DIY American Flag Wood Projects

Creating a vintage-inspired DIY American flag wood project for summer decor offers a blend of patriotism, creativity, and a personal touch that resonates deeply during the summer season.

This flag design project is a perfect way to celebrate national pride in a unique and artistic way, especially around holidays like the Fourth of July. The vintage aesthetic adds a nostalgic charm, evoking a sense of history and tradition that complements outdoor gatherings and festive environments with traditional red, white, and blue.

DIY American Flag with Antique Spindles

Additionally, the DIY aspect empowers you to engage in a hands-on activity, fostering a sense of accomplishment and personalization. It’s an opportunity to craft a distinctive piece of home decor that stands out from mass-produced items, reflecting your very own style and dedication.

Spindle Post American Flag Set of 3 by Antique Farmhouse.
Photo: Courtesy of Antique Farmhouse

Antique Farmhouse Spindle American Flag Set

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DIY American Flag Materials Needed:

Three USA Flags and Spindles and Glue gun.

I was fortunate enough to have found these ten antique wood grain spindles last Christmas. They were selling for just $10 a bundle in an antique shop. I’m so glad I grabbed them when I did, as I had no idea then what I would use them for. And now here we are with this fun project…

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How Do You Make a DIY Wooden Flag?

This DIY American flag project is so simple that anyone can make it. It’s also super versatile, and when you don’t want to use them anymore, you can easily dismantle these antique American spindle flags to repurpose.

DIY American Flag with Antique Spindles

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1:

First step, pull the flag off of its store-bought flag pole.

I could easily remove the flags and staples from their wooden poles with just my hands.

Next step, align the flag to the top of the antique spindle that you want to use for the flag pole’s straight edge.

USA Flag on Antique Spindle and Glue Gun

You could also easily modify this DIY wooden American flag project with larger or smaller antique wooden dowel and flag dimensions, like the one in this photo below, which is a 4″ x 6″ flag with the same spindle for your preferred right size.

American flag on antique spindle

Step 2:

Flip over your American flag to the back of the flag, and using your hot glue gun, add a strip of glue down the side of the flag that you will glue to the antique spindle as you originally aligned it.

Next, flip the flag back over and attach the flag to the wooden spindle.

It’s that easy!

The final step, let your DIY American wood flags dry, and enjoy.

I like to let my glue dry for 24 hours before decorating to ensure it is as sturdy as possible.

Three DIY American Flags on Table Drying.

Before I decided to glue the American flags onto the antique spindles, I tried using a staple gun, which failed miserably, as an FYI. The staples were not at all visibly appealing, and it was really tough getting them into the antique spindle’s hardwood.

Decorating Ideas for DIY American Flag Spindles

By incorporating these DIY American flags made from antique spindles into various areas of your home, you can create a warm and welcoming environment that beautifully honors the spirit of Americana. Here are a few decorating ideas with blue colors to get you started:

I chose an antique A.E. Hull blue pitcher, a great way to display my DIY American flags both indoors and outdoors. Learn more about A.E. Hull in the Antiques in Maine & Summer Vintage Haul post.

  • Wall Art: Create a striking focal point by arranging a collection of antique spindles shaped like the American flag on a large blank wall. Paint the spindles in red, white, and blue, and arrange them to resemble the stars and stripes of the flag. This unique wall art piece will make a bold statement in any room.
  • Mantel Display: If you have a fireplace mantel, use antique spindles to create a patriotic display. Place a row of your DIY American flag spindles along the mantel or in a white farmhouse pitcher. Add some vintage accessories, such as old books, mason jars filled with flowers, or vintage patriotic memorabilia, to complete the look.
  • Entryway Decor: Welcome guests with a patriotic touch in your entryway. Display a pitcher or vase with your newly designed DIY American flag spindles, and add a few decorative items like a vintage metal star, a small flag-themed wreath, or a patriotic quote sign.
  • Entryway Accent: Welcome guests with a patriotic touch by placing your DIY American flag in your entryway. Lean it against a wall or prop it up on a console table alongside a vase of fresh flowers and a welcoming sign to create an inviting first impression.
  • Table Centerpiece: Use your antique spindles to create a charming dining or coffee table centerpiece. Arrange a cluster of spindles in a mason jar or a vintage pitcher and tie a red, white, and blue ribbon around them. Place the jar on a decorative tray or a patriotic-themed table runner, and add small American flag accents or patriotic-themed candles. You may be inspired by these Vintage Style Patriotic Centerpiece and A Patriotic Basket Full of Hydrangeas posts.
  • Outdoor Decor: Extend the patriotic theme to your outdoor space. It’s a good idea to attach your DIY American flags to a wooden post or a fence and display them in your garden or on your porch. You can also create a festive wreath using spindles, burlap, and faux flowers to hang on your front door.
Simple Vintage Americana Porch Table Ideas

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DIY or Crafting

Do you consider this DIY American flag project a DIY or a craft project?

DIY American Flag with Antique Spindles

This post has brought me to an often-thought-about question: What is the difference between DIY and crafting? Sometimes, it’s very obvious; for example, building a table and using power tools would be considered a DIY, while knitting a sweater would be considered a craft.

This is what I have learned:

The terms “craft” and “DIY” (Do It Yourself) are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct connotations:


  • Skill and Artistry: Craft typically implies a level of skill, artistry, and expertise. It often involves traditional techniques and practices passed down through generations or developed over time.
  • Materials and Tools: Crafts can involve specialized materials and tools. Examples include knitting, pottery, woodworking, and jewelry making.
  • End Product: The focus is often on creating aesthetically pleasing and high-quality items, which might be decorative, functional, or both.
  • Community and Tradition: Crafting often ties strongly to cultural traditions and can be associated with specific communities or artisanal practices.
DIY American Flag with Antique Spindles in A.E. Hull Antique Blue Pitcher on Porch

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  • Practical and Accessible: DIY emphasizes the act of creating or repairing something yourself rather than purchasing it pre-made or hiring a professional. It promotes self-sufficiency and can range from simple to complex projects.
  • Wide Range of Projects: DIY can include home improvement, furniture assembly, crafting, personal projects, and more. It covers a broader scope of activities than traditional crafts.
  • Learning and Experimentation: DIY projects often encourage learning new skills and experimenting with materials and techniques. It’s about personal involvement and the satisfaction of completing a project independently.
  • Functional and Cost-Effective: Many DIY projects are driven by practicality, such as saving money, customizing something to personal taste, or fixing something that’s broken.

While both crafts and DIY involve creating and making things by hand, crafts tend to focus more on traditional skills and artistry, whereas DIY is broader, encompassing a wide range of practical, creative, and often self-taught projects.

Now that we have all the details, I think today’s DIY American flag project qualifies as a true DIY.

Three American DIY Flags with antique spindles

What do you think? Good luck with your DIY American flags celebrating Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, and more this summer.

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DIY American Flag with Antique Spindles
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