Celebrate the Fourth of July with a patriotic centerpiece featuring red geraniums and vintage American flags.

I can not believe that the Fourth of July is next weekend already. It snuck up on me so quickly this year. And with today being a rainy day, I got to decorating and putting together this quick and easy vintage-style Patriotic centerpiece with classic red geraniums.

Patriotic Centerpiece with red geraniums

Red Geraniums Centerpiece Ideas

A red geraniums centerpiece brings a vibrant and patriotic touch to any table setting, perfect for celebrating national holidays or simply adding a pop of color to your decor. Placed in a classic white ceramic pot or a rustic galvanized metal container, the geranium’s rich, bold red stands out.

Adding accents like a blue ribbon tied around the base, mini American flags, and white milkglass vases enhances the patriotic theme, creating a striking red, white, and blue display. This centerpiece not only celebrates the spirit of Americana but also infuses your space with the cheerful and lively essence of summer, making it a stunning focal point for gatherings and festivities.

Here are a few red geraniums ideas to get you started:

  • Classic Patriotic Display: Place red geraniums in a white ceramic or galvanized metal pot. Surround the pot with mini American flags and tie a blue ribbon around the base. This simple yet striking arrangement is perfect for any patriotic celebration. You may be inspired more by this Galvanized Flower Buckets: 7 DIY Floral Designs post.
  • Vintage Wooden Crate: Use a vintage wooden crate as the base for your centerpiece. Fill it with pots of red geraniums, add small white flowers like baby’s breath, and add blue accents like ribbon or fabric for a rustic, patriotic look.
  • Lantern Floral Arrangement: Place red geraniums inside a large decorative lantern. Weave a string of fairy lights around the flowers for added flair and place a small American flag inside. This centerpiece will add a warm, festive glow to your table.
  • Tiered Tray Display: Arrange red geraniums on a tiered tray stand. On the different levels, add small decorative items such as miniature American flags, blue and white candles, and patriotic-themed figurines for a layered, festive look.
  • Rustic Mason Jars: Fill Mason jars with red geraniums and tie a blue and white gingham ribbon around each jar. Group several jars together on a wooden tray or directly on your table for a charming, farmhouse-style centerpiece. You may enjoy my friend Kim from Shiplap and Shell’s post on How to Easily Start Geraniums from Cuttings.
  • Wicker Basket Arrangement: Use a wicker basket as the base for your centerpiece. Fill it with red geraniums, adding white hydrangeas and blue delphiniums for a full, lush display. This arrangement brings a touch of country charm to your decor. You may enjoy this Red, White, and Blue Centerpiece with White Hydrangeas post.
  • Patriotic Watering Can: Fill a vintage metal watering can with red geraniums and place it in the center of your table. Decorate the handle with a blue ribbon and add small white star embellishments to enhance the patriotic theme.
  • Decorative Planter Box: Use a decorative wooden planter box painted distressed white. Plant red geraniums inside and add small American flags and blue ribbons. This centerpiece is ideal for a long dining table or buffet.
  • Miniature Wheelbarrow: For a whimsical touch, use a small decorative wheelbarrow as the base for your centerpiece. Fill it with red geraniums and add some greenery and white and blue flowers to complete the look.
  • Elegant Candle Arrangement: Place a cluster of red geraniums around a tall white pillar candle in the center of your table. Use a blue and white striped ribbon to tie the flowers together and add small star accents for a refined yet festive display.
American Flag on Patriotic red white and blue colors on table.

You may also find inspiration in this DIY American Flag with Antique Spindles project.

Red Geraniums Patriotic Centerpiece

American Flags

I have a small collection of old, weathered flags from our home’s flag pole. Since we seem to need to replace them almost every year, I keep the flags to use throughout my decor during the summer months.

I simply bunched two of the old American flags around a pot of outdoor red geraniums in a Chinoiserie pot I found at a local nursery earlier this year. You may also enjoy this Usher in Winter with Blue and White Chinoiserie post.

American flag in vintage milk glass vase.

Vintage milkglass vases

Milkglass vases are a fabulous way to highlight American flags and flowers into your patriotic home decor. They are inexpensive and pair beautifully with red and blue.

American Flags in vintage milkglass vases on table.

These milkglass vases, which I found Thrifting with the Gals a couple of weeks ago, worked perfectly as a base for the small USA flags.

You may also be inspired by this: What Does Frugality Mean to You? post.

Red Geraniums centerpiece Patriotic Style

And that was it, friends—a simple Patriotic centerpiece made from red geraniums! I love how the red geraniums pop next to my mother’s antique transferware collection in the background.

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Red Geraniums centerpiece on dining room table for Fourth of July decor.

You may also enjoy this 6 Patriotic Tablescapes Perfectly Alfresco post, which offers more patriotic table inspiration for your outdoor gatherings.

Red Geraniums on dining room table for Patriotic Centerpiece

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Red Geraniums- A Patriotic Centerpiece

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Red, White, and Blue Centerpiece with White Hydrangeas

Looking for more patriotic decorating ideas?

A Vintage Affair

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Red Geraniums- A Patriotic Centerpiece
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  1. This patriotic centerpiece is so perfect for the holiday. You create some of the prettiest tablescapes Ann. I love your style!

    1. Cool ideas!!!👍🏻 I’m going to use your ideas for a rope instead of a ribbon 🤩 Thanks 🇺🇸

  2. How beautiful!!’ I love your patriotic decor Ann! That centerpiece is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing my 4th of July dinner party ideas! I hope we can connect in VT soon!!!