore pink depression glass!!! There’s nothing quite like it! just so pretty!!! You have styled your pieces absolutely beautifully!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Emily. I know you can appreciate a good thrifted table!

  4. I received several pieces of green depression glass from my grandmother, and I’ve always loved them. I also have thrifted several pieces of pink salad plates. Now I need to figure out what I’ve done with them. I love your tablescape with all the beautiful pastel colors mixed together, it’s perfect for your beautiful aesthetic. Hope you’re having a great weekend Ann!

    1. Thank you so much Debra. This was definitely new to me but I’m really enjoying the depression glass. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  5. I think that was a steal of a deal on your depression glass. And you can never go wrong with pink! It’s the most beautiful shade. I love it. Your table turned out lovely. Hope you use your new collection. Thanks for joining in!

    1. Thank you so much for including me Cindy, luv these blog hops!

  6. What an absolutely amazing collection! You created a truly stunning tablescape. On another note, your photography is just breathtaking!

    1. Thank you so much Laura, I appreciate it greatly!!

  7. I didn’t know that depression glass was given away. Great find and fun to know the history of it. Adorable tablescape. The glass is so pretty.

    1. Thanks so much Katie. I didn’t realize that until recently either🙌🏻

  8. I just love the pink depression glass you found while thrifting Ann! I only hope I can find something like it when I’m thrifting someday! The pink looks so incredible with your blues. Just beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much Kim. So different for me❣️

  9. Rebecca Payne says:

    I love your table. Gorgeous!

  10. This is so pretty, Ann:) I love pink depression glass and it pairs so well with the greens, blues and aquas. Always love seeing your beautiful styling!

  11. So much fun learning about depression glass today, Ann! I have very small bowls that are green depression glass from my great-grandmother but I’m always afraid to use them. Love that you found this beautiful set and how you’ve styled your table for Spring. It’s really beautiful. Hope your weekend is a fun one. Happy Spring! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thanks so much CoCo this is the first set I’ve ever owned. I luv that I was able to find a complete table set!

  12. The depression glass is beautiful Ann and fits in with your decorating style so well. I love all the pretty vintage touches in your homes. Enjoy a beautiful day! xo