Welcome to our ski lodge winter decor-themed farmhouse porch from our home in the Vermont mountains. Let me show you how to get this look!

Ella, our Bernese Mountain Dog, will greet and walk you around in full-out excitement. She’s our little Vanna White… It may be a bit messy with snow, but we prefer it this way.

Ski Lodge Winter Porch Decor on Full Display

We just got about 12″ of fresh snow and are so happy about it. Snow just makes everything that much more beautiful. And it’s also how our four-season tourist town here in Vermont thrives. People visit us here in the winter months to ski, snowshoe, winter hike, spa, ice skate, shop, hockey, snowmobile, and more. Without the snow, well it could be devastating. So we are always doing our snow dances around here…

Ski Lodge Winter Porch Decor on Full Display

Vintage Ski Lodge Decor

One of my favorite winter decorations is the classic vintage ski lodge decor look. I have always admired it and even created an entire blog series around it, which you may see more of HERE.

Vintage Ski Lodge Decor Series

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Ski Lodge Winter Porch Decor on Full Display

This year, I decorated our farmhouse porch overlooking the Green Mountains of Vermont with evergreen-filled planters, vintage snowshoes, a vintage toboggan, an old sled, swags, and, of course, skis.

Swags and Evergreen Planters

Small evergreen swags with burgundy bows rest on the outside of each of the five farmhouse porch beams. I will leave these up throughout January, maybe removing the bows, but maybe not. Right now, I’m really adoring the burgundy color with the evergreens next to our red house and dark porch wood.

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Ski Lodge Winter Porch Decor on Full Display

2 Evergreen-filled planters frame the entryway to the porch. I keep these simple! Just lots’ of evergreens and maybe a pinecone or two. The planters are filled with dirt and rocks, but they will still blow over on a weekly basis with the extreme weather we can get here.

Ski Lodge Winter Porch Decor on Full Display

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Jack Jumper Sleds

This past fall, I picked up a couple of Jack Jumper sleds while out “Thrifting with the Gals.” You may see more in the post, Vintage Market Days Fall 2022 Vermont.

Do you know what a Jack Jumper is? Fairly native to Vermont and usually homemade, you can still find them at ski resorts like Stratton and Bolton Valley, which host Jack Jumper competitions. You simply sit on the sled and race down the mountain.

But I like mine just fine with burgundy bows sitting pretty on my winter farmhouse porch.

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Ski Lodge Winter Porch with Bernese Mountain Dog

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Vintage Snowshoes

The Jack Jumpers may be my favorite on the porch this year, but a very close second is vintage snowshoes. I found a couple of pairs last year in an antique shop. Definitely check out the post, Ski Lodge Vintage Snowshoes, to learn all about all the available shapes and sizes and for more decorating tips, too.

Here are the snowshoes from last year wired onto our front porch beam with a scarf and at the foot of each post, a vintage ski boot with evergreens.

Ski Lodge Vintage Snowshoes and Dog

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You will love seeing more of these vintage ski boots HERE.

This year, I hung one snowshoe on each side of our entryway porch doors. No greens, scarves, or bows. Just the snowshoes themselves. I wanted them to sit pretty in the background, away from the porch.

See what I mean about our little Vanna White? haha

Ski Lodge Winter Porch Decor on Full Display

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Vintage Toboggan

Did you have a toboggan growing up? We used to go tobogganing at our local golf course when I was growing up in Maine. When school was closed for a snow day, we would all call one another on the phone, arranging an afternoon of sledding and tobogganing. It was so much fun! I would stay out until I was frozen solid…

I have picked up a couple of them on my antiquing jaunts. And surprisingly they aren’t that expensive. The ones I have found have each been under $100.

Ski Lodge toboggan, sleds, and Dog

You can see last year’s winter ski lodge porch toboggan in the post, Vintage Toboggan Sled | Ski Lodge Decor. It was a beauty! And I ended up selling it in my vintage window booth to someone who was going to make a coffee table out of it!

You may learn more about the booth in the post, How to Start a Vintage Booth Business.

Vintage Toboggan

This year’s toboggan has the red cushion with it, and I hung it up on our porch wall next to the single snowshoe.

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Ski Lodge Winter Porch Decor on Full Display


Christmas Tree

Last year, our neighbor had a pine tree top fall in their yard. And he gave it to me to use for decoration. A naked Christmas tree leaning up on the porch reminds me of a country Christmas from a Hallmark movie. I don’t have one this year, unfortunately, but it’s a favorite that I wanted to share again.

Can you believe this was just the top of a pine tree?

You may see more of last year’s porch with the tree in the post, Vintage Ski Lodge Porch | Get the Look.

Look at all this snow!

Red and green seem to be the popular colors of Vermont homes. Can you see why?

Winter Christmas Scene with Snow

Split Rail Fence

Recently, we installed this split rail fence to add a little depth to our view of the mountains. And another thing for me to decorate:) We will let it weather into a natural gray color.

Bernese Mountain Dog Next to Fence

I added larger green swags with burgundy bows to match the swags on the ski lodge winter porch. I’ll leave these up through January, too, or as long as we have snow.

Hot Tub with Mountain Views

I hope you found tons of ski lodge winter porch decorating ideas here today from our snowy farmhouse porch in the mountains of beautiful Vermont.

Mountain Views from Porch

Oh, and I decided to add a vintage snowshoe to each planter, too.

Ski Lodge Winter Porch Decor on Full Display

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Vermont.

Be sure also to check out our Home in Coastal Maine, where we spend summers and weekends when we are craving a walk on the beach or a visit with old friends.

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Ski Lodge Winter Porch Decor on Full Display

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  1. I just found your blog and think it’s awesome. I happen to love winter and snow, so I adore your beautiful red house in all it’s magnificent snowy Vermont pictures! I’ve enjoyed alot of skiing in that lovely state Oh, I love your little Vanna White! Ella is gorgeous…. oh that cocked head look❤

    1. Thank you so much Tricia and welcome! We love Vermont too and get ready for lots of cocked-head tilts:) Best to you!