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Are you ready to go thrifting this summer? Here are 17 of the best summer thrift home decor accessories to look for at yard sales and thrift shops this summer.

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If you are joining me from Cindy over at County Road 407, welcome! Cindy is our monthly guest host and a regular here with “Thrifting with the Gals.” You will love her post from her home in Texas on Look for These Lovely Finds Thrifting with the Gals This Summer.

Vintage Finds and Tulips, Summer thrift.

17 Summer Thrift Home Decor Accessories

What are some summer thrift store decor ideas?

Summer thrifting is the best, and I had so much fun rounding up 17 of my favorite thrift store decor ideas for you today. From outdoor to indoor home decor accessories, these thrifted finds will set you on the right track for all your summer home decorating needs.

What are some good summer thrift decor ideas for my house?

Let’s get started…

1. Terracotta Pots Summer Thrift

Old terracotta pots are colorful, chippy, and add texture to outside summer decor like benches, gardens, shelving, and more. Grab them up while they last. Because weathered terracotta pots are in high demand! And if they have a little green summer moss on them, even better for your summer thrift~

Terracotta Pots in Green Bin, summer thrift

2. Bright Colorful Chairs

Bright, colorful chairs add charm and character to backyard tables in the summertime. Circle a small bistro table with these beauties, use them as extra outdoor seating, and place them in your gardens, sunrooms, etc… Vintage chairs are wonderful summer thrifts. You may also enjoy the Antique Chairs Collecting and Styling Ideas post.

What accessories are in style this summer?

3. Old Shoes and Pocket Books

Old boots, sneakers, and pocketbooks make for whimsical summer thrift garden decor. Fill them with your favorite plants and place them on your front door steps, in the garden, on a chair, etc.

You may also enjoy this White & Green Rustic Summer Flower Planters Sure To Charm You post.

4. Summer Thrift Ladders

Old ladders, specially painted in vibrant colors—what’s not to love? Use them in the garden with terracotta pots displayed on the rungs, or lean the ladder up against a barn, garage, etc. It’s a great way to add color with functionality outdoors this summer’s thrift.

Red Vintage Ladder at vintage market.

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5. Vintage Lemonade Sets

I have a thing for vintage and retro lemonade sets. I love serving iced tea in old lemonade sets on the porch during the summer. I also use one in our new breakfast nook that you may enjoy seeing.

Enjoy this post, 15 Cool DIY Projects to Start this Summer.

15 Cool DIY Projects to Start This Summer

Along with the post, 9 Summer Porches You’ll Fall in Love With.

6. Blue and White Bowls

Small blue and white bowls are collector items. I’ll thrift these little vessels right up. They’re wonderful for holding seashells, sea glass, small driftwood, and other summer collectibles.

You can see more in the post Vintage Coastal Coffee Table Decor Ideas and Sage Farm Antiques Early Evening Buy Event.

7. McCoy Vases

I’ve started my own vintage McCoy vase collection; see more in the post: Vintage Eclectic Decor Meets Craft Room Design. They come in all different pastel colors and make wonderful vases for all your summer flower arrangements. You may also enjoy the Wildflower Arrangements and Scavenger Hunt post.

You may also enjoy the Flower Press: Vintage Meets Academia post.

8. Summer Thrift Quilts

Quilts aren’t just for cozy winter days. They’re alluring home decor accessories in the summertime, too. Just look at this gorgeous vintage blue quilt in our sunroom last summer before we changed it all up; see more in the post, Four-Season Sunroom Makeover with Grand Mountain Views.

You may also enjoy the post, How to Fold and Display Heirloom Quilts.

Blue and White Quilt in sunroom

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9. Blue and White Platters and Dishes

Blue and white platters are very affordable these days. I collected and created this vintage platter wall that you may enjoy seeing. Don’t like the platters? Create a similar look with collected vintage blue and white dishes.

Or use them as serving trays for hors d’oeuvres and appetizers. You may enjoy this post, How to Assemble the Perfect Cheese Platter | Vintage Style too.

Blue and White Asymmetrical Vintage Platter Wall | Design Yours Today

10. Galvanized Buckets

Galvanized buckets aren’t just for holding water. They are super fun to use in summer flower bouquets. See more in the post, 7 Old Galvanized Bucket Planter Ideas.

Old Galvanized Bucket Planter Ideas

11. Summer Thrift Old Roadmaps

Last summer, a bundle of old New England roadmaps was among my favorite yet interesting thrift finds. And I love them! They’re super cute on a table in our guest bedroom. They make a great conversation piece on the coffee table, too.

You may also enjoy 58+ Old Fashioned Bargains and 3 Summer Vintage Markets post.

12. Vintage Telephones

Summer thrift a few old telephones. They are darling on tables, desks, and in kitchens.

13. Vintage Boat Oars

Old boat oars make fantastic beachy summer home decor accessories. They can be hung on the wall, leaning up in a corner, on the side of a house, and more. Summer thrift away…

14. Shutters

I love picking up old shutters to hang on walls, center a tablescape, hang pictures, and more. Shutters are great for adding texture to your home decor.

15. Vintage Tablecloths

In my opinion, tablecloths are one of the best thrifted summer home decor accessories you could add to your interior and exterior decor designs. You can find them everywhere; they’re inexpensive, and they add so much character to outdoor and indoor tablescapes.

Thrift them up!

See more in the post How to Fashionably Bring Your Dining Room Outside This Summer. You may also enjoy the post How to Create an Outdoor Dining Oasis.

16. Old License Plates

Old license plates are great for making wall hangings for game rooms, garages, worksheds, and bedrooms. I made several wall hangings with my father’s old vanity license plates here. See more in the post, License Plate DIY: Hat Rack and Wall Decor.

17. Old Trophies

Old trophies make for imaginative summer flower bouquets. From small to large, they definitely pack a punch. So collect away, as these will look fabulous anywhere in your home this summer!

Polish them up so they look brand new or keep them that fabulous old patina, the choice is yours!

Bouquet of Flowers in a vintage Trophy

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17 Best Summer Home Decor Accessories to Thrift

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  1. So many great ideas, Ann! You find the best things and use them in such creative ways! Always fun to go thrifting with you gals!

  2. Love this list, Ann! We were thinking along the same lines today! So many fun items on your list!

    1. Thanks so much Robin, Yes definitely thinking alike! Happy Summer Robyn!

  3. Anne from Simply2Moms says:

    You always find the best stuff! I’m loving those green and white dishes! As for vintage chairs, I might have a problem with bringing new ones home… LOL Sharing this with our readers in our Sunday roundup!

    1. Aww thanks so much Anne, I appreciate that so much. New chairs are good too. I like new just as much as I like old, LOL.

  4. It’s always so fun to go Thrifting with you, love these posts, thanks.

  5. Cindy@CountyRoad407 says:

    One of my goals is to fly up to your neck of the woods and go thrifting. Not kidding. I plan to fly up there, rent a truck and go to town! I loved everything in your photos. I saw a red house (maybe a small chicken coop) that I would have snatched up real quick! We also have a full collection of old Texas license plates that I have no clue what to do with. It dates back to the very first plate made in 1917 (in TX). It’s a small medallion radiator seal. I could chat all day about thrifting! Loved joining y’all today. Happy hunting!

    1. Cindy, that sounds like such a fun trip, definitely let me know if you make it out here, I’d love to show you around!!

  6. Cara Gannon says:

    Great collection!!

  7. Kathy Munday says:

    Good Morning Ann
    Love the old vases including the trophy and galvanized bucket! I have a full set for 12 of the blue onion dinnerware. My Mom gave it to me as a wedding gift nearly 55 years ago and it’s still like new AND dishwasher safe!!!! Thrifting with the gals is so much fun and offers so many ideas. I need another house to fit most of it!!! And I laughed at Ella’s picture….Is she REALLY free and works good??? I’ll take her!!!🤣🤣🤣

    1. Hi Kathy, I’m so glad you enjoyed today’s post. Ella’s not free but it was so funny, as that is a sign my dad made and I found it in the garage and she sat right in front of it. Perfect timing! Have a great day!

  8. Ann,
    I love all these summer finds. Your post makes me want to go shopping. Have the best day.

    1. Thanks so much Rachel, your thifting trip post looked amazing, I’d love to visit!

  9. angela Young says:

    thanks for sharing I feel like I’m out there with you Gals

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy Thrifting with the Gals!!